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House of L Vignette: Hellion

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The Most Handsome Price of Space


Just Another Day

On a far off moon, danger stalked an innocent people. A creature had been terrorizing the people hereabouts for weeks now, preying on their fears and attacking them when they least expected it. The poor aliens couldn’t handle such a threat themselves. They needed help, calling out with their radio nightly for someone to come aid them. And the most handsome Prince of Space answered that call.

His space palace hovered high about as he descended to the surface. His shiny silver pants reflected the light from the alien star. Oh his hip, his trusty blast rode secure. He straightened his glittering tunic and nodded to the aliens. “Fear not gentle aliens! By nightfall you will be safe once more!” He turned and jogged off into the woods. There was work to be done.

He hunted the hunter, moving through the alien-yet-similar landscape. Hours passed like minutes before the inevitable confrontation came. There was a roar and Hell-Ion quickly turned, throwing himself to one side. The creature flew through space he had just been as Hell-ion rolled to his feet and turned to meet it.

Hell-Ion faced off against the dreaded Ta’arg Beast from Gallius IX. It had hunted and terrorized people across the stars but it was no match for Hell-Ion, the most handsome Prince of space! It came forward in a blur but he was ready. Locking both fists together, he swing his locked hands upwards in a powerful blow. *WHAM* The creature staggered to one side by the massive hit connect to its chin.

Still, the Beast was not done yet. it’s claws flashed out. Despite his attempt to dodge, he couldn’t move completely away. Hell-Ion gasped the 4 lines of blood were scratched onto his chest. His tunic now ruined, he stripped it off and tossed it to one side. Muscled torso now bare, the four cuts stood out on his reddish tinged skin. Once more he brought his hands together. He raised his locked fists over his head, readying his most powerful blow. As it lunged for him a final time, he swung his arms down with a roar! *BAM* And the dreaded Ta’arg Beast from Gallius IX collapsed at his feat unconscious.

Hell-Ion bent down and picked up the defeated foe, tossing the creature on his shoulder. A short while later he tossed the creature in its new home. In a cell aboard his ship, it would never be a threat to anyone again.

He grabbed a towel on the way to the bridge, wiping the sweat from his noble brow. He wiped the trickle of blood away from his muscled torso, injuries already forgotten. Tossing it to a robot, he walked onto the bridge, surveying the console. “Persephone, take us home,” he said once satisfied.

He moved and sat in his chair, as the ship jumped to Earth. The magnificent planet shone in his viewscreen and he smiled a dazzling smile before standing. He had to clean up. After all, there were quite a few lovely ladies down there expecting the most handsome Prince of space. And he was not going to disappoint them. The most lovely of them would be getting a private tour of his ship later on…

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