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Geckoman's Vignette - Gruevasion 2010

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Everything Must Go - set in Midtown's mall


Geckoman moved at full speed through the city, pausing occasionally to shoot down some flying alien gribblies. So, Chris, you go off to save the city... and forget about the girl. Good going.


"Geckoman to Young Freedom, I am assisting at Millenium Mall. At present, don't need help. Although, if anyone wants to give a cheery pep talk, or make me a sandwich, it'd be much appreciated." He clicked some buttons on a panel somewhere, and hit the autopilot switch. "If you see the Pitcho heading to the Midwest, then... well, that's actually planned, believe it or not."


And, with that, he leapt out of the moving airship. "GERONIMO!!!" he yelled as he plummeted towards the large building underneath him...


Spellbound stood in front of the advancing aliens, wand held in front of her, crackling with lightning. She'd been trying to hold this mall, with only occasional support, for most of a day, and she was visibly flagging from the effort. "Dammit, Chris," she murmured, glancing back at the unarmed civilians behind her. "This is your job..." With that, she lunged forwards at the charging Grue, blasting one down with lighting and whirling to knock one flat on its back with the force field surrounding her.


She jumped up in the air to avoid an attack and was suddenly showered with glass from above as the roof shattered. And a blood-smeared, slightly grimy Geckoman dropped towards the ground, parachute falling away as he did so. "Hey, guys," he grinned, landing on one foot and pivoting on it. "Just dropping in to say hi." And, on that, he roundhoused a Grue away from his bemused looking girlfriend. "Ever considered getting a beeper?"


"I figure I can't get rid of you," smirked Liz, shaking her head. "So, shut up, and stop the bad guys so we can go home." Geckoman snapped off a quick salute as he backhanded a Geckorang through the crowd of Grue, backflipping out of his salute into a two-footed jump kick.


Having left Spellbound to look after the civilians, Geckoman ran through the mall, spinning off walls, kicking Grue to the ground and occasionally swinging back up to the top level on his grapple line to deposit some poor straggler with the rest of the survivors. But it was then that he saw it. This alien seemed so much bigger than the others, and its eyes glowed with some weird white light.


I think I've heard of these things. Can't they read- "Minds?" boomed the creature. Well, that's a yes. And, in a flash, it had elongated its legs to be in front of Geckoman, a fist shaped like a hammer throwing him into a lingerie store. Standing triumphant, the alien's mocking laughter stopped suddenly as a green blur shot out from a pile of scattered clothing and slammed into its stomach. Then, despite it being stunned, the teen hero's second punch missed, giving the monster time to stretch its arm into a baseball bat and send Geckoman flying, the bra which had covered up his goggles falling off in mid-air.


Spellbound looked on in horror as Geckoman skidded across the floor, shedding women's underwear from his body as he crashed into a table. "This is not the time to indulge your crossdressing!" she snapped as the huge Grue crashed onto the upper level, tiles splintering underneath him. The people hiding at the back of the level screamed in panic, and started fleeing for the stairs. But once more huge, elongated alien arms came crashing down towards the crowd, only halted by a magnetically levitated cash register. "Get up, Chris! Now!" Then she paused, realising her mistake. "Geckoman!"


Getting up in a haze of pain and visions of frilly lace, Geckoman leapt into the air, hurling random objects from his utility belt at the alien. The monster crashed back from three Geckorang impacts, coughed through a huge cloud of multiple smoke bombs and then pausing in bemusement at a pair of furry handcuffs. "C'mon, big guy, read what I'm going to do!" He rolled across the round and came up in a handstand, kicking furiously with his legs into the alien's chest. "Because, I assure you, I don't know what's in my big ol' mind half the time!" He pushed off from the alien with both feet, rolling away and upright as Spellbound fired a bolt of electricity straight at him, which he ducked so fast it soared over his head and into the shapeshifter's chest, throwing it off of the floor they were on.


"Wand!" shouted Chris, holding out his arm. Liz managed to throw the wand, despite the fatigue clearly making it hard for her to throw it that hard. "I'll return!" And, once more, Geckoman leapt off of what he was standing on, sliding down the side of a pillar and landing on the alien's chest.


"Welcome to Earth... we hope you enjoyed your time here," he growled, emptying the wand's battery into the shapeshifter's chest, leaping clear of the smell of charcoal and returning to defend the civilians upstairs.


10 hours later


It was dark over Freedom City. The Pitchoo hovered over the bay, engines humming faintly as it kept itself afloat in the sky. On top of the ship sat a guy and a girl with their arms around each other. "So, what do we do about this?" said Chris softly.


Liz looked up at him. "We deal with it. Just like we dealt with the massive alien invasion. Just like how you dealt with Rick. We've come too far to just end it because you enjoy running around in tights too much." Chris suppressed a laugh, and nodded.


"Good point. And the tights do make me look pretty."

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