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Supersenses for Supercape

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Ok, so I am once again totally defeated by supersenses... and not for the first time!

Or, to be more accurate, I have gotten confused again.

What I would like, for Supercape, is the following: and I am not sure I have built him correctly.

1. I would like a sense whereby he can "Feel" (And by that I don't mean its a tactile sense necessarily) objects mass around him. A kind of "Gravitic radar" if you will. Anything with mass (so not energy fields or intangible things) - or made of matter - he can mentally sense. This should be on kind of permenantly, like a radar or sonar sense, or sight / hearing. Potentially it could be penetrating (maybe if I have more PP!)

2. I would like him also, to be able to sense energy - so the flow of power through electric cables, force fields, batteries, radio waves, energy weapon beams. etc. Similar to a radar but potentially requiring more attention.

Now, I am informed that "detect" is an active thing, so one has to move, detect, move detect. This dosen't sound like sense (1), but potentially sense (2). The murky depths of "Blindsight" feels more accurate for (1).

So, how do I build these powers? PP is not really an issue, this is how I conceive him, so this is what I would like to buy, irrespective of the cost.

1: I think this is Accurate, Acute, Ranged and Radius, for sure. Is it detect, or is it just one of those "On all the time" powers? It feels Tactile or Mental - but which? If i Have enough PP, I would potentially make it analytical, and maybe extended or penetrating. If I have to make it detect, should it have the bonus to make it a "Reaction" action rather than free?

2. This is also Accurate, Acute, Range, and Radius. Is it detect this time?. Again, I would like it to be, PP permitting, Analytical.

Any help resolving this much appreciated, as Supercape will have plenty of PP to spend soon...

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Thanks Shaen, helpful as always!

A couple of clarifications:

As per our original discussions, his "Detect Energy" sense felt more of a "radio" sense in terms of modality. Would this still apply?

Speaking to Avenger Assembled, he took the view (And I may be misquoting him, or I mistunderstood, so apologies for that) that a detect sense couldn't be just left on. One would have to specifically say "Ok, now I am trying to detect [x]". This really isn't how I wanted it to function, and would of course be prepared to pay more PP for what I perceive as a "True" sense... i.e on all the time, like sight or hearing.

Having said that, my understanding of UP was in keeping with what I think you are saying: it functions like any other sense.

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So I am planning this:

Gravitic Supersense [Mental]

Detect (Mass) 1, Ranged 1, Radius 1, Acute 1, Accurate 2 (6 PP)

Working in Analytical and Extended later! (for +2 PP)

Energy Supersense [Radio]

Detect (Energy) 1, Accurate 2 (3 PP) - figuring that radio sense is ranged, radius, acute by default

Working in Analytical later (for +1 PP)

Perhaps I should be a bit more specific about this to stop it being over powerful? I'm referring to electrical currents, radiation, etc. What might be called "power". Not light, heat, etc.

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Thanks Shaen. Yes, I am not quite so clear on exactly what the detect energy sense means...

Things I think it covers f'shure:

Power cables, Electricity cables (well, providing they have something pump through them), Batteries, Electrical devices. Lightning bolts.

Things I am not quite clear about (probably includes)

Other forms of energy, such as nuclear power, cosmic energy, radio waves.

Things it doesn't include:

Light (including ultraviolet or other spectrum radiation)

Heat (including infrared)

Any form of kinetic energy

Any chemical energy

However, I am not sure how to put this in a snappy format... (And does it sound reasonable?)

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