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[Update] Chat Room Back Up!

Endless Flight

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Freedom Leaguers,

Due to some site resource issues with the host, I had to temporarily disable the chat until we get it all worked out. It seems to be a resource hog, at least as far as my host is concerned. Not sure why, but I'm looking into it. I will get back with you as soon as I can on what is causing it, but it's wreaking havoc with my account.

Thanks for your patience,


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They always blame it on the chat. :( And they are rarely telling the truth. ;)

You can easily verify if the host is telling you the truth. Their virtualization software keeps "load" logs (it must, or how would they know there was a problem). Ask the host for a copy of the "offending" logs and compare load peaks on the server with the chat logs to see if they correspond to chat activity.

I find it hard to believe that an AJAX-based chat is the resource hog. It has been running here for 14 mo. and there haven't been any complaints from the host until now . . . and there is less traffic to this site now than ever before. I have run two other phpBB sites that were far more active than this one and used that chat software (or a version of it) without any complaints from the host.

I know LunarPages only charges $5 a mo. for hosting, but for that, the service should support a site the size of this one, chat and all. :|

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