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NPCs and You

Dr Archeville

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NPCs and You

Some of you may have noticed that FC PbP has a Non-Player Character section in the Character Bank.

Players here are welcome to submit NPCs! Here're the guidelines:

    [*:6ks3c76g] You can submit an NPC of any PL from 1 to 14, with the standard 15pp/level. It can be a local doctor, a handyman, a gang leader, a businessman with a dark secret, anything -- even an archnemesis for your PC, or your own Rogue's Gallery, or someone you can contact via the Connected feat!
    [*:6ks3c76g] NPC submissions have to go through the same approval process as PCs. This means the char sheets should use the same format, they should have solid backgrounds/motivations/personality, should fit within the overall campaign, will need two Ref approvals, and so on.
    [*:6ks3c76g] Once an NPC is approved, it will be moved to the NPC forum.
    [*:6ks3c76g] NPCs will be assigned one of three "tiers," describing how open they are to use. When you submit an NPC, you must also list which tier it belongs to. The tiers are as follows:

Tier 1: Open for anyone to use.
Tier 2: Can be used only with permission of the NPC's creator, and the creator has the right to request that they be the one to actually run the NPC. (Most archnemeses should fall into this category.)
Tier 3: Reserved for Ref use only.

    [*:6ks3c76g] NPCs do not earn power points by being used in games. Players can submit requests for NPC "growth" to the Refs, but doing so will require some very good reasons for the increase.
    [*:6ks3c76g] Similarly, NPCs do not have Hero Points. NPCs can get the benefit of a Hero Point via GM Fiat, meaning the PCs facing the NPC gain a Hero Point when the GM "cheats" for the NPC. (To be specific, only the PCs who are directly impacted by the GM Fiat gain the Hero Point; if a GM uses GM Fiat to let an NPC power stunt some effect off a power, only the PCs who are affected by the new effect get the HP, not every PC around.)
    [*:6ks3c76g] If you wish, you can submit tweaked or revamped versions of canon FC characters. Such NPCs are always Tier 3; while we recognize that some of the stats in the FC books don't quite match what the character descriptions would indicate, we have more than enough PCs on the site that letting folks play with the canon characters just doesn't make sense.
    [*:6ks3c76g] Some NPCs may have fewer restrictions than PCs, and we may use them to test various House Rules.

Is there a reward for doing this, aside from the satisfaction of seeing a character you made be accepted? Certainly! Since letting players create NPCs, that's a bit less work for the Refs, so that's worth a Contribution Award! Specifically, you will get one (1) pp per approved NPC, for the first two NPCs; any more NPCs created after that net you nothing but a warm fuzzy feeling when you see them get approved.

You are limited to submitting 2 NPCs per PC. Since you can at most have two active PCs, that means 4 NPCs total.

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