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Payback -- A Prologue (OOC)


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Here's the OOC list for the prologue to the street level storyline getting started. Right now, this is for Chill Out but other characters that deal with street level crime that might be in the Lincoln area are welcomed.

Please ask about participation here first.

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I need a Streetwise DC 10 check from Arthur as well as a Notice 15.

Also an initiative check as well to speed things up.

For rolls, please put in the character name, [Payback] Chill Out, to let me know which rolls you use. Rolls not using this tag will not count.

Here's the boy's Initiative and Javier

Boy's Initiative; Notice Dc 15 (1d20+1=11, 1d20=10)

Javier initiative (1d20=9)

I'm using the stats of a thug for the boy, and the reporter for Javier.

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Arthur realizes that the boy is wearing the colors of the Southside C's, a gang that pretty much own the streets of Lincoln. However, the colors are not of a full fledged member. He is obviously on his initiation mission which in Arthur's expereince could range from simply robbing a place to killing someone.

He notes that Javier's hands are below the counter, but not sure why.

Ran out of time. Will handle the intimidate when I get some more time. You can make a post showing you know the above information, though.

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Here's the boy's save. He's shaken, taking -2 to attacks, saves, and checks.


Chill Out 16

Boy 11

Javier 9

Round 1

Chill Out intimidates the boy while changing into his ice form.

The boy, shaken fires at Javier missing wildly before trying to run out of the store.

Target -- 1 Javier, 2 Chill; Attack roll (1d2=1, 1d20=3)

Javier raises his shot gun from behind the counter and fires at the fleeing boy, hitting him in the back, knocking the boy unconcious.

Attack DEF 12; TOughness DC 20 (1d20=15, 1d20+3=4)

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What Chill Out knows about the youth center:

A community center for Lincoln and Southside youth, the Lincoln Youth

Center was established some fifteen years ago by charitable donations

and has always been run by Wilson Jeffers, a Lincoln native. In addition to

handling the administration of the Center, Mr. Jeffers also runs some of its

programs. The LYC offers afternoon sports and activities aimed at keeping

kids off the streets and out of gangs. It also provides kids a place to go

when their parents have to be at work. The Center has been successful in

reducing gang and youth violence in Lincoln, along with educating youth

on issues like teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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