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Linked vs Limited

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I'm working on a hero with Growth and Density, along with with certain powers and feats that can be used only in conjunction when one of them is active. For instance, having Improved Overrun when Growth is active for better run-you-overness. Is this better represented by making them power feats that are simply linked or as limited flaws? Inquiring player that wants to squeeze out every pp possible wishes to know. Thanks!

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I'm not entirely sure what you want to do, but it sounds like a Container is what you're looking for. Basically you have a collection of traits that only come on line when certain things are active. You could probably add a flaw onto the container.

However, if it's just a single feat or two you want, it's not worth the head ache. Just buy the feats as normal and voluntarily don't use them unless you've met the criteria for using them.

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If you use the Linked +1 extra, you have the option of activating both powers separately, or at the same time. Though this may not be necessary, as I'll explain.

One of the more subtle differences between extras/flaws and power feats is that when you use your power, any and all extras/flaws must be used with it. When you activate your power you have the option of using your power feats with it.

For example, my character Colt has a blast power "Speed Shot". When he fires a bullet from his rifle, he CAN ricochet it off a building and hit an enemy with it, but he doesn't have to. He could just hit the enemy directly. By the same token, "Speed Shot" has the Autofire3 extra. Whether I wish it or not, this attack must always use Autofire 3.

I would say that you should buy both growth and shrinking separately, and put the appropriate power feats on both. That way when you activate one power, you can use the feats. you can then activate the other power and use those feats. You might also consider using an Array power structure (found in Ultimate Power) to bind the two powers together as alternate powers of each other. This will also help save points.

One final recommendation is that shrinking as it is written in the books is widely regarded as an inefficient use of points. you essentially get less abilities than you're paying for with it. But if you want a character that shrinks, don't let that stop you! :)

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