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Three Days of The Gecko [OOC] (Closed)


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Give me an Investigate check and a Search check, unskilled if necessary, to determine what (if any) significant information Geckoman learns about the crime scene.

Yes, I know Investigate doesn't normally allow for unskilled rolls. I'm taking liberties.

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I'll take your Hero Point for temporary use of the "Interpose" feat. Then I'll give it right back to you for an act of impressive and genre-appropriate heroism completely lacking in self-preservation.

Make a DC20 Fortitude Save.

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Failed by 15 exactly. Gecko-Boy is Dying and effectively Unconscious. However, Raven has Jack of All Trades and a WIS modifier of +5, so she can Take 10 on a Medicine check for an effective score of DC15, just enough to Stabilize him. And with his Regeneration, he'll recover fairly quickly.

EDIT: She can also Revive him. So he's no longer Dying or Unconscious, just Staggered and Disabled.

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Disabled recovery check [DC 10] (1d20+1=3)

Dammit, let's just make a series of them and determine how fast it is by that... (1d20+1=7, 1d20+1=14, 1d20+1=7, 1d20+1=5, 1d20+1=9)

... Gaaaaah. So he takes three hours to stop being Disabled.

RECOVER NOW (1d20+1=20, 1d20+1=20, 1d20+1=9, 1d20+1=4, 1d20+1=4)

And 80 minutes to stop being Staggered. So... 4 hours, 20 minutes until he's good as new, and I avoid having to explain to his parents why he's so beat up!

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