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  1. "I'll be happy to see the next act." Galbini wasn't too pleased with how his performance went, and he was wondering just who was going after him. Hopefully, they wouldn't be too good at whatever they're doing. Mindi pipes up, "You don't even know what the next act is, do you? Do you even pay attention?" No, not really. He thought. He helped himself to another whisky, and watched the other act from backstage.
  2. Mindi picks up The Great Galbini by his hands, walks him over to a torturous looking contraption, and ties him to it. Legs, hands, arms... everything. He says, "Hey, you can't..." then she gags him. "Murfle murfle mff mrff." Mindi smiles at the audience. "This is my favorite trick. It's called... the Assistant's Revenge." She closes the curtain. "Now, I'm going to make the Greaaat Galbini disappear. Forever." Skips around the stage like a little schoolgirl, "Yaaaaay!" She starts mumbling some nonsense words. She goes behind the curtain to pull it back... and the Great Galbini appears on the other side, Mindi in his bonds. Unfortunately, the switch is partially seen. Galbini hopes that the crowd doesn't notice... especially since it's his final trick.
  3. Still holding onto the Moira, the Great Galbini speaks to the audience, "And now, for my favorite trick." "No, boss... not your favorite trick. I don't like your favorite trick... please..." But those same stagehands wheeled out a large box. Along with Galbini, the two stagehands grabbed Mindi and shoved her inside the box. She starts muttering what sounds like cursewords, but not distinct enough for the audience to understand. Her feet hung outside one end of the box, and her head the other. Another stagehand appears with four wicked looking blades. One of the stagehands speaks up, "Uh... boss? If she doesn't like being put into a box and err... the other stuff... then why are you..." Mindi said, "Shut up. Who said you could defend me. Besides... I'm not worried about the box, or the blades... I'm worried about..." The Great Galbini produced a feather and started tickling her feet. Mindi laughs uncontrollably. He stops. Mindi speaks again, "You'd better just get it over with. If you tickle me anymore, I'm going to make sure that you're horribly mutilated." She puts on her winningest smile. The Great Galbini pauses, and then tickles for a few more seconds. "What's a little horrible mutilation between friends. Speaking of which..." He glares at the stagehands, who drop the blades and scatter. He grabs the first blade and jabs it just under where her chest would be. She winces. "Be careful, boss, you don't want to damage my goods." He takes the second blade, shows it to the audience, and jams it hard just above her hips. She cries out. Her feet jut outward. Then he takes the third blade and jabs it into where her thighs would be. She starts to cry out, but then stops, "Hey... I think you stopped my headache. Maybe you should change jobs. I can see it now... the Great Galbini: Extreme Acupuncturist." The Great Galbini stops to consider this for a moment, brushing the final blade against his chin. Then he realizes where he has the blade, and quickly moves it away. He places the final blade just below her knees. He spins the box around for the audience. "Hey, boss! If I were to get sick now, you might mess up the blades. So stop with the spinning, already." He did. Starting from the feet, he pushed the five pieces so that they were in a zig-zag pattern. Then, using the feather, he tickled her toes again. She laughs, thrashing about again. He does this for about ten good seconds. "I'm going to kill you, Galbini." "Mindi, I only do this because I love you." "Yeah? Well, I'd love to kill you." Then, he snaps her back into a normal pattern, and pulls out all five of the blades. He goes to let her out of the box, but she pushes the flap open and tackles Galbini to the ground, throttling him.
  4. Galbini glances sideways at Mindi, "You know, I'm getting awfully tired of your attitude. Every time we do something, you have to be so... sarcastic about it. Can't you be a bit nicer?" "Aww, boss. I'm sorry. Come here." She opens her arms up, and hugs him. She looks over his shoulder and motions with her hand. A cage on wheels comes out onstage, pushed by two stagehands. They open it up, and Mindi pushes Galbini inside and locks the door. Then she puts the key in her shirt. "Hey... hey! What's the big deal?" Mindi put a finger on the corner of her mouth. "Oh, right. I forgot to be nicer. Would you mind horribly if I spun this cage around just to show them how inescapable it is?" "Yes, actually I..." But she started spinning it around, posing and showcasing that there were no hidden trapdoors or anything. Then she covered it with a tarp. "Ahh! It's dark. Please... I'm afraid of the dark. Why are you doing this to me?" He yelled a little bit more, and then suddenly stopped. "You should pay me more, you stingy bastard." Mindi smiled at the audience. "And now, I'm going to live out my dream." She starts singing "Greensleeves". Poorly. The Great Galbini walks onstage and sneaks up behind Mindi. He grabs her shoulder. "Is that one of those muscly stagehands? Great. I could use a massage, but maybe it should be after I fini..." She pauses. "Wait a minute." She looks behind her. "Umm... great to see you, boss!"
