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Freedom City IN SPACE!!!

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I was looking at the few characters in Freedom City, both canon and here, that are space-worthy, and a little math (rounded frequently) and vastly oversimplified astronomy yielded some interesting results.

1 light year = distance light can travel in 1 year = 10,000,000,000,000 kilometers

c = Speed of Light

Light Travels at 186,000 miles per second

186,000 miles per second = 11,000,000 miles per minute = 667,000,000 miles per hour

Pegasus Spaceplane = Space Travel 5 = 25c

Star Knight Armor = Space Travel 10 = 1,000c

DarkStar = Space Travel 20 = 2,500,000c

Solar System = 10,000,000,000,000 kilometers across = 1 light year across

(Awful convenient, that)

Mars = 55,000,000 kilometers from Earth (at closest orbit)

c = 12 hours Earth-to-Mars

25c = 29 minutes Earth-to-Mars

1,000c = 44 seconds Earth-to-Mars

2,500,000c = 0.02 seconds Earth-to-Mars

c = 1 year to cross Solar System

25c = 2 weeks to cross Solar System

1,000c = 9 hours to cross Solar System

2,500,000c = 13 seconds to cross Solar System

Proxima Centauri = Nearest Star to Earth = 4 light years away

c = 4 years to reach Proxima Centauri

25c = 2 months to reach Proxima Centauri

1,000c = 1.5 days to reach Proxima Centauri

2,500,000c = 51 seconds to reach Proxima Centauri

Milky Way Galaxy = 100,000 light years circumference

c = 100,000 years to cross galaxy

25c = 4,000 years to cross galaxy

1,000c = 100 years to cross galaxy

2,500,000c = 2 weeks to cross galaxy

I'm assuming that the Lor Republic, the Stellar Khanate, and the Grue Unity all have comparable space-faring technology, and that Dædalus' homemmade spaceplane is on par with it. That implies that the ships of most of the spacefaring races in The World of Freedom hover around 5-10 ranks of Space Travel.

So they're looking at a few minutes to a few seconds to hop from one planet to the next one over, and the better part of a day to a week to get from the inner planets of a star system to the fringe worlds. Hopping to the nearest star system takes them anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months.

This would mean that, if you throw up a distress signal in this galaxy, you better hope your rescuers are in the same star system as you, and probably not more than a planet or two away, or else you're just screwed.

This also has far-reaching implications for how the governments and economies of these galactic bodies actually function. Which is to say, very, very slowly.

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There could also be Jump/Warp Gates, effectively high-ranked Teleport with the Portal extra (and Progression to make the Portal big enough for spaceships to go through).

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That is certainly possible. For the moment, however, I was limiting myself to what I was able to find mention of in canon setting materials.

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