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Carpe Nocturne (OOC)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Angel roped me in to helping out with the combat here. So let's get this shindig underway here.

Leader's turn:

Free Action: Rage (+6 Strength, +3 Fort, +3 Will, -2 Defense, 10 rounds remaining)

Free Action: Will Save vs Dimensional Pocket (1d20+12=29)

yeah, he's out.

Standard Action: Break the bonds: Toughness save for Snare, DC 27 (1d20+6=19) The snare is damaged, taking a -1 penalty on further toughness saves

Forgot about the wolves. 2 wolves come out of the grove and gnaw on their master's bonds.

Toughness save for Snare, DC 16 (1d20+5=14) Further -1

Toughness save for Snare, DC 16 (1d20+4=17)

The other two circle around behind the two of you, but do nothing more than growl, yet.

Mervyl - Unharmed - 4 VP

Blackbird - Unharmed - 2 VP

Leader - Bound and Helpless, Unharmed

Wolves (4) - Unharmed

Angel I'm tossing you a VP just because you cheezed off the big bad and he'll be gunning for you.

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As discussed in chat, A) you don't need attack rolls with general area attack and B) you cannot power attack with them.

Pack leader has Impervious 12, so he's safe from the blast.

Reflex save for wolves DC 20 (1d20+5=7, 1d20+5=10) Both fail. The wolves are minions and a DC 25 toughness save is Impossible for them, meaning they're out completely.

Toughness save for the Snare DC 25 (1d20+4=20, 1d20+4=19) Accidentally had the 2 rolls from last one up, but in either instance the snare just takes 1 more injured.

Opposed check vs Blackbird's Bluff DC 19; wolves gain +10 to resist (1d20+11=13, 1d20+11=26) The first wolf buys into your lie completely, the other one still believes you, but really doesn't want to mess with its master.

If the second wolf had managed to damage it's master's bonds last round, then the Leader could escape as a standard action without needing to roll, but he has to roll now.

Snare toughness save DC 27 (1d20+3=22) ... This is one hell of a snare.

Screw it, you each gain a VP as I use Extra Effort for the Leader to Surge and he can now break the snare automatically as a standard action, due to his damage bonus being 10 higher than the snare's toughness save.

Mervyl - Unharmed - 5 VP

Blackbird - Unharmed - 3 VP

Leader - Bound and Helpless, Unharmed

Wolves (2) - Unharmed, one friendly to you.

I'll have IC up in a moment.

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The Leader's Intimidate is high enough that I don't have to roll to oppose the Startle attempt.

He has Fearless so he's immune to your demoralize attempt.

Toughness save vs Mervyl Blast DC 30 (1d20+12=19) That would put him at staggered, so I'm going to GM Fiat that, take another VP.

Toughness save vs Mervyl Blast DC 30, GM Fiat re-roll (1d20+12=15) That gets bumped up to 25, which means he's stunned.

Blackbird's up. FYI, I didn't skip your turn, I just did a reaction post thing.

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