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Dark Star's Vignette-On the Air

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Dark Star walked, or more aptly floated, into the room. He 'sat' in the chair, for appearance sake. Opposite him, a lovely young woman checked her notes. Facing them both, cameramen doubled checked their equipment. They didn't bother asking about clipping a mic to the hero. The small concealed one next to his chair would have to do.

Dark Star nodded to the young woman as she turned to the camera and began introductions. He had agreed to this, somewhat reluctantly. It seemed an awful lot like grandstanding to him. But he'd been assured this was a perfectly normal thing. So, after making allowances for his rather busy schedule and sense of responsibility, here he was talking about himself. Now, after a short break his interview continued.

"Is this," he gestured to himself, "a mask or costume? No, not at all. This is who I really am. It's not a costume. The energy I generate by my existent, without getting into the scientific ramifications and technicalities, is impossible to perceive normally. This is why I appear as a dark 'hole' in space. I wish I looked a little different admittedly. This dark form can appear somewhat grim and scary to some. There was this time when briefly I had a lighter and brighter, uh, form. Besides certain, uh, complications at the time, I'd rather be like that. Brighter coloured that is. It isn't exactly easy to inspire people when you look like this but I do my best."

"And that is who Dark Star, who I am, is really. Someone who just want to help and show the brighter side. I have very little to hide. And what I do, it is to protect others. Yes, I can assume a human form. But up until recently, I would have said that that human form was the mask. That solid form was just there to 'blend in'. That human form was just something I 'wore' once in a while. Dark Star is the true individual."

"That isn’t quite true anymore. I found someone special that I can only be with as a human. I've probably spent more time as a solid being in the last few months than I would have ever dreamed of doing years ago. And I can't even image not being human now because of it; where months before I was doubtful there was any real reason to appear human or even stay on Earth for an extended period. Anyway, even as a human, I still live my beliefs as Dark Star."

"I act according to my conscious. I admit to being a bit…idealistic compared to some. But I choose to see the good in ever being. To see their potential. I admit that humanity has some ways to go on its travel as an evolved species. But humanity has such potential. Humans are capable of amazing acts of nobility, kindness and concern for others. How could I not choose to embrace those aspects to show the world that everyone can reach their potential and live those beliefs? We must all do our part after all."

"If there is a 'mask' or 'costume', it is a thin one at best. It is just what I am, wear and do at all times. And admittedly, it has been pulled over my eyes before, blinding me to deceptions. But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I choose to believe in people and their potential. Even if they don't. As Dark Star, I try to show the world that nobility, kindness and goodness can prevail. That it works. That together, we can make the world a better place.'

He paused a moment. "I'm not sure if I've adequately answered your question or not. Regardless, there's a silent alarm being trigged. I apologize but I'm afraid I'm needed elsewhere. We'l have to continue the interview another time." With a flicker, Dark Star flashed upwards, flying though the ceiling so quickly he almost appeared to simply disappear.

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