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Roze the Robot (WIP)

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Character Name
Power Level: 
7 (105/105PP) or 10 (150/150PP)
Unspent Power Points: 
Trade-Offs: ±X Attack / ±X Damage, ±X Defense / ±X Toughness


In Brief: 1-2 sentences which sum up the whole character.

Catchphrase: (Optional) Example: "Its Clobberin' Time!", "By the Power Cosmic!", "Hulk Smash!" etc.

Theme: (Optional) A theme song for the character.


Alternate Identity: ??? (Public) or (Secret)

Residence: (Optional) Where the character normally resides / lives.
Base of Operations: (Optional) Where in the city the character primarily operates or their headquarters' location, if anywhere.
Affiliations: People and/or groups you work with.
Family: Close or otherwise significant relatives.


Age: ??? (DoB: Year [Optionally, Day & Month])
Apparent Age: If applicable.
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian, Atlantean, Etc.

(Describe what they look like! Cover their physical appearance, typical clothing and of course their costume if they have one.)


(Remember we are a relatively family friendly site. Your story should be PG-13 at most. If your character wouldn't fit in an episode of Justice League Unlimited, The Dresden Files, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you'll need to rethink it. When in doubt, ask a Staff Member.)


Personality & Motivation:
(Describe why they do what they do here.)


Powers & Tactics:
(In-character descriptions of how they do what they do.)


Power Descriptions:
(Describe the appearance of their powers as applicable: the colour of energy blasts, the shape of portals, the design of a battlesuit. Also give an idea of the Descriptors those powers use: fire, technological, cosmic energy, etc.)


Alone: Roze is much less capable without her Animal friends.  GM can award Roze an HP to stop a use of the Animal Friends array due to no animal friends being in hearing range.

Abilities: 4 + 6 - 10 + 4 + 6 + 6 = 16PP
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 16 (+3)
Constitution: -- (--)
Intelligence: 14 +2)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 16 (+3)

Combat: 8 + 6 = 14PP
Initiative: +3
Attack: +4 Melee, +4 Ranged +8 Pile On!(Snare)
Defense: +3 (+3 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +10 (+2 Str, +4 Att, +4 SS)
Knockback: -10

Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 5 = 5PP
Toughness: +13 (+0 Con, +13 [+13 Protection 8 Impervious])
Fortitude: -- (Immune: Robot)
Reflex: +3 (+3 Dex, +0)
Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5)

Skills: 40R = 10PP

Computers 8 (+10)

Craft: Mechanical 1 (+3)

Diplomacy 2 (+5)

Handle Animal 13 (+16)

Notice 7 (+10)

Profession: Housekeeper 2 (+5)

Sense Motive 7 (+10)

Feats: 5PP


Animal Empathy

Eidetic Memory

Improvised tools (Internal Toolbox)

Luck 2

Powers: 22 + 14 + 32 + 20 + 3 + 1 + 8 = 100PP


Animal Friends 10 (20 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3; Drawbacks: Must Be Able To Speak)[22PP] (Animals)

  • Base Power: Summon 3 (Animal Friends; 45PP Minions x 25; Extras: Horde +1, Type(Animals) +2; Feats: Progression 4;) {20/20} (Animals)
  • Alternate Power: Environmental Control 4 (Hordes Underfoot; Distraction(DC15) 3, Hamper Movement(1/4 speed) 2; 50' Radius) {20/20} (Animals)
  • Alternate Power: Obscure 6 (Flocks and Swarms; Visual 250' radius Extras: Selective;) {18/20} (Animals)
  • Alternate Power: Snare 8 (Pile On!; Feats: Accurate 2, Reversible) {19/20} (Animals)


Comprehend 7 (Linguistic Processors; Animals(Speak/Understand), Codes, Electronics(Speak/Understand), Languages(Speak 1 at a time/Understand)) [14PP] (Technology, AI)


Immunity 32(Synthetic Lifeform; Fortitude, Critical Hits;) [32PP] (Technology, Robotics)


Protection 13 (Sturdy Robot Body; Extras: Impervious 8, Drawbacks: Noticeable -1) [20PP] (Technology, Robotics)


Quickness 3 (Fast Tasks; 10X speed) [3PP] (Technology, Robotics)


Speed 1 (High Speed Actuators; 10MPH) [1PP] (Technology, Robotics)


Super Strength 4 (High Power Actuators; +20 Str Carry Capacity {3200LB. Max Load}) [8PP] (descriptors)


Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP

Drawback (Description; Frequency: [Uncommon, Common, or Very Common]; Intensity: [Minor, Moderate, or Major])[-XPP]

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch      DC 17 Toughness                Damage

Pile On!           Ranged(80' inc)  DC 18 Reflex            Snare



Totals: Abilities (16) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (5) + Skills (10) + Feats (5) + Powers (100) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points

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Roze the Robot.  A sturdy Robotic Body makes her very durable.  It also comes equiped with an enhanced speed and carrying capacity for efficiant household work and an internal tool dispenser to handle minor self and household repairs.  The advanced AI used to parse commands in many languages has been put to use communicating with her Animal Friends.  Communication with fellow machines could be a dataport or perhaps a function of her mysterious 'glitch'


She's well protected in a fight bulletproof so has little to fear from normal weapons.  Offensively she has to rely on calling on her Animal Friends to help restrain enemies but they really are of more use scouting ahead or distracting and otherwise interfering with enemies abilities to do harm.

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