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Dr Archeville

Feb 2011 Vignette: First Time

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FC:PbP is offering the community another "vignette" opportunity. If you'd like to read about our previous vignettes, check here.

February! Valentine's Day! Twue Wuv! Carnal lust! (Well, PG-13-level carnality and lust.)

Who: Any player who is interested, for one (or more) of their characters.

What: Write a vignette featuring your character's first encounter/experience with love. This could be their first date, first kiss, first time having sex, first time saying "I love you" to someone (and meaning it), and so on; this can be the very first time, or first time with a particular lover (such as a current one, or a near-future one...).

Length should be at least one (1) page per character involved.

When: The deadline for submissions will be Monday, February 28th, by 11:59 PM EST (GMT -5). The vignettes themselves can take place at any time.

Where: Anywhere. When you submit your vignette, please make a note clearly indicating in which forum it should be posted, as well as when it would be happening.

Why: To enhance our community, to flex your writing muscles, to think more deeply about your characters, and to earn a bonus PP for your characters (the ones involved in this Vignette) for the month of February.

How: Once your story is finished and proofed, PM it to one of the Refs (angrydurf, AvengerAssembled, Ecalsneerg, Geez3r, ShaenTheBrain, or myself). When all the stories are in, one of our staff members will post them to the appropriate forums (which is why we need you to be sure to tell us where it should go!), and provide links to them in this thread. DO NOT post them in a forum yourself, otherwise it will not be counted for this exercise.

Remember that the Vignettes themselves do not count as posts.

Post here with questions.

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Lots of entries this time!

    Cobalt Templar
    Colt (joint w/ Grimalkin)
    Dead Head
    Grimalkin (joint w/ Colt)
    Jack of all Blades
    Midnight (II)
    Miss Americana/Gina
    Nick Cimitiere

I'll get these posted tonight!

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