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The Thaumaturge (Pl8) - EmpressValerian96

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The Thaumaturge
Power Level:  10 (Built as 8, 150/150PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0


 Trade-Offs: None


In Brief: A burgeoning arcanist and warrior, Cassandra seeks to find herself and fight evil as the Thaumaturge!

Catchphrase: By the Powers of Earth and Sky!



Alternate Identity:  Cassandra Anne Rose (Secret),
Birthplace:  Unknown

Residence: Claremont Academy
Base of Operations: Claremont Academy
Occupation:  Student

Affiliations:  N/A
Family: Adoptive mothers and one sibling.



Age: 16


DoB: 08/01/2005


Apparent Age: 
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height:  5’6
Hair: Red



Cassandra is a tallish girl who has a decent physique from running all over the place, but despite that always gives the impression of someone who is an inch longer than she expects to be at any given time and is about half an inch thinner than she originally thinks. She’s got green eyes that are always darting around a room, the curiosity bleeding out of them. Cass has auburn hair cut into a bob cut that she ties back when she’s thinking or on the run. It’s usually pretty messy, and she likes to stick fun hairclips into it. Her costume is a purple shirt, black pants, a shoulder-cloak with a hood and a longcoat. She wears a mask to obscure her eyes and leaves her mouth free for spellcasting without getting all muffled and whatnot. In her civilian identity, Cass wears a brown trench-coat everywhere. Every-freakin-where. It’s got a million pockets and is covered in pins. Well, there’s a few pins. Gay pride, lesbian pride, X-Files and a Sonic Youth pin. She wears a button down shirt beneath it, tucked into either jeans or slacks, depending on what she’s doing that day. She wears boots or sneakers for similar reasons. She does own a dress or two, but those are for formal occasions, not for work.


History: Cassandra was orphaned at a young age and adopted by Esterion, an otherdimensional wizard of some power and little kindness. She was trained by her for several years, gaining the basics of her knowledge through intense training and education. She ran Cassandra ragged for years, teaching her how to control magic, the lore of the arcane world and never giving her a word of praise, simply continuing to train her in line with her strange, cryptic goals. Esterion never explained them to her, no matter how much she begged or pleaded for answers. The mage rarely called Cassandra by name, calling her apprentice more than anything else.  Cassandra had not finished her training before Esterion passed away, leaving her apprentice on a street corner with very little to her name except for her magical paraphenalia and clothes on her back. A kindly stranger took her to a shelter and she was shuffled through the foster system, ending up in a very nice adoptive family who didn’t entirely have the methods to properly help Cassandra get a lid on all the magical energy she has amassed when she was training. She was enrolled in Claremont Academy, 

Personality & Motivation:

Cassandra is a rather stern and serious girl, who keeps her mind on the task at hand and tries to remain on topic at all times. She is often called grumpy, which is accurate and quite fair, impatient is also very fair. However, she does have a sense of fun, and when she has spare time, she's often found reading and meditating.. On some level, she does want to make friends in this bizarre school, but finds herself somewhat out of touch with those around her and struggles to make connections due to her having been educated in a house far from other human contact, raised by an occultist who was divorced from human concerns at the best of times. She also just generally finds people quite annoying sometimes, liking solitude to examine her thoughts and desires and general vibes for the world. However, she is very hungry for some friendship and if she finds it, she will be undyingly loyal to the person who cares for her. Despite her stoic exterior, however, she has a raging temper bubbling under the surface, something she has spent her life trying to control. This wrath is her greatest weakness, she is aware of this, but she still hasn't managed to control it. She is a smart, strategic fighter and a talented mage, but her unstable temper bubbles away, mangling her magic and being a dangerous hindrance in every sense. Besides this, she is a very practical and pragmatic girl, often looking for the most direct approach to a problem rather than making highly complicated plans, though she is capable of doing both. She tries to understand entirely how powerful she and how powerful she isn't, but despite this is often overly confident in her abilities. She really likes to sew and secretly likes to write poetry.


At her core, however, Cassandra just wants to matter. She wants to be loved, to be respected and she wants to be regarded as more than just someone’s apprentice. She wants to be essential to a group, she wants to be seen as wise and clever and useful. She definitely doesn’t want to *just* be a scholar of arcane lore, though she really does love it, she wants to be a philosopher and a costume designer and a superhero. She kind of wants to create her own style of magic and a philosophy around it, and she is scared to admit that to people, since she’s worried she’ll be mocked or treated like an idiot for that ambition. 


Besides all this, she does have a good sense of humour and isn’t all angst all the time. She’s usually quite focused on her goals, trying to ignore her sense of loneliness and trying to get a grip on her temper, trying to become more self-controlled and able to keep her head in a fight without completely losing her mind



Powers & Tactics:


The Thaumaturge powers her magical spells through the contracts she has made with local spirits of land and sky, through the magical talent she has mastered herself and through her master’s intense training  She tends to open with an attempt to discern the motives of her enemy, never moving against them until she’s got all the pieces of the puzzle, but once she does, she goes all out to take them down quickly


Power Descriptions: Cassandra’s spells are always met with a rush of wind and a whisper of the spirit agreeing to lend her power. Her sorcerous blasts are usually spirits striking her foes, or focused blasts of magical energy, when she binds an opponent in place, roots rise up and hold them in place. Her spells are also often met with circles of arcane sigils appearing in the air around her hand as the spell is cast.





Hot-Blooded: Cassandra’s temper runs hot and she loses her cool in the heat of battle easily, getting in over her head or using too much force in a situation. 


