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A thread for hypothetical questions regarding robotic Construct characters.

Question #1:

Assume I'm creating a character with Radio Communication and Super-Senses (Radio), who is constantly transmitting data to other computers, effectively backing up the data that comprises its "mind." If its current physical body is destroyed, the data can be retrieved from one of those sources and installed into a new robot body, effectively bringing the character back from the dead. The only way to truly "kill" the character permanently is to destroy its body while inside an area Obscured to Radio senses, and hunt down and destroy all the backups as well.

Would this be an acceptable descriptor for Regeneration (Ressurection [Feats: Reincarnation, Extras: True])?

The Reincarnation feat would represent the fact that the character's new hardware ("body") could be built differently from the old one.

The frequency of the Resurrection (depending on how many ranks I purchased) would indicate the required time to reinstall the character's software ("mind") into a new body.

Rather than making a Recovery check and Resurrecting on its own, the character would be effectively "dead" until another party acted upon it, making a successful Computers and/or Craft check to install it in a new body. Would this be an acceptable +0 trade-off?

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Question 2:

The rulebooks can't seem to agree on this.

As I understand it, a character with no CON is required to purchase Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects), or else their lack of CON would immediately kill them.

What exactly happens when a character with both CON - and Immune (FORT) gets hit with an Affects Objects Fortitude effect (Drain, Transform, etc.)?

Do they automatically fail the save and suffer the worst possible effect?

Do they get a Toughness save in the place of the Fortitude save?

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Q1: Yes, that'd be a fine descriptor for Resurrection/Reincarnation. I wouldn't put on True, though, I'd just have "being killed in a Radio Obscured area" as the "semi-common mode of final death."

The "needs someone else to help in certain cases" seems less like Regen on your part and more like Healing (Resurrect, Others Only, Robots only) on their part.

Q2: .... I don't know. Check the ATT.

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Well, the "killer" would also have to hunt down and destroy the backups. Otherwise, the robot would just lose a certain amount of accumulated "experience" (data). I think that's a narrow enough set of circumstances to warrant True Resurrection. But I could be wrong, which is why I ask.

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