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Can a villain have a change of heart?


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So I've been thinking of reactivating my barely-used villain Red Queen, who currently sits idling in the NPC folder where I asked Barnum to put her; at the time, I didn't think I had the moxie/nerve/chutzpah/whatever to play a villain, and I still might not.

My question is, can we convert a villain into a hero? I had a thought of doing a vignette kinda thing where we see that Red was snatched out of time during her last thread (that art heist thing), brought before a sort of magic court, and given a choice: undo the evil she has done by using her powers (now powered by good mad gods, not evil ones) to fight crime and such, or be wiped out of existence. The other form of persuasion I thought of is they give her a glimpse of her future if she doesn't mend her ways, and it is terrifying (and entirely off-screen!).

I know this sort of smacks of 'Angel' and would make both my characters ex-criminal types (even though Grim was a petty criminal), but I think she has a lot of potential, sort of a cross between a female Irish John Constantine and the reformed Black Widow.

Just a thought :)

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After a whispered conversation in the chat with the good Doctor, it seems it might be easier to just start from scratch, using the old build, corrected for sanity, as the framework. Look for a 'White Rook' character submission coming soon!

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