  5. I'm using a hero point to reroll. Here's the reroll: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2198578/ The original roll is here: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2198550/
  6. Galbini spoke, "For my next trick, I'm going to pull a... familiar fellow out of my hat." Mindi pipes up, "But boss, isn't that a bit cliché? And anyway, you remember what happened the last time you tried to grab him..." "The classics never die! And anyway, the bites have healed by now. Now mind your manners and look pretty for the audience." "Yes, boss." She rolls her eyes, and stage whispers, "Don't mind him, he's a bit low on wits." The Great Galbini pretends not to hear, and pulls a carrot out of his hat. He feigns shock, and pulls out another one. And another, and another, and another. Then he pulls out a sign, and reads it, "Stop grabbing my ears. I quit. PS: give me back my food." Mindi sighs loudly, and throws her arms up in the air.
  7. "The Final Countdown" by Europe starts playing as he walks onto the stage. "Prepare to be astounded, amazed, and otherwise bedazzled. I, the Great Galbini, will show you a world like none other you have seen... the world... of magic." He made the microphone disappear. That mic wasn't turned on anyway... he used the tiny one pinned to his cloak. Mindi walked out onstage, posing flatteringly for the audience. She held the pose for a couple of seconds next to the Great Galbini, and then she thwacked the side of his head. "Oh, forgive me. Allow me to introduce the beautiful, the lovely, the unbearable..." Mindi readied another stage-slap "Err... unbearably charming... MINDI!" She was good at two things: posing and being a smart ass. He decided it would make sense to work that into their act.
  8. He wanted to correct him, The GREAT Galbini, he'd say. But considering he was booked at a comedy club, opening for a "better" act, he probably didn't have the clout to say that. "Yeah. One shot of whisky, and Mindi. Where is she, anyway?" "Right here, boss." He turned around. She was dressed in her ridiculously skimpy lovely assistant attire, wearing a blonde wig and chewing gum. "Oh, for the love of..." He pulled the wig off and revealed short-cut red hair. "Just because you don't have traditional assistant hair, doesn't mean you have to wear a silly wig." Mindi cocked her head, "I was only joking, boss. You think I needed to look good in ridiculous Vannah White hair? Anyway, we're gonna be on in a few. We'd better be good, I saw my ex in the audience with some tramp. By the end of the show, he'll want to be back with me." Jeremiah certainly hoped not. Not that he thought she would take him back, but that'd be his luck. Anyway, he knew it was going to be a great show... he was The Great Galbini. He was the best magician in Freedom City, regardless of what his former mentor said. He knew he'd be the greatest magician in the world, soon. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  9. 1) The Great Galbini: http://www.endlessflight.net/freedom/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2177 2) Jeremiah is putting on a magic show in the illustrious theater The Laughing Duck. Well... he's not putting on a magic show so much as being the opening act for someone else's show... in what is normally a comedy club. That won't stop him from being known as a great magician! Oh, no! But the crowd being robbed, might. His lovely assistant, Mindi, convinces him that this might be another kind of opportunity and so he vows to save the sparse crowd from their meagre valuables. 3) One or two would be okay, providing that they fit in 4) I'll leave that up to the discretion of the GM. 5) I'd prefer a relatively fast progresson, if that's okay. 6) None, at the moment.
