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A Long Time Coming

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It was night time once again, and that meant that it was patrol time. He had promised his father that he would keep the neighborhood safe, and that meant he was going to do so. Lancer jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

This was an older section of town. His family had been a part of Freedom City for many years. Every single one of the first born sons in his family were charged with defending this specific neighborhood. Jason, however, was stuck with some pretty bad luck. The family from his specific generation was what he referred to as an, "older family." Which is to say that by the time he was born, his parents were already in their forties. This of course left Jason with a tough job. When his dad was ready to retire from the super hero business, and pass the Reginleif down to his son, Jason was only seventeen. This meant that it was now Jason's job to patrol and keep the neighborhood safe all by himself, and he only had minimal training. Most men in his family were at least in their mid 20's when they got the family's artifact lance. They had had more training, they didn't have to worry about school or any other nonsense. "Life really stinks sometimes..." Jason said to no one in particular. It was just his luck that he was born late, and at 59 years of age, his dad just didn't want to carry that lance around anymore. It had become a burden to him, and he had passed that burden on to his son.

Jason was understandably bitter. Lancer jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

All of a sudden, something caught his eye. There was a lone figure walking down the street just off the sidewalk. He recognized this guy, he had seen his picture around town. He knew the guy was trouble, and he did not want him in his neighborhood.

Lancer jumped from the rooftop where he was currently perched. Lancer flipped in mid-air, and landed lightly on the sidewalk between the buildings and the man who now seemed a lot bigger in person.

"I know who you are. You're not welcome here." Lancer brandished Reginleif at the stranger. "I'll give you ten seconds to get out of my neighborhood, Captain Knievel..."

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Captain Knievel HAD been scoping out the area. Now, however, he had to deal with this punk. "Really, kid? And who the hell are you to tell me to get out?" Captain Knievel put on the most mocking tone of voice possible. "You supposed to be the city's protector or something?"

This really stinks, Knievel thought, Here I was, well on schedule, and now I have to deal with this kid...

Captain Knievel leaned up against a nearby lamp post. "Well kid? I ain't leaving... What are you gonna do about it?" Captain Knievel folded his arms.

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Lancer considered the situation for a second. The other guy was bigger than he was. That never stopped him in the schoolyard, however. He know WHO the other guy was, but did not know what he was capable of. But his duty was his duty. His duty was to protect and defend his neighborhood, and he was sworn to do it.

Then I am going to MAKE you leave! Lancer dropped into a fighting stance.

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"Nice try, Kid. But you are gonna need a lot more than a pointed stick to get me!" Captain Knievel Flicked his wrist, and the laser whip extended from the adrenaline cannon. He sent it screaming at Lancer with a vengeance. The whip managed to batter Lancer in the face. It then proceeded to wrap itself around his neck. Lancer Just barely manages to stave off the worst effects of the blow. Captain Knievel proceeded to yank Lancer to the ground with the whip. Once there, He stepped on the back of Lancer's neck and began to tighten his grip..."That's for actually trying to attack me. Now give up before I kill you!"

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"Uncle! Uncle!" Lancer barely managed to gasp the words while he was being suffocated. "I give up! Please let me go!"

Captain Knievel frowned. Regardless of what Lancer did, he HAD intended to kill him. However, he found himself retracting the whip instead. The kid was much younger than he was. And Captain Knievel remembered how he was when he was that young. "Alright, get up!..." Captain Knievel watched Lancer struggle to his feet.

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"Now sit down, kid" Captain Knievel pointed to a bench. Lancer slinked over to it and sat down hard on the bench. He had never been so humiliated. Then again, he had never met anyone so much more powerful than he was.

"Alright, look. Here's the deal," Knievel began, standing over lancer, "I'm not going to kill you. But you've got to do something for me." Captain Knievel scooped up the lance from where it lay on the ground. He tossed it to the boy on the bench.

"Train harder." Knievel frowned. He wasn't sure if he had gotten his point across. "I used to be a boy just like you. But then I put some real time into my training, and now look at me. A little more effort and you won't turn out so badly."

Captain Knievel began to walk away. "See you later, kid. I'll be back to see how you've done. Try and land a hit on me next time, alright?" He gave a wave over his shoulder and he was on his way.

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Lancer just sat in the semi-dark under the street lamp for a few minutes. He still hurt from the swift beating he had received. After a while, he leaned on the butt of the lance and stood.

"I think that's enough patrolling for one night..." He stiffly walked home, putting some serious thought to what the big man had said.


The next morning, the sun rose on an eager boy practicing maneuvers with his lance against the straw dummy in his back yard. He knew he could be better. And now he was gonna make that man see it too....


To Be Continued...

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