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Quiver's opening night!

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Date: May 22nd, 2009

That Quiver, she never forgot her roots. Grew up to become a super-villain, powers and all, and still rides the bus! the shapely blonde thought wrly to herself with an annoyed grimace, not really liking that thought. Was she really a bad girl? No, not yet. But she certainly planned to be. Prepared for it even. In fact she was on her way to rob and probably hurt people right now. People she didn't know, people who just wanted to get by and have fun. People she probably wouldn't mind being friends with. All for personal gain and revenge.

And it is selfish, even though I'm doing this so Tina can be happy, that's only because I'm happier when she's happy. Thinking of her girlfriend strengthened her resolve, an evil smile curling over her beautiful face. Time and again she'd managed to find a small bit of happiness in the world, only to have the world smash it to pieces and take it away from her. Well not this time, not next time. Never again, from now on I'll do the smashing. I have the powers and no one is going to stand in my way

A car, I need to get a car. This bus smells awful She was sitting in the middle of a packed bus, feet in the aisle because there was something sticky(please god let it be gum)on the floor in front of her seat. An overly large trench coat kept most of her covered, shiny black boots peeking out from the bottom with similar gloves poking out of the sleeves and a greasy man leering at her three seats down. Probably thinks I'm a street walker! I certainly feel like one, I have no idea what got into me when I chose this costume!

WIth a sigh she tried to ignore the bus full of people, her mind drifting back to just a little while ago....

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Leslie walked into her apartment with a grateful sigh, bumping the door shut with her hip while juggling the bag of groceries in her arms. Dressed in a snappy suit that made her look like a high-powered businesswoman rather than the junior secretary that she was, she surveyed her apartment. it was too small, messy, and the previous tenants 'old people smell' still hadn't gone away despite her best efforts involving incense and scrubbing and the one window faced the brick building across an alley. Work had been long and trying and she sighed in relief as she was finally able to kick the heels off of her aching feet.

It was date night! Her girlfriend, Tina, hadn't left the apartment since she'd been released from the hospital, but that didn't mean they couldn't have a fun night in! Not that they'd ever publicly gone out even before the.. accident. Their manager had talked them into keeping their relationship a secret 'just for now' and now that 'now' was over, it seemed that they'd never get to go out on a nice date.

"Don't be such a baby" the blonde scolded herself with a sniffle, wiping a tear from her eye as she started cooking. Spaghetti with garlic bread. Truthfully, the only thing that made it different from any other night was the candles, the cheap wine, and the romantic movie she'd rented. But it would be enough. The two of them would chat about stupid things and pretend their life was as good as it was suppose to be, instead of wallowing in pity because of how bad it really was.

It took her a full ten minutes to realize that she couldn't hear the distinctive 'Clack clack' of her girlfriends typing filling the tiny, dingy home.

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"Tina!? Sweety?! Where are you?!" Leslie nearly screamed into the tiny apartment, voice ripe with fear as she strained to hear anything over her neighbor's annoyed pounding on the wall and muffled "Shut up!". Oh god, she's not at her computer! Did someone break in? What if she's been kidnapped?! Oh god oh god please no It was practically impossible to tell if someone had broken in. The place was a disaster as usual; Leslie didn't have time to clean(or energy after working all day) and Tina simply didn't bother. Spending all of her time on the computer crammed into a corner of the living room if Leslie wasn't home. It was an odd thing, to be jealous of an object, but jealous Leslie was. It was always a trial to get her beloved girlfriend away from the thing.

Except she wasn't there now and the computer's monitor was on the floor, a large crack running through the middle.

Finding the bathroom locked she put her ear to the door "Sweety?" breathing in relief as she heard a quiet sniffle and a piece of paper appeared from under the door. The paper was creased and wrinkled from use and said simply 'Go away'. Jotting down a quick 'Love you' on the back, she shoved the note back under the door, slumping against the fake wood as she waited for her heart to stop beating so fast.