Manners Maketh Mage: Cassandra’s contracts are often with mercurial entities who prefer to be asked nicely about what she needs from them, and impoliteness can lead to her spells simply not functioning when she needs them.


 Part-Time Bookslinger: Cassandra works at a bookstore on weekends and after school, and it has gotten in the way of heroics more than once. Something's gotta give, and soon.


Abilities: 0 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 8 + 4 = 24PP

Strength: 10 (+0)/18 (+4)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)

Constitution: 14 (+2)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 18 (+4)

Charisma: 14 (+2)



Combat: 4 + 10 = 18 PP

Initiative: +2

Attack: +6 Melee, +4 Ranged 

Defense: +8 (+3 Base, +5  enhanced Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +10

Knockback: -1/-3




Saving Throws: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18PP

Toughness: +8 (+2 Con, +6 Force Field)

Fortitude: +8 (+2 Con, +6)

Reflex: +7 (+1 Dex, +6)

Will: +10 (+4 Wis, +6)



Skills: 55R = 14PP 

Bluff 3 (+5)

Concentration 6 (+10)

Diplomacy 3 (+5)

Gather Information 6 (+8)

Intimidate 8 (+10)

Knowledge:  Arcana 8 (+10)

knowledge: Martial Arts 8 (+10)

Language 1 [English: native; Gaelic]

Medicine 1 (+5)

Notice 6 (+10)

Sense Motive 6 (+10)

Survival 1 (+5)



Feats: 23 PP


Luck 2

Quick Change


Defensive Attack

Instant Up

Power Attack


Attack Focus (Melee) 2


Enhanced Feats:

Dodge Focus 5

Uncanny Dodge [Mental]

Improved Block 2

Improved Critical 2 (Unarmed Strike)

Improved Sunder


Powers: 24 + 4 + 1 + 7 + 8 + 8 + 5 = 57PP


Array Rank 10 (20 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 5, Drawbacks: Power Loss Must be able to speak or gesture -1) [24PP] (Magic)

  • Base Power: Damage 8 (Sorcerous Strike;  Feats: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial 2, Knockback 5, Variable Descriptor 2(Any Magic)) {19/20} 

  • Alternate Power: Damage 8 (Battle Bolt; Extras: Range [Ranged]; Feats: Accurate 2, Variable Descriptor 2(Any Magic);) {20/20} 

  • Alternate Power: Create Object  7 (Conjuration; 7 10' Cubes; Feats: Affects Insubstantial, Innate, Precise, Progression, Selective, Subtle) {20/20}

  • Alternate Power: Move Object 8 (Mage Hand;  Feats: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial, Subtle) {20/20}

  • Alternate Power: Snare 8 (Grasp From Beyond;  Power Feats: Accurate 2, Indirect 2) {20/20}

  • Alternate Power: Stun 8 (Stun Bolt; Extras: Alternate Save [Will] (+0), Range [Ranged]; Flaws: Daze Only; Feats: Accurate 2, Reversible, Subtle) {20/20} 

  • Enhanced Strength 8 (Lifting Strength: 100 lb, Heavy Load: 1500 lb)


Enhanced Feats (Mystic Deflection; Dodge Focus 5; Drawbacks: Noticeable -1) [4PP] 


Enhanced Feats (Foresight; Uncanny Dodge (Mental) ) [1PP]


Protection 6 (Force Field; Extras: Force Field +0, Feats: Subtle) [7PP] 


Super Senses 8 (Sorcerous Sight; Mental Sense: Magic Awareness 3, Acute(Magic Awareness) , Analytical(Magic Awareness), Radius(Magic Awareness), Ranged(Magic Awareness), Tracking(Magic Awareness) ) [8PP] (descriptors)


Energy Aura 1 (Energy Type: Magic, DC 20, Mighty (+4 to damage), Selective

  •  Alternate Power: Damage 3 (DC 18)



 Speed 5 (250 mph, 2250 feet a round) [5PP]


Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP



DC Block





Attack bonus



DC15 Tou (staged)



Sorcerous Strike


DC23 Tou (staged)



Battle Bolt

80 ft.

DC23 Tou (staged)



Grasp From Beyond

80 ft.

DC23 Ref (staged)



Stun Bolt

80 ft.

DC23 Will (staged)




Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (14) + Feats (23) + Powers (57) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points

Edited by EmpressValerian96
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You're not spending as much PP in the Combat section as listed. +3 Base Def is only 6PP, so you're overpaying. Though the correct cost is at the bottom, so maybe an oversight?.


You have a skill rank left to spend. Me, I won't make you. But it's already bought so you might as well use it.


Feats aren't alphabetized. 11 points in Feats, not 23. The rest are Enhanced Feats, which means their cost goes in Powers.


This is advice and not required. There are better things to put on your base power than Knockback. Improved Crit, maybe. Some ranks of Penetrating. And with the Enhanced STR Rocket meant you could fill the whole array slot with it, not just 8 points. Enhanced STR 16 at least for that +8 bonus. 20 if you're not going to use any Mighty Damage powers. End advice, back to approval process.


With Create Object, you need to list which Progression feat it is and the effects of it. Instead of the Force Field Extra on protection (which is literally just shorthand for adding both the Duration Extra and Duration Flaw to it), you can just take the actual Force Field power. We will know what it is. Though that's weird. The Force Field is Subtle, but the Enhanced Dodge Focus is Noticeable? What's up with that? Uncanny Dodge (mental), as the sheet is now, will only help if you're attacked by magic or magical folks. I don't know if that's intentional or not. And uh, the Enhanced Feats aren't listed down here at all, which they should be. They're powers, after all. And Energy Aura...we're gonna need to actually talk that one out.

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