  10. I have made the changes as said. I am awaiting the giant stick of doom.
  11. This is a pretty rough draft as far as the description, history, et cetera are concerned. I wasn't sure what I needed to elaborate on, though I know I'm nearly finished with that part. I'm pretty new to the rules, so I hope that I didn't do anything horribly wrong in the numbers aspect of things. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Player's Name: genericangst Power Level: 10 (150/151pp) Trade-Offs: Unspent PP: 1 Characters Name: Jeremiah Grant Alternate Identity: The Great Galbini Height: 6'0 Weight: 180 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Green Description: The Great Gambini wears his top hat and cape whenever he's at a show... or fighting crime. He doesn't see much difference, really. His (dyed) jet black hair, green non-prescription contact lenses, and artificially whitened smile dazzle crowds as well as himself. Even when he is grocery shopping or going for a walk, he always dresses and acts like a showman. His "normal" attire consists of items such as purple suits with yellow bow ties and a non-functional walking stick or umbrella. History: Ever since he was a little boy, Jeremiah knew he was destined for great things. He would put on magic shows for anybody that would watch, or even if they really didn't want to. He dropped out of high school to persue his dream of becoming a professional magician. For a while, he did street shows for pending cash while working at various factory jobs. Despite earning about as much money as the next beggar, he was confident enough to believe he was going to be the next big thing. In a way, he was right. One day he was approached by his hero, André Lamont... the greatest magician Liberty City had ever seen. He constantly played sold out shows even in his advanced age. He thought Grant had some talent, and so he took him on as his apprentice. It was he who advised he dye his hair and get the contacts (dishwater brown and grey are not "stage colors"), as well as adopt the name Galbini. Lamont was a hard taskmaster, and never once complemented "Galbini." During shows, Galbini would play the bumbling apprentice, to elicit laughter from the crowd and cause Lamont's "correct" llusions to attain greater applause. Galbini became fed up with this, and so started studying on his own. Luckily for him, Lamont had an extensive library in his mansion. He came upon a book entitled: "Illusions of the Wyerd," and attempted to read that one. Unfortunately, it was just a bunch of weirdo symbols. Darn. But then, he decided to touch one. He felt a burning sensation and then... the symbol from the book was transcribed on his hand! He didn't read any other books, though he did look at the titles: "Daemonic Lore and Control," "Necromantic Rituals," "How to Manage Your Own Business." He realized that perhaps his master wasn't such an upstanding guy. For months, he hid the mark on his hand using stage gloves. One night, during a fairly small performance, he slipped up and did... SOMETHING by accident. Well, it was a little more specific than "something." It was more like he made Lamont's clothes seem to disappear. He didn't appreciate this very much, and so Galbini was out of a job.It was after this, that he set out on his own. He obtained a lovely assistant, Mindi (a barista he was particularly smitten with), and set out in the world! It would have ended there, with him using his newfound powers to augment his show. But it wasn't in the cards. He was playing an elementary school, when some crazy mook decided it would be a good idea to hold the auditorium for ransom. He made it seem like the children were man-eating reptiles, and the mook ran into the police car, begging for mercy. He felt such a feeling of satisfaction, that he had no choice but to fight crime the rest of his days. At least, this is what The Great Galbini says. Personality & Motivation: The Great Galbini is an impulsive and cocky man out for fame. Despite being a bit of a jerk, his heart is in the right place. He would protect Mindi with his life, though he really, really, really, really wouldn't want to die at any point soon thank you very much. He refuses to keep his identity secret, which probably isn't the best way to protect Mindi, but he's hoping that it will draw people to their show. He would also hate to see his legions of adoring fans be hurt in any way, and he knows that all of Liberty City are going to be his adoring fans... even if they have no clue who he is, now. Complications: Addiction (Attention), Enemy (André Lamont) Love (His lovely assistant, Mindi), Wealth (Struggling) Stats: 18pp Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 18 (+4) Con: 10 (+0) Int: 10 (+0) Wis: 10 (+0) Cha: 20 (+5) Combat: 40pp Attack: +10 Grapple: +0 Defense: +10 (+5 flat-footed) Knockback: -5 Initiative: +5 Saves: 26pp Toughness: +10 (force field)/+0 (+0 Con, +0 other) Fortitude: +9 (+0 Con, +10) Reflex: +10 (+4 Dex, +6) Will: +10 (+0 Wis, +10) Skills: 64r = 16pp Acrobatics 12 (+17) Bluff 7 (+12) Concentration 9 (+9) Disguise 6 (+11) Notice 6 (+6) Performance, Magician 12 (+17) Sleight of Hand 12 (+17) Feats: 2pp Quick Change Taunt Powers: 48pp Force Field 10 (Extras: Impervious) [20] Illusion 4 (All senses; Extras: Selective; Power Feats: Alternate Power x5) [25] *AP: Blast 10 (sonic) *AP: Confuse 10 *AP: Dazzle 5 [all senses] *AP: Morph 10 (humanoids), *AP: Vibration Control 10 Super Senses 3 (Precognition [Flaw]) [3] Drawbacks: 0pp DC Block: ATTACKS: SAVE DC: DAMAGE TYPE: Blast 12 22/Toughness Sonic Vibration Control 12 22/Toughness Vibration Costs: Abilities (18) + Combat (40) + Saves (26) + Skills (16) + Feats (02) + Powers (48) - Drawbacks (00) = 150/151
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