After a few minutes, when her legs didn't feel quite so much like jelly, she stood up and made her way over to the computer to see what had set off the love of her life this time.

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Things would regularly send Tina into a 'pity attack' as Leslie thought of them. It could be anything, a bad dream, a piece of clothing she'd worn to a party, hearing one of her songs on the radio, or even catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror(until Leslie had gotten rid of all the mirrors in the apartment anyway). Sighing in annoyance and resignation she picked up the monitor, both glad and disappointed(the damned machine just wouldn't die) when it flickered to life, mostly legible despite the huge crack.

After ten minutes or so of combing through the history she was reasonably sure she'd found the culprit. After a few more minutes of swearing to do things to people that were probably physically impossible, she read the page again, more carefully this time.

Their old record company was holding a benefit in Tina's name, for burn victims and the like. Using threats, pleading, violence and sheer strength of will, Leslie had managed to keep the fact that her girlfriend was covered in burn scars down to nothing more than unsubstantiated rumor. But they had apparently found a way around that, by not actually stating that Tina was a burn victim herself. Just implying it heavily while allowing some new young diva to cover her songs.

Leslie hadn't planned on going out in costume yet, but she didn't see any other way to stop this. With a sigh she pulled out her boots with the torturously high heel and started to slip them on...

"Sweety, I'm going out. I'll take care of this don't worry!" she called to Tina as she wrapped herself in her trenchcoat, pocketing her mask and walking out of her apartment, noodles forgotten and still boiling on the stove.

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Realizing that she was finally at her stop, she noticed the man was still leering at her, despite many angry glares thrown his way. With a shrug and an evil smirk she blew him a little kiss, the air humming softly as she worked her magic. It had taken her a while to figure this little trick but it had provided her no end of amusement by using it on people who annoyed her, but she couldn't actually attack outright. As soon as the hum reached the man he shuddered, the bent over in his seat, reching loudly as he suddenly felt like he was spinning and falling at the same time. Laughing(cackling really) the blonde hopped off the bus with a wave.

Putting on her mask and stashing her coat safely in an alley, she stood outside the concert building for a moment, shivering in the cold. "Ok I can do this, just vibrate my feet and I should sink" Quiver muttered to herself, trying and failing to dig down where she was standing. Sighing in annoyance and feeling rediculous she bent over, intent on using her hands to dig. A honk, and a whistle from a passing car made her jump up, face going crimson as she lashed out angrily, throwing a bolt of.. whatever it was she threw at the vehicles tires, causing it to crash into a nearby fire hydrant.

"Crap" Quiver whined to no one in particular, nervousness that someone would call the cops early breeding innovation as she simply shot at the ground, turning the sidewalk into so many chunks of rock and making a little tunnel for herself, quickly collapsing the entrance after she made it in. It was obvious that something had destroyed the sidewalk, but at least no one would follow after her. Feel much safer in the dark, enclosed space, she started 'drilling' towards the sound of music. Tina's music, defiled by someone elses voice.

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All in all it was a quick trip, since the new villainess hadn't really thought about the fact that the building had a basement. Oh it made sense that it had one all right. It simply hadn't occured to her on the bus ride over. So it was with some surprise that Quiver burst through the wall, tripping over rubble that she created and slamming face-first into a crate filled with spare electrical equipment.

A good ten minutes went by as she cursed loudly and tilted her head back, trying to get her nose to stop bleeding and praying it wasn't broken. Great, my first caper hasn't even started and I'm already leaving a trail of D.N.A. she thinks sourly to herself, doing her best to clean up any blood with her powers, the vibrations quickly destroying anything that the police might use to track her down(she hoped).

Her luck was in though! The basement wasn't very big, in fact if she were any taller she'd probably have to hunch. Using the thumping of the speakers to guide her, she positioned herself under the stage(or at least, where she was reasonably sure the stage was). "Showtime" the blonde villainess muttered to herself right before blasting a few holes in the ceiling around her, the debris falling down on top of her only to be turned into dust by the vibrations her body were giving off.

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