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[Announcing] "Platinum" Player Status

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Most folks here have heard of our Gold Status. But now there's a new bling in town!

Announcing "Platinum" Player Status!

In an effort to reward players that have demonstrated ridiculous longevity and an inhuman commitment by actively role-playing the same character over a monstrously long span of months, we will be awarding players who have earned 60+ PPs with a single character "Platinum" Status.

What does it mean to be "Platinum"? It means OPTIONS.

Option 1) A third PC, of any PL between 6-10, with 15 pp/level.

Option 2) A second PC, starting at PL 12/180pp.

Option 3) 15 free ranks of Equipment (yes, free Equipment 15 [75 equipment points]).

Obviously not all Options are equally valid for all players. So it goes.

So . . . a big thanks to our dedicated players! Keep up the good work. :)

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