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Finally managed to finish fluff, after the build being ready for months.


Don't mind all the Skills with 0 ranks, they're skills I plan to buy ranks for, and it was easier to remember them by keeping them at rank 0 (since he got some respectable bonus to them from his stats, anyway)



Power Level: 12

Effective Power Level: 10

Power Points: 180/180PP
Unspent Power Points: 0
Trade-Offs: +5 DEF / -5 TOU


In Brief: Middle-aged hero still in action after a life of hardship.

Catchphrase: "Just your friendly neighborhood Ghost."

Theme: Who I Am - The Score


Alternate Identity: Casper Baltazar Church
Birthplace: Freedom City

Residence: The Fens

Base of Operations: Freedom City
Occupation: Constantly changing

Affiliations: None

Family: Jessie Taylor Wilson (Born 1988, real estate agent, ex-wife), Carrie Belinda Church (Born 2014, daughter living with mother), Cole Church (1950-1995, father), Carrie Elizabeth Church (1948-2017, mother)



Age: Born Febuary 13th, 1988
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 6’0’’
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Brown


Casper is a brown haired man in the mid 30'es. His eyes are light blue, almost, but not quite, unnaturally so. His hair is usually cut short, and he often sports a five o'clock shadow. He usually dress in cheap or well worn clothes. Casper often seems to be tired.


The friendly neighborhood Ghost wears a light grey and white costume with thick black accents. The costume is mainly light grey, with white boots and gloves, separated from the rest of the costume with thick black lines. The middle of his chest and lower body is white, separated from the light grey with the same thick black lines, which also show the difference between pants and shirt. Thick black lines stretch from just under his chest, under his arms and connecting on his back. He wears a white mask that covers his entire face, leaving just his eyes visible. Casper wears a pair of x-ray goggles with light blue glass on his forehead or over his eyes, as the situation calls for. His logo is a stylized light blue ghost that almost seems to be glow, placed directly in the middle of his chest. Offensive use of Ghost's powers tend to create a chaotic light blue energy effect .





Casper Church probably shouldn't have attended that science expo at ASTRO Labs back in High School. Looking back, that was the thing that pretty clearly changed his life forever. The malfunctioning extradimensional looking glass device that bombarded him with some strange radiation was a dead give away. The researchers at ASTRO Labs checked him out, everything seemed fine. Harmless particles, they said. Nothing to worry about. Have a nice little promise of an internship down the line, everything will be fine, nothing to worry about. A few weeks later Casper fell through a floor and then walked through a wall. Everything was not fine. In fact, they were better than fine. He had super powers. With help from Doctor Benjamin Palmer, the ASTRO Labs researcher that had first checked him out, he figured out his powers and limits, developing a close relationship with Doctor Palmer in the process.


As any other enterprising Freedom City youth suddenly granted powers, Casper had a choice to make. He tried to use his powers to become rich and famous. The Ghost made a few headlines appearing on television and online, made some money. It was some good weeks. Then, he saw something he shouldn't have at the set. The man that had hired him had ties to a super villain group, one that was planning a large scale heist. Casper didn't care, it didn't have anything to do with him. Then the gang hit ASTRO Labs. Casper's mentor was killed in the attack. Casper reasoned it was all his fault, and the Ghost went on the warpath. He confronted the producer and fought the gang. Victorious, the Ghost set out to become a hero. 


That was the prologue. Since 2003, the Friendly Neighborhood Ghost has remained a Freedom City fixture, fighting the good fight and saving lives. Never one of the most well known heroes of Freedom City, his status has fluctated wildly from beloved hero to hated menace and back again over the years. With an evergrowing rogues gallery of his own, the Ghost has saved Freedom City on multiple occasions, though his efforts have rarely been acknowledged by the city at large. Not that it bothers him. Action is his reward, after all. Having experienced a great deal of super heroic and extra normal conflicts have left him a bit wiser about the ways of the world, and perhaps a bit weary, but nonetheless still a dedicated hero. 


Ghost seemed to be doing well. Casper on the other hand? Not so much. Turns out that having a super heroic double life is hard work. Professionally, he never amounted to much. He just couldn't hold a steady job, always rushing off to play the hero. He had married his high school sweetheart in 2010. In 2014, their daughter Carrie was born. Casper had told Jessie his secret identity long before they were married, but even then, his double life eventually created cracks in the relationship. In 2017, the marriage broke, with Jessie gaining custody of Carrie. Even though the former couple tried to remain on friendly terms, Casper had lost an important pillar in his life. Casper's father had died when he was young. In 2019, illness claimed his mother. 


A long, hard life of fighting is piling on, but still, Casper remains a hero. He is still the Friendly Neighborhood Ghost. 




Casper is tired. He has been fighting crime in Freedom City and beyond since 2003, and it has cost him much. The once optimistic and happy-go-lucky Ghost has become jaded. He will still crack jokes and snark with the best of them, but with far less enthusiasm than he used to. Still, despite his seeming reluctance, Casper is a hero. He might act like he doesn't believe he can make a difference, but that doesn't matter: He will still try. No matter what else happens in his life, Casper will always be a hero, and he will never give up. Even if he will complain a lot along the way.


