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Help with a character build


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So, I need a little help from you all.

A little back ground. The character in question was a regular ant who was infected by nanites. The nanites, amongst other things over time, caused him to evolve super-intelligence, mental powers, cause his base growth to grow to medium size, etc.

I've incorporated all the major points I want... he uses his Move Object in place of hands to create things... uses his powers to control other ants to figure out the world around him.

Equipment is going to be an underground base that I haven't quite put together.

First bit a help - Does anyone see any glaring problems?

Second - Any fat that might be trimmable?

Players Name: Razorback

Power Level: 10

Trade-Offs: +2 Attack for -2 Damage, - 3 Defense for + 3 Toughness]

Unspent PP: 0

Characters Name: Gi-Ant

Alternate Identity: N/A

Length: 7'4"

Weight: 472 lbs

Hair: None

Eyes: Black


Personality & Motivation:


Stats: -22pp

Str: 10(+0)

Dex: 10( 0 )

Con: 18(+4 )

Int: 1 [24] (-5/+7)

Wis: 1 [10](-5/ 10)

Cha: 1 [4]( -3 )

Combat: 6pp

Attack: +3

Grapple: + 5

Defense: + 0 (+0 flat-footed)

Knockback: - 6

Initiative: + 0

Saves: 20pp

Toughness: + 12 (+4Con, +8protection)

Fortitude: + 7 (+4Con, +3)

Reflex: +7( +0 Dex, +7)

Will: + 7 ( +0 Wis, +10)

Skills: 37pp

Computers 15(22)

Craft: Chemical 6(13)

Craft: Electronic 15(22)

Craft: Mechanical 8(15)

Craft: Structural 5(12)

Disable Device 15(22)

Kn: Physical Sciences 15(22)

Kn: Technology 15(22)

Languages 1

Notice 15(22)

Search 15(22)

Stealth 15

Survival 8

Feats: 11pp

Attack Focus 3: Melee

Attack Specialization 3: Bite

Eidetic Memory 1

Equipment 1

Fearless 1

Hide In Plain Sight


Powers: 106pp

Super-Senses 4(PF: 2x Innate)[6]



Additional Limbs 3(PF 1: Innate)[4]

2 additional legs and 2 antennae

Formic Acid Bite - Acid 8(Flaw -1: Limited to living targets)[16]

Emotion Control 10(Flaw -1: Limited, sense dependent{olfactory/pheromones}; PF 2: 2 Alternate Powers)[12]

AP:Confuse 5(Extra +2/rank: +1 Alternate save{fortitude, pheromones based}, +1 Range{from Ranged to Perception}; Flaw -1: -1 Sense-Dependent{pheromone based olfactory})

AP: Animal Control 4(Extra +2/rank: +1 Sensory Link, +1 Area; Flaw -2: -1 Limited(to ants), -1 Sense Dependent {pheromone based olfactory}; PF 1: Communication Link)

Nanite Enhance Mental Traits - Enhanced Traits 35(+23 intelligence, +9 wisdom, +3 charisma)[35]

Protection 8(Extra: 3 levels of Impervious)[11]

Illusion 1(Visual {2pp/rank}; Extra +1/rank: Duration{Continuous}; PF 1: Progression{10'cube/rank})[4]

Communication 2(olfactory & mental)[2]

Move Object 1(PF 2: Precise, Enhanced Feat{Improvised Tools})[3]

Speed 1[1]

Super-Movement 1(wall-crawling)[2]

Immunity 4( Critical Hits 2, Aging 1, Own Power 1)[4]

Super-Strength 2[4]

Flight 1(PF:+1 Innate; Drawback : -1 Powerloss{wings})[2]

Drawbacks: 8pp

Noticeable -1: Ant Exoskeleton (protection)

Vulnerable -3: Uncommon/major = Nanites vulnerable to magnetic attacks (causes loss of Emotion Control, Enhanced Traits, Illusion and Move Object if fails save)

Disability -1: Very common/minor = no figures or thumbs to manipulate

Disability -1: Common/minor = mute

Vulnerable -2: Uncommon/moderate: Nanites vulnerable to electrical attacks (causes loss of Emotion Control, Enhanced Traits, Illusion and Move Object if fails save)

DC Block:


Formic Acid Bite 23 /Toughness Bruise (Staged)

Emotion Control 20/Will

Confuse 15/Fortitude

Costs: Abilities (-22) + Combat (6) + Saves (20) + Skills(37) + Feats (11) + Powers (106) - Drawbacks (-8) = 150

I have the background story I'm working on but I was wondering if there is a suitable hero/villian, company or government branch for who was working on the nanites where he gained his powers? Any suggestions would be appreciated along with any suggestions.


Edit: There were a couple of things I wanted in the original that I forgot to add but realized once I reread it. I've highlighted the changes in red. Plus I added his base of operations below. As you can see, he is going to be a villian. I wish I had more points for strength/super-strength and what not... I may have to take back the PL10 hero I built since there seems to be a shortage of villain-age around FC. :flash:

Base of Operations: Underground Maze that leads to hidden living area where Gi-Ant plans his next attack on humanity!

Size: Medium 1

Toughness: 0

Features =

Living Space 1

Isolated 1

Concealed 1

Security System 1 (instead of Disable Device check, either a Survival check or Tracking check must be made to find your way through the unlit, underground maze)

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Well, first glaring problem I see is the Cha of 1. A) because RPing a character with that low of Cha will be a huge obsacle in and of itself and B) your avatar would cause you to take ongoing irony damage every round.


bluff, diplomacy, disguise, gather info, intimidate should be -5

Double check the math, because I'm coming up with 83 points in powers:


Also, the lack of thumbs won't be a -3 DB because of your move object, it'll be -1 IMO.

Also, my suggestion would be to take your 4 points out of Fort save, and 4 points out of protection and buy 8 points in Con to get the same effect, frankly because I've never seen or heard of and ant getting tired. But keeping it the way it is, is perfectly fine.

But I would also add on the noticable DB for -1 point on protection because an exoskeleton is quite noticeable.

Other than that, I don't see any more problems, but then again this is just a preliminary glance, I don't have the books in front of me.

EDIT: Also, HQ starts with 5 toughness automatically otherwise the walls would literally be weaker than paper.

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The Con suggestion is a much better option than what I did. Didn't even occur to me to set it up that way.

The Charisma is built that way on purpose. As 'he' starts to interact with humans I plan on putting points into it. His only interactions up to this point (well, at least a few months) have been dealing with the hive mentallity of his ant-peoplez.

The skills have been fixed. I didn't incorporate the IF for a negative number to round up in the spreadsheet I built.

I'm also going to toy around with the drawbacks. I originally had the DB for the protection but dropped it since most of the time he is either underground or otherwise hidden.

I double checked the math and came up with 82...

Double check the math, because I'm coming up with 83 points in powers:


I'm assuming the two highlighted are for Immunity but I only have 4 ranks, not 5.

And I've changed the base.

Thanks again.


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  • 1 month later...

Changed, added and subtracted a bit to bring him up to PL 10.

I'm not really sold on the charisma bump as suggested by Geez3r... I'm trying to make his out look, and ability to influence humans, alien to our sensibilites.

I've incorporated just about everything I'd like to see in 'him' but, as always, I wish I had another 20 points or so to tweak him... I guess a little misadventuring is on the way.

Questions, suggestions, etc would be appreciated.


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