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House of L Vignette: Pharos

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The Amazing Solar Man!

and his faithful companion Lunos the Moon Mutt!


The Asteroid Menace!


When we last left our heroes, the mighty Solar Man, in his secret identity as humble Roy Soriel, was taking a well deserved break having just stopped the foul schemes of Volcanatrix and her legions of Magma Men! In a quiet field outside of Freedom City, the golden hero plays fetch with his loyal compatriot in the fight against evil!


With a crumbling sound a massive boulder is lifted into the air by the mighty Solar Man. Deftly holding the great rock in one hand, he points to the horizon and hurls the boulder through the air!

“Go long Lunos! Fetch!”

With a happy bark the silver hound flies after the rock! Both soon disappearing in the distance to the mirthful laughter of the hero! However, curiosity soon dawns as he spies Lunos coming back not with the rock, but carrying a flying saucer in his mighty jaws!

' Zounds! Appearing as humble Roy Soriel isn't the way to make contact with an alien race!', he thinks to himself. With the speed of a sunbeam the secret identity is soon exchanged for the white and gold of Solar Man! Fists to his hips he stands in front of the saucer's hatchway as Lunos sets the chromed vehicle down.

“Good boy!”, he says as the hatch opens into a ramp leading to the ground, “Now lets see just what you've fetched!”

The creatures that emerged were squat, their faces wide and warty and their bodies tapering with thin limbs covered by their jumpsuits. Speaking a garbled, croaking language these Toad Aliens drew their blast guns and began to fire as soon as they saw the hero standing before them. But their weapons harmlessly bounced off the super-invulnerability of Solar Man! With his super speed he swiftly plucked the weapons from their nefarious hands and crushed the ray guns with his unbeatable strength!

“Apparently our visitors aren't friendly old friend! Maybe we should show them the door!”


The ugliest and toadiest of the aliens held up its hand before them, though. It spoke in a raspy voice filled with slime, “Not so quick to act, Man of Sun! Look into view screen!” It held up a display device, the picture showing other Toad Aliens holding hostage the Mayor!

Solar Man reeled in surprise!

“Fiends! Stooping so low as to take hostages!”

The lead alien laughed with a croak, “Know we no match to Man of Sun! But planet is ours! But Galactic Council will only let us keep if won in challenge! We play Galactic Marbles! Game of Emperors! If win, we keep planet!”

“Then if I win, you will let the Mayor go and never darken out skies again!”


Later, in the asteroid belt.

The Toad Aliens set up their holo-ring projectors and set up the field for the Galactic Marbles. With each side having a dozen asteroids to play with! Despite their wicked ways, the Alien craft was a deft player! And soon Solar Man was on the ropes with but a single asteroid remaining!

“Those Aliens knew what they were doing when they challenged me! These rules are so different from the marbles I played with when I was a boy!”


“Fear not Lunos! We shall win the day yet!”

Indeed! Solar Man's memory went back to his very first game of marbles against his father! When the elder Soriel had been in a similar situation! Now Solar Man knew just the trick to defeat these evil aliens!

“Time for the old Soriel Spin!”

With that Solar Man hurled his giant asteroid! The great rock spinning around the field, knocking every other marble out of the holo-boundary!

The shocked, croaking voice of the alien leader came over their space speaker: “Impossible! No such move there is! Won may you have Man of Sun! But will be back! Earth be ours!”

The alien fleet that had assembled to watch the great game left into the depths of space.

“And you will still find Solar Man and Lunos waiting for you!”

“Bark!! Bark!”

“Alright boy! That's enough excitement for one day! We have a game of fetch to get back to!”

And so our heroes descend to the Earth, the threat of the Toad Alien Invasion thwarted!

Will the Toad Aliens return? What vile scheme will they try the next time? Have our heroes truly seen the last of their foe Volcanatrix!? Find out in the next exciting issue of SOLAR MAN!

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