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Friend or Foe - Temporary Alliance? (OOC)


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as far as i know, hellion doesn't have his demonic strength active at the moment, correct?

what is the correct way to 'grab' something out of someone's hand? make a successful melee attack followed by a successful, contested grapple check?

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Well, given that we're not within arms reach of one another, I don't see that as likely ;)

But as for the mechanics? I'd guess just an attack roll beating my defense? ('course, given I have a selective an on area attack, you're not keeping it if you do grab it :) )

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I failed the toughness (bad roll but not gonna use an HP ;) ) so I'm 1 bruised.

I almost crit on the hit. And as his strength is so high and I rolled so well, you can't possible beat the grapple roll. I choose "pin" option. What that means is you are immobile for 1 full round. And until you break free, you have no dodge bonus and are at -4 to Defense. Breaking free is a grapple roll it seems.

I'm going mainly for pinning her arms/hands behind her so she can't blast him. But given the situation, I'm fine if you go for a kick or something...though he's still holding you.

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as an ooc fyi, (to be fair) just thought I'd tell you so you don't call shenanigans. ;) he's porting over to the local police station, dropping the goods off in a bag with a small note saying roughly where they were found. All anonymously. Then hopping over to pick up a few baubles, writing a note, and putting them in the same pocket. Then to the restaurant. No car ;) Or rather, it's still a couple blocks away where he left it. ;)

So unless she runs/moves faster than walking, he should get there about the same time she does. Otherwise, she'll beat him there.

Of course, if she decides to rabbit, we can call it here.

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oh, in case it matters, he's got the Charisma going. (charisma 26 plus some good socials) Mainly to get her from being ticked and make sure he steers away from things that would piss her off/upset her

and yeah, I really don't intend to make her "give up her life of crime". Where would the fun of that be? Just laying the ground work for future stuff I suppose.

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