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Chalenge feats


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I know some of these are allowed but not specifically which ones. Heres a few I was wondering about.

Improved Distract: Distract as a move action.

Improved Taunt

Improved Feint

Fast Stealth

Combat Diplomacy

Mass Intimidate: Moreover if this would apply to the demorilize function of Intimidate and if so could a similar effect be applied to taunt?

Also following that line of thought what about Mass Bluff as applied to Feint (Used either with set-up or for a targeted AoE or autofire attack) Seems overpowered at first glance but the Challenge feat only reduces the penalty by 5 so you will get a penalty if used on several opponants still.

Durable Lie: would this apply to feint or taunt? extending how long a person believes your bluff for a round out of combat doesn't seem useful.

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