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A Long Time Coming (Round 2) [IC]

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It was a chilly night for early June. Lancer stood atop the houses in Lantern Hill searching the streets for any foul business.

Perched on top of a chimney, he thought he heard something. He looked towards the sound, but it didn't get any clearer. The air was quiet for a moment, and then there it was again.

Lancer took off at a run towards the sound. The rooftop leaping wasn't as much of a problem as it used to be. Not after he had spent the last month or so in training. Silent all the while, he eventually got close enough to make out the sound clearly.

"Hey, Kid! You out there? I know this is your neighborhood! Captain Knievel was standing right in the middle of Main Street. How long is he going to leave me standing here. I told him I would be back!

What a Jerk! Lancer thought. *sigh* Guess I should go down there. I really hadn't expected him to be back here so soon.

Lancer jumped down onto the street, landed in a crouch, stood, and flourished his lance. "Shut it! You're disturbing the peace!" He took a step towards Captain Knievel...

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