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The Limits of Create Object


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I'm looking to add Progression to Grim's Create Object AP via giving her Penetrating 3 on her Claws, and the discussion in the thread made me want to get some rules clarifications before I proceed. Alos, Grim's gonna use her CO in an upcoming thread, so it's all topical and stuff.

Right now, her power looks like this:

Strike 5 (Claws, Feats: Alternate Power, Improved Critical 2, Incurable, Mighty) [10PP]

So right now (as I understand it) any objects she creates are very detailed, look like normal objects of the same type, can be as hard as stone and up to 25 cubic feet in size, and last until she dismisses them or they are nullified by another.

When this was first brought up a long time ago, there was a question as to how many objects she could create at the same time, since in theory she could just go nuts, leaving crap all over the place unless she or someone else chose to clean up a little. At that time, someone suggested (I believe it was Doc, but I could easily be wrong) that she be limited to a number of items equal to the number of ranks she has in the power, so for a long time she would just make three objects and swap one them out if she wanted to make a fourth. My understanding (which could well be wrong) was that each object could be 15 cubic feet based on her rank, though she mostly only made chairs and small objects, so it never really pushed the limits either way.

So my two-part question would be, what are the limits of her power now, and what would be the limits if she added Progression? I understand CO has often been one of those powers that bedevils GMs, so I apologize in advance if I just made someone's life more difficult.

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Personally, I'm not worried about "Grim leaving lots of small objects all over the place." Create Object lets you create enough stuff to fill a 5ft cube per rank. Even if she has to dismiss old objects to "make room" for new ones once she reaches "capacity" (which I'm still not entirely convinced of), I doubt she's ever created enough objects to fill up 3 5ft cubes in her entire career, and she probably never will. So I think this is a "non-problem."

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