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A Splendiferous Swiping (OOC)


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I'll let you continue the act for now.

Lets play a little game :)

Any further parlor tricks that you want to pull off can follow the following scale:

1-20 - Crowd reaction - Bad (they don't like your trick, or you screw it up, or it is an easy trick to see through, or its a trick that everyone does and they can see through it.) [-1 crowd modifier]

21 - 25 - Indifferent (nothing lost nothing gained) [+0 crowd modifier]

26-30 - Good reaction (the crowd likes your act just that much more [+1 crowd modifier]

30+ - The crowd loves you! [+2 crowd reaction]

You may perform for a total of five posts before I move the thread along. Sound good? If you managed to accumulate a total crowd modifier of +5 after the five turns, something good may happen!

Your first turn was making the microphone disappear and resulted in a +0 crowd modifier. You may make four more posts/tricks.

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