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Alternate Versions of Dragonfly

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JEWEL WASP (the Dragonfly of Anti-Earth)[floatr]jewelwaspskirttpnt.png[/floatr]

In the universe that holds Anti-Earth, life proceeded much the same as it did here for young Mara Hallomen: her father killed her mother and stole the young child for himself, to raise and have experimented on for greater intellect in the hopes of growing his arms-dealing empire. Unfortunately for him, that is where the similarities end.

While Mara-Prime's mind rebelled and grew resistant to the poison fed to it by empaths alongside more literal scarring from intelligence-boosting treatments, the psychic touch and physical alterations to Anti-Mara's mind fed something...dark and ruthless. By her mid teens she was a cold and rational creature, strikingly intelligent and difficult to control. Though she was also sharp-witted, and by the time anyone realized the danger she posed, it was entirely too late...when she'd manipulated circumstances to her liking and had sufficiently prepared, she struck. Like the insect she later took a name after her sting was swift, precise, and brutal. And, too, like that insect her new empire was born from the corpse of the old one - her father's resources became her resources, his contacts her contacts and his people her people. Well, those who didn't (temporarily) escape or join her father's body in the bay, anyway.

Now at not even twenty she's earned respect and fear as a ruthless but reliable inventor and arms dealer. She has no interest in grand villainy or ruling anything outside her private business and the people involved; instead, she'll sell you whatever you need to get your villainy done, stock or custom, at what she assures you is a very reasonable price. For a modest additional fee, she won't also sell to the person you're inflicting your villainy on....


I'm actually not entirely sure how I'd build Jewel Wasp's sheet. She's not really a do-it-yourselfer, because that's what she has people (and money to hire contractors like Fade) for. She's not quite as smart as Dragonfly is, having spent less time having her head monkeyed with, but her social skills would be leagues better and she'd be highly charismatic. More attractive, too - Dragonfly's mother was a knockout and Jewel Wasp has spent less time hungry or under-rested, not to mention less time having her brain and body chemistry screwed with, so she'd be taller and a bit more shapely.

Which isn't to say she's personally defenseless. She almost certainly has a meta-human bodyguard or two at all times, and she is an intelligent and capable inventor in her own right. Someone trying to corner her in a one-on-one fight would do well to realize that her power suit is...a powersuit, as comfortable and sleek as a normal suit but loaded with technology to protect herself and punish anyone who needs punishing.

Personality-wise she's intelligent, cunning, ruthless, and reasonably charismatic. Charismatic within the limits of her other personality traits, anyway: she doesn't play coy and she doesn't seduce, because she considers both of them beneath her. She tends to be fairly dominating, very much enjoying being the boss in every aspect of life she can (which is most); she doesn't take orders well, and if you push that too far she'll find some way to get back at you, for her own pride if nothing else.

Oddly, she's fairly trustworthy (to the letter of her word): she's a businesswoman, first and foremost, even if she's one without morals. If she broke her word all the time, to anybody, nobody would trust her to keep her word to them and that's just bad for her bottom line. If you're on her good side and she tells you something will work, it will work. If she sells you information or a weapon, it'll be reliable as long as she has no good reason to betray you (or a preexisting contract to betray you - first come, first served!). If you try to screw her over or truly work at getting on her bad side, though, you may find that the next time you get into a fight your enemies will have exactly the right weapon or armor to counter whatever you last bought, or maybe that those weapons you gave to your minions all mysteriously explode or break down for no reason at the worst possible moment. But as long as she's respected and your money's good, she'll find or create (or have her people find or create) exactly what you need for your latest diabolical plan, from weapons to armor to secrets to drugs to nullifiers. If it exists and can be bought, sold, or manufactured she can find a way...for the right price.

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