Casper's sense of responsibility will always win in the end. If he can do something to save the day, he will. This has cost him missed dates, job interviews, meetings with his mother and so much more. He might be brilliant, but what does that matter if he can never keep to an appointment?


As Casper's personal life has fallen apart, he has retreated more and more into the Ghost persona, spending at least as much time in his mask as outside it. He is still reeling from his divorce, and the fact that he can't spend nearly as much time with his daughter as he would like to. After all, he has responsibilites, and it wouldn't be fair to try to explain those to a young child. Casper desperately wants to be seen as a good father and a cool dad by his daughter Carrie, with little succes. She likes her father, sure, but she sees him more as a bumbling dad than being cool in any way. He is still very much in love with Jessie, but he sees little hope for them ever getting back together. 


Despite his love for Carrie, Casper is really not too fond of teenagers or young heroes in general. He feels that he has been where they are now, and, well, look where that got him? Sure, they might end up doing better than him, but really, why even bother? There's plenty of people out there and yeah, he knows that he's a bit of a hypocrite there. He's already gone through it all, no reason they gotta go through heartbreak too, right?




Casper prefers a stealthy approach, approaching his targets and attacking through walls, floors, ceilings or anywhere else where they can't see him until it is too late. He is not above living up to his codename and taking actions to scare his enemies. He will often quickly change his position, rarely staying in one place at once, while moving his surroundings to his own benefit.


Despite his preferance for stealth, Casper seems to have trouble stopping talking if he is discovered, throwing jokes and taunts as often as attacks.




The strange radiation from the extradimensional looking glass irrevocably altered Casper's body, granting him the ability to become intangible by dimensionally dispersing his body. Through time and training, he has learned to use this power in a great number of ways, from simply passing through matter to completely dispersing his body to reconstitute close by, effectively teleporting. He posses fine enough control to only make part of his body intangible or tangible, and he can use this ability to fly. His body also seem to have been generally enhanced, making him much sturdier and agile than he would otherwise be.


Casper's intangibility can have a number of interesting effects on the world around him. By touching a living person, he can perform what he calls a Chilling Touch, effectively stunning on knocking out his foe. Alternatively, he can disrupt a target's nervous system, causing severe, lingering damage with a single touch. Casper calls this ability the Shock Touch. Casper can turn another person or item temporarily intangible by touching them, effectively allowing him to push them into the floor, walls, cars or whatever else is around, allowing him to trap them with his Phantom Touch. Casper can augment the effect of his intangibility into affecting a greater area by becoming fully tangible. When he imbues his effect with Phantom Force in this way, he might be tangible, but his abilities affects the entire area around him. When he affects the world around him he creates a chaotic, light blue energy effect.


Casper augments his powers with a pair of goggles that gives him X-Ray vision, only stopped by lead. Originally built as a jointly by Casper and Dr. Palmer, Casper has since refined and improved the device, adding GPS capabilities.




Can't Get No Respect: Despite his long career, having saved the day, the city and much more countless times, Casper is hardly considered an A-list hero, with a number of his victories not even being public knowledge. He's popular in some circles, hated in others, or even outright dismissed. Casper has some ambivalent feelings towards this, and might react harshly if dismissed, despite his experience. If Casper lashing out at someone for dismissing him makes the situation worse, the GM can award him a Hero Point.


Friendly Neighborhood Ghost: So far, being Ghost have pretty much ruined Casper's personal life, but he can't help himself. He has these powers, and he has to use them for good. The GM can award Casper a HP if his sense of responsibility somehow makes his social situation worse, be it missing appointments, losing yet another job or getting someone mad at him.


Ghostbusters: Casper has made a great number of enemies over the years, having fought just about any bad guy. When Ghost encounters an enemy, there's at least a 50/50 chance that he has fought them or thwarted a scheme before, which means they might know some of his tricks, and might want to defeat or even kill Ghost in retaliation. If Ghost has encountered an enemy before and their knowledge of him or attitude towards him makes the situation worse, the GM can award Casper a Hero Point.


Ghost Love Story: Casper still loves his ex-wife, Jessie. She is a succesful real estate agent with commercials on TV, ad space on buildings and much more. The GM can award Casper a Hero Point if he is somehow distracted by seeing Jessie, whether in the flesh or a commercial.


Hands-On Approach: Casper's power to temporarily phase the solid objects and make others slip into them relies on his targets being relatively close to a surface. If Casper's target is flying or the GM otherwise deems them to be too far away from a surface, they can negate any succesful Snare via Phantom Touch, giving Casper a Hero Point instead.


Loser Dad: Casper wants nothing more in life than for his daughter to think that he's cool. The GM can award Casper a Hero Point if Carrie is somehow placed in danger and used to weaken Casper, Casper finds some way to try and make her seem him as cool, but being cool means worsening the situation, or he is otherwise hindered by the love for his daughter.


