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The Unearthly Girl [OOC]

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For my reference, English phrases that Scholar has picked up.

"God..." "Jill, I think we need you here!" "Do not move, we will help you." "Funny," "Less glamour, more getting out of the way, Skirts," "Moving, moving!" "Not working...!" "Ow! What the-" "Do you think her name is Kairos?" "I am sorry to say it might not matter much longer."

"Well, hey, good. That's no name for a pretty lady, huh? Gotta call you something, though, right?" "I'm guessing Sarah. You strike me as a Sarah, maybe a Jane." "Get away from the ship," "This system isn't stable, and I don't know if I'm going to be able to save it. Jack, you want to clear out the civilians?"

"I don't know anything about taking care of sick people," "even aliens." "This thing might explode!" "You should all get back! Miss A, do you need help?" "What is Kaivos? Is it a person or place? Do you know where you are now?"

"Come on! Come on!" "In Salvation's name, get back! We don't know how hard this is going to go off!" "I'm fine, you get back!" "If anything happens, you know where to go." "Will it be a big explosion, or small?" "Heh, yeah. Pretty," "Though I'm thinking you probably could have pulled off 'Kairos', too." "This is gonna hurt..." "Keep moving back, people! Things are about to get bright and loud!" "We could get her to the Lab," "Do you know what is happening?"

"Woah..." "I thought I saw you get zapped in there." "I don't know what's wrong with her," "I don't know what to do. Should we take her and get help?" "Jill did as much as anyone could," "I don't know what's going to happen now, but I don't believe anything we do now would be productive. In fact," "we all might be well served to take a few steps back, just in case."

"...did you do that?" "I don't think so?" "Well, on the upside, you're still pretty?" "And not bleeding all over the place, which is arguably even better news!" "Calm, please be calm." "We tried to save you, you could not feel it but you were dieing. It is really very strange that you changed form, but I do not think any person here did anything to cause that. Also, the place you are now, it is a place called earth, more exact, here you are in a city called Freedom City. Did you come here on purpose?" "None of us purposely did anything to change your form," "We've only been trying to help you. Whatever energy changed you, came from your own body. I'm Miss Americana, this is Sharl, Jack of all Blades, and Jill O' Cure." "You must be very confused right now. We can take you somewhere that you can rest and get a change of clothes." "If you tell us what would help you," "we'll do our best to get it for you. What is it that you need most right now?"

And Spanish!



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