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Sandman XI

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Artificer/Inventor Cheat Sheet, PL 12

Design Check (all figure in Mental Quickness 10)

Knowledge (arcane lore, technology) 17 (+34)

Take 1: 35 (.01 hours, 6 rounds)

25pp device

Device 8 (easy to lose) [24/25]

Device 6 (hard to lose) [24/25]

Take 10: 44 (.0136 hours, 8 rounds)

34pp device

Device 11 (easy to lose) [33/34]

Device 8 (hard to lose) [32/34]

Take 20: 54 (.352 hours, 212 rounds)

Ultimate Effort: 54 (.0176 hours, 11 rounds)

44pp device

Device 14 (easy to lose) [42/44]

Device 11 (hard to lose) [44/44]

Construction Check

Craft (chemical, electronics, mechanical, structural) 17 (+34)

Not Jury Rigging

Take 1: 35 (100 hours, 4 days and 4 hours)

Take 10: 44 (136 hours, 5 days and 16 hours)

Ultimate Effort: 54 (176 hours, 7 days and 8 hours)

Jury Rigging

Take 1: 35 (20 rounds)

20pp device

Device 6 (easy to lose) [18/20]

Device 5 (hard to lose) [20/20]

Ultimate Effort: 54 (39 rounds)

39pp device

Device 13 (easy to lose) [39/39]

Device 9 (hard to lose) [36/39]

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It's time for tropes!

Darian started off as a Child Prodigy and grew into a Teen Genius. Amazing what two-ish years can do.

Compulsory School Age - Darian wanted a job at Claremont. They wouldn't give him one. So he decided to enroll.

Spock Speak - Used to not use contractions. Still slips into it sometimes.

The Spock - Subverted. It was one of the reasons he wanted to get away from his race.

Gadgeteer Genius/Mr Fixit - Yeah

MacGyvering - Give him four minutes and a little bit of something and he'll have a something to use.

Magitek/Magic From Technology - He uses magic. He uses science and technology. Sometimes it comes out like this.

Renaissance Man - Knowing things is his thing.

Eyes of Gold - Maybe? He is a genius amongst a race of geniuses.

Technicolor Eyes - They're gold.

You Gotta Have Blue Hair - It's chromatic.

Shorter Means Smarter - He is quite small for his age.

Crippling Overspecialization - Maybe? He has no offensive powers on hand, but can build them given four-ish minutes.

Deal With The Devil - One of the lower points in his career

True Neutral - Does have Lawful and Good tendencies, though who doesn't?

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