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In Sheep's Clothing (IC)


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Captain Knievel once again sat in a run down bar in the Fens. He occasionally remarked over the past few days about what he had seemingly been reduced to, but there were enough thugs in this part of town looking for work that it kept him busy enough to not let it bother him.

As usual he was trying to garner support for the miniature army he was forming. Before long, he hoped to have a pretty good handle on the Fens and the surrounding areas. With a small crew under his command, he hoped to be able to knock over a few businesses and maybe even a bank. In this world, money talked. It would buy him even more support and contacts. He was on his way back up the ladder, even though it was a struggle.

He had no clue he was about to meet one of the most influential players in the game he had just entered into, however...

Captain Knievel hailed the waitress, "'Nother round!" and she brought drinks for Captain Knievel and the few men he was sitting with. They had been discussing business. Recruiting, "advertisement," and future targets. All things considered, the night was going pretty well.

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Sirius walked into the bar, looking somewhat out of place. He'd never done anything like this before, especially behind his mother's back. But in his opinion the grove was taking to long and with the arrival of this 'red bird' figure, Sirius feared time was running out.

He'd heard that 'The captain.' had been sighted here in the fens, and although Sirius didn't like the man's style he could prove an asset to furthering Sirius's own goals. Sirius quickly spotted the so-called Captain as he called for more drinks. Signing Sirius shook his head, the man knew nothing about stealth.

Sirius took a deep breath to work up his courage and made his way over to the captain. "Captain... I believe you have something to learn about being incognito." Sirius say's even more braver than he'd intended.

Not waiting for a reply Sirius extends a card. "Sirius Vulpes, For all active purposes simple shop assistant for an antique store in riverside... Unofficially... well let's just say I have a good habit of getting thing's people don't want gotten." Sirius say's with a fain smirk. "I believe we can be of mutual assistance to each other."

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Captain Knievel eyed the newcomer out of the corner of his eyes. He certainly didn't need to turn anyone away that was willing to help. Captain Knievel shook his hand. "Look around," Captain Knievel swept his left hand over the room, "Does this look like a place where a guy like me would be required to be incognito? If the cops came down on this place, I'm pretty sure that everyone here and their respective grandmothers would all do time." He looked back up at the man who wasn't much younger than he was. "I think me and mine are pretty safe in here. Now what did you want to talk about?" He quickly motioned for the men at the other side of the table to move. The shifted around in the booth so as to allow Sirius a place on the end.

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Sirius chuckles as he takes a seat. "You'd be amazed at how much people can surprised you if it mean's saving there own neck." Sirius commented, "But anyway, I heard you were you were looking to put something together... I could be of assistance... for the right price." Sirius said cryptically. "And I don't mean money. Let's just say for now, I have enemies, the harder it is for them to find me the better." He adds.

"Now don't get me wrong, I know all about how you dislike mutants. but how do you feel about magic?" Sirius ask's sceptically.

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Captain Knievel's eyes narrowed again, "I would have to say that I am suspicious of it." The Captain leaned back in his booth and folded his arms across his light blue and white striped button down shirt. Sirius noticed that his trademarked adrenaline cannon was not attached to his arm at the moment. It couldn't be far, however...

"You have to understand that my biggest beef with mutants is that they don't deserve the power they've been given. If say a magic user were to work painstakingly to perfect their art I would say that I would have to respect that."

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"I see." Sirius murmurs, "Well, I can assure you magic is not some mutation. Unlike a mutation were abilities come as simple as a person breath's, magic is far more difficult. It take's year's just to lean, and even longer to master." Sirius says.

"But this is beside the point, I am no master mage, Nor am I a mutant. All I will say is I have been training and and learning for a very long time." Sirius say's keeping his awareness of the surrounding's sharp.

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At the mention of Sirius' training, Captain Knievel begins nodding grudgingly. "Good. I'm pleased to hear that you've been working on your abilities. No matter the origin of your abilities, if you're constantly working on keeping yourself in tip top shape, I can respect that. I do exactly that myself." Captain Knievel gave one final nod, unfolded his arms and placed them on the table. He called the waitress over and ordered another drink for his new companion. "Thanks, babe." Captain Knievel said as the waitress dropped off the mug.

"Yes, Mr. Vulpes, or do you prefer Sirius? I believe we can come to something of an agreement here. What do you propose?"

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"Sirius is fine." Sirius say's nodding to the waitress, "That would depend on you Captain. I can offer you my services, as thief, scout, informant, anything that involves stealth and sub diffuse. All I ask for in return is man power..." Sirius explained. "Let us just say that there is a woman... Like your mutant's she has power she does not deserve. For the past several month's she has been tracking me, she believe's -wrongly- that I have something of hers. As it stands I cannot hope to take her, she is far more powerful than I at this time... But with some help..." Sirius gave a sly smile as he let the captain catch his drift.

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Captain Knievel cracked his knuckles over the table. "Man power, huh? That certainly is something that I have." Captain Knievel considered the offer for a moment. It was almost a no brainer. He had the chance to put another powerful contact in his pocket. All he had to do was beat the snot out of somebody. He was sold before he could even think about it.

"I like it. If nothing else it sounds like it might actually be an interesting fight, especially if it's a woman that's giving you a run for your money, so to speak. I'd like to get a look at the type of woman that rolls with this type of crowd." Captain Knievel sat back again. "Where do we find her?"

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Sirius sighed. "That's another problem... as much as I'm a spook... So is she." He said with a sigh. "Nether of us would deliberately make ourselves a target, so luring her into a trap doesn't work since we both realize it's a trap."

"So for now we play a game of cat and mouse, as we both marshal our forcer for the battle we all know is coming." Sirius says, "So for now I will work with you, and we'll consider my side of the deal on a 'I'll call you when I need you' basis.... deal?" Sirius asks.

