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Dreaming the Day Away


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Who can tell what strange thoughts run through the minds of Freedom City's supermen? When a person who can survive direct artillery assaults begins to cast his mind free and let his thoughts wander, is their anyone who can rightfully predict on what he will ponder? Already, Hellbound could barely be considered human and now one had to wonder what he was thinking.

Even stranger, though, is how this odd young man will dream. When all restraints of an already unfettered life are cast off, can any intellect on the planet guess at what inhabits his mind in slumber? Peeking into the dreams of Hellbound now may reveal a clue or two, and more than a few surprises...


Deep beneath the busy streets and crowded sidewalks of Freedom City, directly below stately Payne Manor, out hero Hellbound stalks the shadowy depths of his home and headquarters; The Hellcave.

"I say, old chum..." He was addressing his faithful ward and sidekick, Lil' Devil, "Alfred has asked time and time again that you please not wear your costume while visiting Payne Manor. That's the fourth tea set he's dropped this week. Frankly, it's getting... a little out of hand."

Hellbound ceased in his pacing and turned to face the youthful, energetic and ever present companion that's he come to rely upon over these long, lonely years of crime fighting. His head was masked by the cowl of his Hellsuit and draped over one shoulder was the Hell-utility belt that he'd only recently gotten back from the repair shop.

"At the very least could you please put on a bathrobe? The poor man's heart might not be able to take the strain much longer."

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Lil Devil reached for a conveniently placed dark red bathrobe and placed it ever so lovingly over what needed to be covered.

Biting her lip for a second, she sulked. She slowly walked over to Hellbound with a look of pity for herself, "I am sorry, Hellbound, but how will I be able to practice the criminal stopping techniques we have been studying without freedom of movement? I mean, it is not easy to do all those bends and grabs with free roaming clothes around!"

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Hellbound reached out and held her arm back as she reached for the robe.

"No need for that, my fine, fiery friend. As you can see, we have ample privacy here in the comfort of the Hellcave. Those Hellpoles we use to travel here were never designed to carry tea sets, and so Alfred quite understandably finds it awkward to navigate them as such."

He placed a guiding hand on her shoulder and looked towards the roof of their secretive lair. A look of deep, ponderous contemplation etched itself across would could be seen of his features.

"I think it might be best if we kept our little practice sessions down here, for the future. We are, as they say, a little rough on the hardwood flooring. Those scorch marks would be difficult to explain to any unexpected guests, after all."

His speech was then interrupted as a warbling, anguished cry filled the echoing chamber.

"AH!" Hellbound turned towards the source of the sound. A flashing red, antique style phone resting beneath a glass dome was demanding attention.

"The Hellphone! That would be Commissioner Lightfoot, unless I miss my guess. No doubt some nefarious ner'er-do-well has plotted to take the good citizens of Freedom City into harm's way. Perhaps you should answer this one, old chum. I'm anxious to see if those Hellphone Etiquette classes you've been taking are worth the money."

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