Scary Ghost: Casper's enemies have at times managed to convince the public that he is, in fact, a super villain. While he has always managed to clear his name, some people are still suspicious of Ghost's motives. If this somehow complicates or worsens a situation, the GM can award Casper a Hero Point.




0 + 2 + 2 + 10 + 6 + 6 = 26PP


Strength: 10 (+0) 
Dexterity: 20 (+5) / 12 (+1)
Constitution: 16 (+3) / 12 (+1) 
Intelligence: 20 (+5) 
Wisdom: 16 (+3) 
Charisma: 16 (+3) 




8 + 10  = 18PP

Initiative: +5 (+5 Dex)
Attack: +4 Base, +10 Melee, +4 Ranged, see Power attack bonuses in DC Block
Defense: +15 (+5 Base, +10 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed
Grapple: +10  (+4 Base Attack, +6 Attack Focus [Melee])
Knockback: -3 / -1 without Defensive Roll




5 + 5 + 5 = 15PP


Toughness: +5 (+3 Con, +2 Defensive Roll)

Fortitude: +8 (+3 Con, +5)

Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5)

Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5)




36R = 9PP


Bluff 5 (+8)

Computers 0 (+5)

Craft [Electronic] 0 (+5)

Craft [Mechanical] 0 (+5)

Disable Device 0 (+5)

Gather Information 2 (+5)

Investigate 0 (+5)

Knowledge [Current Events] 0 (+5)

Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 5 (+10)

Knowledge [Streetwise] 0 (+5)

Knowledge [Technology] 0 (+5)

Notice 7 (+10)

Search 5 (+10)

Sense Motive 7 (+10)

Stealth 5 (+10)






Attack Focus [Melee] 6

Defensive Roll

Dodge Focus 10

Elusive Attack

Evasion 2

Hide in Plain Sight



Luck 3

Move-By Action


Uncanny Dodge [Auditory]




4 + 4 + 8 + 8 + 26 + 33 = 83PP


Device 1 (5DP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [4PP] (Descriptors: X-Ray Goggles, Invention, Technology)

Super-Senses 4 (Vision Penetrates Concealment; Drawbacks: Power Loss [Lead]) [3DP] (Descriptors: X-Ray Vision)

Super Senses 2 (Direction Sense; Distance Sense) [2DP] (Descriptors: GPS)


Enhanced Constitution 4 [4PP] (Descriptors: Ghostly Constitution, Physical Mutation)


Enhanced Dexterity 8 [8PP] (Descriptors: Ghostly Dexterity, Physical Mutation)


Flight 3 (Feats: Subtle 2) (500 ft./turn, 50 mph) [8PP] (Descriptors: Phantom Flight, Dimensional, Physical Mutation)


Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Array 12 (24PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [26PP] (Descriptors: Dimensional, Physical Mutation)

BP: {1 + 23 = 24/24PP} (Descriptors: Intangible Ghost)

Immunity 1 (Suffocation while incorporeal) [1PP]

Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal; Affected by Cold; Feats: Selective, Subtle 2) [23PP] 

APTeleport 9 (Extras: Accurate; Flaws: Short-Range; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Progession [Mass] 3, Turnabout) (Teleport w. 1000 lbs. of mass. Distance 900 ft.) {24/24} (Descriptors: Poltergeist 'Port

APSelective Area Power 10 Adds (Extras: Area [General Burst], Selective; Feats: Progression [Area] 4) to Ghost With The Most Array {24/24} (Descriptors: Phantom Force)


Ghost With The Most Array 15.5 (31PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [35PP] (Descriptors: Dimensional, Physical Mutation)

BPStun 10 (Extras: Affects Corporeal; Feats: Reversible) {31/31} (Descriptors: Chilling Touch)

APDamage 10 (Extras: Affects Corporeal, Secondary Effect; Feats: Reversible) {31/31} (Descriptors: Shock Touch)

APSnare 10 (Extras: Affects Corporeal, Secondary Effect; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Feats: Reversible) {31/31} (Descriptors: Phantom Touch)











Attack bonus



DC15 TOU (staged)


Chilling Touch Touch DC20 FORT (staged)

Fail: Dazed
>5: Stunned
>10: Unconscious

Shock Touch Touch DC25 TOU (staged)


Phantom Touch Touch DC20 REF (staged)

Fail: Entangled

>5/2nd Fail: Bound & Helpless

Chilling Touch - Phantom Force Area DC20 REF

Area effect: Pass to reduce Stun Effect to DC15

    DC20/15 FORT (staged)

Fail: Dazed
>5: Stunned
>10: Unconscious

Shock Touch - Phantom Force Area DC20 REF

Area effect: Pass to reduce Damage Effect to DC20

    DC25/20 TOU (staged)



Phantom Touch - Phantom Force



Area effect: Pass to reduce Snare Effect to DC15


    DC20/15 REF (staged)

Fail: Entangled

>5/2nd Fail: Bound & Helpless






Totals: Abilities (26) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (9) + Feats (29) + Powers (83) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/180 Power Points

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