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"That sounds like a plan to me." Captain Knievel took a napkin and scribbled a few numbers on it. He handed the napkin to Sirius. "Here. This is the radio frequency that I monitor from my base. I am in the process of putting together a few small jobs around the neighborhood, but we don't have any solid dates set up yet."

Captain Knievel motioned to the other three men at the table. "This is jerry. He handles a small money laundering ring here in the fens."

Jerry was a short, squat, white guy with styled up hair. "Hey. Nice to meet you."

"Next is Miguel. He oversees a small drug ring in the area. They are currently at odds with another Jamaican drug cartel of slightly larger size. We hope to hit them later this week some time and do some damage."

Miguel was a well muscled Mexican wearing a wife beater, and jeans. He had slew of tatoos running up and down his arms. "Sup Holmes?"

"And last but not least is Tony. His family controls a small portion of the Fens."

The man sitting next to Knievel with the suit on was like something out of the Godfather itself. He had slicked back hair, and held a cigar between his teeth. "How ya' doin'?"

"And now you know everyone who is involved so far."

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"Nice to meet you all." Sirius says taking the napkin and giving a nod to each of the others as they were introduced. "I'm willing to help out were ever I'm needed. Of cause I must also uphold my reputation as being a store clerk, as well as having some other activity's I must attend to, I am available most of the time." Sirius says "I'm better at operating at night, but I can also do daytime as needed." Sirius adds.

"My card has my number if you want to reach me. You can call any time." Sirius say's indicating to the card he had given the Captain when they had first met.

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The men greeted him and numbers were exchanged. From there on out, they continued to talk for the rest of the night. Captain Knievel as it turns out was a far more respectful individual than the news reports made him out to be. You just had to get him in the right situation.

Finally the group began to discuss the particulars of their first operation. "So it sounds to me like all we have to do, is use some of Tony's family muscle, raid this thing the Jamaicans have got going on, and then transfer all of the profits through Jerry. Have I got this right?"

"Yea," Miguel started, "And it's a good thing you showed up, Hoss." He said, addressing Sirius, "We could use a guy like you to sneak in and get a feel for the lay out before we come knockin' at their front door. Think you can handle something like that? Or ain't you got the cajones?"

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"I like dis kid. 'E's a good kid." Tony said, brandishing the cigar at Sirius. Captain Knievel also smiled his approval. He also had a love for explosives.

"Just don't make it too loud. The bigger this job is, the harder it's gonna be to take care of the money issues."

"Oh ho! Alright then." Miguel said, "Here's what we do, yeh?" And he went on explaining the plan.


The next night, Captain Knievel met Sirius on top of the building where the Jamaicans were running their business. The bottom two floors were a sewing shop. A front. It was the top two floors that concerned the group. Sirius' job would be to sneak in and plant a few small explosives away from where the drugs and the money were kept as a distraction. While the workers were busy dealing with the small fires that ensued, Tony's men would bust down the front door and storm the top two floors.

Captain Knievel and Sirius would stand by in case they were needed as backup. From the roof they could easily get to where the action was.

"You think you're up to this?" Captain Knievel asked.

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"Yeah I can do this." Sirius says, "You haven't even begun to see what I'm capable off." Sirius said with a smirk as he held out the explosive's for the captain to hold. "Hold these for a moment please."

"Now remember what I said... I'm not a mutant, these powers are Magical in nature and I worked very, very long and painful years to be able to do this... My point... don't shoot me." Sirius says as he casually take's a few steps away.

Once Sirius was a good way away from both the Captain and the possibility of the drug place seeing any light, Sirius began... Although it wasn't required, Sirius felt the need to embellish and highlight the magical and hard work of his ability. He created a circle around him of fiery runes that hovered in the air. He began to speak arcane words which brightened the rune's before suddenly the rune's erupted in a tower or flames...

Bone's could be easily be heard braking, although the flames hid what was happening the sound's that could be heard were enough to get most grown men to hurl. Finally the sound stopped and the Captain noticed a large animal head appear in the flames, a head of a fox...

The flame's suddenly imploded as they were sucked into the figure that remained, A bipedal humanoid fox was left standing were Sirius stood panting. "As I said, Long and painful study and training." Ember growled. He knew it was a risk letting the captain see the transformation, especially with the captain's reputation. But If they were to work together it was important that they had an understanding... and trust.

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Captain Knievel remained silent while holding the explosives in his hands during the transformation. When it was completed his first inclination was to spring into action. But he kept it in check. As he remained silent, he found that he didn't actually hate Sirius like he did other mutants. It was pretty clear to him that a transformation would take a lot of time, effort, and hard work to perfect, just like his own body. It also sounded rather painful. Captain Knievel ventured the guess that that transformation wasn't all fun and games.

"Looks like that training was well worth it." Captain Knievel smiled at his new friend. "Now let's bust this place up!" He handed the explosives back to Sirius.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Once Knievel gives the word Ember make's a running leap, Jumping far higher and longer than any human could Ember easily make's it to the rooftop of the factory. With a quick check of his surrounding's Ember quickly made his way to the fire escape ladder.

Climbing down a floor, he enter's the building through the Fire exit window. Ember quickly made his way throughout the corridor's, stopping only briefly as a stunned goon stumbles across him. Flame's lashed up around Ember's fur, His eye's glowed striking terror into the hart of the goon. In a split second a wave of fire left Ember's mouth blasting the goon back and knocking him out.

Not bothering to hide the body Ember continues on his way until he reaches the area best suited for the explosives. Carefully he set's down the small explosive, arm's the destination core, and hide's it form general view.

Standing back up, Ember double checks' everything before beginning his trek back up to the roof...

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