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The Turnaround

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It was another normal afternoon. Jack sat in his cubicle doing a few worthless assignments for his boss just like he normally did. His job was boring, but it was a job nonetheless. It kept him afloat, and that is why he kept coming.

The suit sat in his briefcase nearby. It called to him as usual, but he had learned to ignore it. It had even been a while since he had worn it. He just didn't see the need. All of Reaver's running around and collecting supplies and samples had become very boring to Jack. He didn't see the need.

Jack sat at his computer, uselessly clicking his mouse on the desktop. *click* *click* *click* *click* *CRASH*

The sudden noise jolted Jack out of his reverie. He looked up over the wall of the cubicle to see a large hole in the wall where the windows used to be. People, desk, office supplies, computers... everything was scattered everywhere.

"This is the 15th floor! What the hell could that be!"

Jack! This is important you need to...

"Shut it!"

Suddenly, a metallic sounding voice chimed out from the clearing dust cloud..."Sensors indicate that the prototype is in range. Beginning destruction of prototype." *Clank* *Clank* *Clank* A large robotic looking figure strode out of the wreckage.

"Right!" Jack dove for his briefcase and slapped the button on the module that would send the Reaver suit crawling up his arm and engulfing his body. And not a second too soon...

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Mere seconds after the suit had finished crawling all the way over Jack's body all the sensors in the suit began blaring. Alerting him to the extreme danger he was in.

Jack barely managed to roll to his left as a very large fist came crashing down through the desk, and cubicle, and everything. Right where Jack had used to be.

"Yikes! Careful with that thing, man, you're gonna hurt someone!"

Battle Systems Online
Came the alert from his suit.

"Right. Let's do this. It's been a while, but I think we can still put up a fight. Let show this thing what we are made of!

Reaver's jet boots activated and he flew through the office building at his target. His sensors locked on and he took a swing with one of his beam swords. The hit connected, and the slash across the chest of the large robotic thing sent it stumbling back.

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"Error! Mission Complete: Locate Prototype Battlesuit!" The large mechanical monster screeched. It lunged foward and made a grab at Reaver. His grip tightened around Reaver's neck and managed to maintain a hold.

New Mission Objective: Capture Prototype and return to base.

Goliath slammed his fist into Reaver's stomach. Reaver exhaled quickly as he attempted to weather the blow. The attack did some damage, But the suit's regenerative systems took over. He managed to recover from the attack.

Having been lifted clear off the ground, Reaver began to struggle against the thing that was beginning to crush his windpipe.

Rerouting power from beam swords. Strength enhancers activated.

Jack's suit updated him. The beam swords suddenly dissipated and circuits began to light up along his limbs.

"Okay then, Here goes nothing!" He attempted to break the hold that the creature had on him. And succeeded. After prying the creatures arms off of him, He lunged forward to see what the new strength enhancers could do.

"Stop breaking @%!" Reaver lunged forward towards the Goliath, but was not used to the strength enhancers that the suit had activated and his blow went wide. "Damn!" He said, aware that the machine behind him was winding up for another attack.

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"Restraining methods failed. Exploring new battle tactics"

Goliath pulled up to his full height and towered over Reaver. A few of his mechanical systems expelled a large amount of steam. He was quite the imposing figure. This left Reaver shaking for the split second that Goliath needed to take advantage of him.

Goliath simply took a double handed swing at reaver and attempted to knock him out through the hole he had created in the side of the building. The hit connected and Reaver went flying. He of course missed the hole in the wall and went plowing through another window. This further damaged the building of course. Even as he went sailing down the 15 stories towards the ground, his suit's regenerative powers kicked in.


A few seconds later, Reaver woke up after smashing into the ground. "What the hell hit me?!"

No time for that, Jack. More trouble!
As the suit's visual sensors came back online, He could see the Large mechanical monster jump out of the window. It sailed down towards the ground. Towards him.

"Oh GOD!" Jack scrambled out of the way. And Goliath slammed into the ground right where he used to be laying. The impact was thunderous, and it shattered the pavement of the street. Jack was dimly aware of the fact that people were panicking and scattering everywhere.

"Okay, really? I know I'm a bad guy, but this is rediculous! Stop scaring the crap out of these people! What do you want!?"

"Mission Objective: Recover prototype power suit and return to base!"

"Okay, yea I got that part. This suit is mine! You can't have it!"

"HehehahahahaHAHAHAHA!" It was the first thing the creature had said besides stating mission objectives. That is probably what made it so unnerving. "Then I will destroy everything here until I have it! There will be nothing left of this planet if you do not surrender that suit!"

"Whatever, man. Just try me!" Reaver once again released the beam swords on his wrists.

To the suit he simply remarked "You are going to have a @%*#load of explaining to do after this."

Thats fine, Jack, but this is not the time or place. Now hit him again before he gets moving!
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Reaver charged forward, hoping that a frontal assault might throw the thing off guard. He aimed a slash a the chest of the mechanical monster, and then flew past, hopefully out of reach. The slash missed, however. The thing saw the attack coming and managed to move out of the way just in time.

The Goliath ran to the side of the road, grabbed a traffic light post, pulled it out of the ground, and tried to bring it crashing down on Reaver's head as he flew away! Reaver was too quick, however. He outdistanced the post by just enough for the attack to miss.

"RIGHT! Would you PLEASE stop with the gratuitous property damage?! They are probably going to come after me for this!"

"Mission objectives must be completed. There will be no stopping!"

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"Surrender or face destruction!" Goliath continued speaking.

"No, no, and furthermore, NO!" Jack yelled. He once again rocketed towards Goliath. This time he didn't go straight in for the kill. He corkscrewed around to the side and tried to catch Goliath off guard.

Golaith was caught off guard by the manuver.

Strike at the next available opportunity
Prompted the suits sensors.

Even though he barely could judge Reaver's movements, Goliath took a swing at him nonetheless. Unfortunately for Reaver, the blow proved to be devestating.

The Goliath's steel fist slammed into Reaver mid flight... HARD. And Reaver went flying. Even as the suit struggled to mend the damage done to his body, Jack was nigh unconscious after the blow.

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Reaver went flying straight through four office buildings. The armor of the suit cut through the glass, stone, and steel of the buildings with no effort, propelled only by the massive blow delivered by Goliath. Fortunately, from that point on, his trajectory took him further and further out of the city. Luckily it caused no more damage to the city.

Goliath took off after Reaver like a bullet. He sprinted straight out of the city, towards where Reaver had crossed the horrizon.

"Sensors have located the prototype..." Was all that was heard as he was leaving the city.

Neither of the strange power suit users were ever seen or heard from again...

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