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Sovereign Citizen Notes

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The man who once called himself the Patriot and by late 2021 goes by Sovereign Citizen seemed like a model American not that long ago. 


Paul Revere is used to people joking about his name, but it's one he bears with pride.


The Rivières first came to Maine a century ago from their native Quebec and prospered rapidly. His great-grandfather worked at a paper mill, his grandfather managed one, his late father owned one. 


The Revere men served their adoptive country in war and peace, fighting for the opportunity they had been denied back in Canada. Paul learned growing up to treasure the American dream, where hard work and self-reliance means that anyone can succeed, and to try and fight against anybody who'd try and tarnish the American legacy. He was smart and self-motivated and knew the easiest path to do that (especially if you had no superpowers) was by serving his nation in uniform. 


Coming up on the age of thirty, he's proud that he's done so since the age of 17, both in the Maine National Guard as a military policeman and (for the last five years) in the United States Border Patrol. He's learned a lot.


People really are alike all over. There are the good ones who want a better life for themselves and their families, and then there are the others. What the others have in common is that they're liars. The locals outside the base in Afghanistan who made up bullshit stories about his buddies to try and get a payoff from Uncle Sam; the illegal aliens who made up sob stories about wherever it was they were from so they could jump the line and start draining America dry without ever giving back to it. It's hard work fighting back against that sort but if nobody else is going to stand up for America, he'll get it done.

Up until recently, though, he was getting tired. Between the forever war overseas and the constant struggle against people smugglers and drug-runners on the border, he was starting to wonder if the fight was ever going to end. Being the only really honest, really committed man in a big organization can be draining. In late 2019, though, he was amazed - and honored - when he and a group of elite federal law enforcement were invited to join a special training program to take up a long-neglected American legacy. 


The Patriot.



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