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Holger Danske

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Holger Danske

Power Level: 12

Effective Power Level: 10

Power Points: 180/180PP
Unspent Power Points: 0
Trade-Offs: No offensive, Defensive Trade-offs vary between TOU+5/DEF-5, None and TOU-5/DEF+5, see Defensive Stance Array power


In Brief: Mythic Danish hero reawakens in the modern day to protect the Denmark and the rest of the world.

Theme: Hero's Return - Hammerfall / The Champion - Hammerfall


Alternate Identity: Holger, Son of Gudfred (Public), Ogier the Dane, Ogier le Danois, Ogier de Danemarche (Public)
Birthplace: Kronborg, Denmark

Residence: Kronborg, Denmark
Occupation: Adventurer, Hero, Knight of Charlemagne

Affiliations: Denmark

Family: Gudfred (Father, King of Denmark from at least 804 to 810, died 810), Horik I (Brother, Joint King of Denmark 813 to 827, King of Denmark 827 to 854, died 854), 4 Brothers (Died 814, 819, 819, 827)



Age: Born late 8th century

Apparant age: Late twenties
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Scandinavian

Height: 6’8’’
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


Holger is a tall man, with clearly defined Scandinavian features. He has cold blue eyes and loose blonde hair and beard. While he might appear intimidating and imposing at first, his chivalric and friendly nature tends to shine through. Holger tends to in a mixture of modern and ancient clothing. He will usually wear modern pants, shirts and boots, prefering them in darker colors, wearing his armor and armaments on top of them. His armor appears to be made from steel, with gold detailing in the segments, covering his upper body while leaving his arms bare. A light grey cape connects to the armor. He wears bracers in the same color scheme on his arms, and a red belt with golden clasps around his waist, a dark red sword sheathe with gold detailing and trim hanging from the belt. He wields a metallic, almost silver colored, shield, known as Bouclier de Danemarche, or Shield of Denmark, either on his arm or secured to his back. Curtana, the Sword of Mercy, is a short sword with silver hilt and golden crossguard. He wears a golden snake armlet around his upper right arm, wrapping around his arm several times.





In the dungeons beneath Castle Kronborg in Helsingør in Denmark sits a solitary figure, the statue of Holger Danske. A mighty warrior and hero, he was the son of King Gudfred, the Danish king from around 804 to 810. In an act of peace, Holger was given to the great king Charlemagne of France to ensure the peace between the two rulers. When Gudfred broke the peace treaties, Charlemagne decides to spare Holger, leading to Holger becoming one of Charlemagne's knights for a time, and a contemporary of Roland. During the years of battles and wars, Holger had many great adventures, growing into a heroic figure and defender of the weak, before he led the French to victory against the Saracen, slaying the giant Brehus in the battles.

With his battles at an end, Holger Danske marched home to Denmark, to Castle Kronborg, where he sat down, his beard growing long. He eventually became a statue, that bears the inscription:


Når Danmark stander i våde, så vågner Holger Danske


Since then, Holger Danske has rested. In secret, he has awakened to fight the good fight and protect Denmark from threats, most recently in the early 1940'es during the Nazi occupation. With every victory, he has once again marched to Castle Kronborg and returned to his solitary vigil, his legend growing in the telling.


And now, with the ever growing threats of super humans and the coming of greater mythological beings, Denmark is in greater peril than ever before. In this time of need, Denmark's future might be in the hands of its past. Because when Denmark is in peril, then Holger Danske will awaken!




Holger is a contradiction. A man out of time, he has nonetheless followed the turn of the world through the ages, and is well at home in the modern day. An honorable knight, and yet a fierce viking warrior. He is a man of excess, and yet disciplined. 


Holger is a passionate man, who loves the thrill of battle and adventure. He is a jovial and boastful sort, who nonetheless believes in his strong sense of honor, who will stand up and protect the weak when called. While deeply enjoying the modern day and all its amenities, he finds himself at odds with the differing morals. In his day, you would slay your foe, rather than let them rot, but he tries to follow the rules of the time. He loves a challenge, rarely backing down from an argument or a fight, whether it is a true battle or just for fun. 


He is deeply loyal to his friends, even Ratatoskr, despite repeteadly claiming how much the divine rodent annoys him.




Holger is an experienced warrior, having fought ever greater threats through the ages, his skills and power growing as his legend has grown. He is primarily a melee combatant, using prefering to use his sword Curtana for offense and his shield Bouclier de Danemarche for defense, using his speed and moving rapidly around the battle field to where he can do the most good. He tends to work closely together with his partner Ratatoskr, using any opportunities that the Asgardian Squirrel might create for him.




Holger is essentially powered by his own legend, a magic that has let him sleep through the ages as a statue and rise when Denmark has been in need. Holger seems to have stopped aging at some point in his late 20'es, and is completely immune to all disease. He is able to run and leap far faster and longer than any normal man, as befitting of a legendary hero that has fought beasts and invading armies. Holger is physically powerful, being far stronger, agile and tough than the average man.


Holger wields two artifacts: The short sword Curtana and the shield Bouclier de Danemarche. Bouclier de Danemarche is essential to Holger's defense. It can withstand or deflect great blows, allowing Holger to evade or block incoming damage, while absorbing enough force to help him stay steady when struck. It is large enough that he can use it to protect others or himself. While the shield has some magic, it has been named by Holger himself, and seems to be a minor artifact, at least compared to Curtana.


Curtana was crafted by Wayland the Smith and bears the inscription "My name is Curtana, of the same steel and temper as Joyeuse and Durandal". It is also known as the Sword of Mercy, and was for a time wielded by Tristan of the Round Table. Curtana is an incredibly potent blade, virtually unbreakable and able to cut through virtually anything, if enough force is applied. Using a combination of the sword's magic and his own skills, Holger is able to use it for far more than just hacking away at his opponents. He is able to swing the blade at blinding speed and precision, even cutting insubstantial targets. He can cut an enemy to destroy their toughness and defenses, sweep their leg to make them fall, the cuts making it difficult to rise or even making them fall again, or simply bash them with the blunt side of the blade to momentarily stun them. The sword's most powerful magic is its ability to instill hope and healing in those that surround Holger. As he raises the Sword of Mercy to the sky, the blade shines brightly as it restores both the spirit and body of those around Holger.




Heeding the Call: If Denmark is in great peril, Holger will feel a pull to return to his home, to protect his homeland from all danger. If this happens in the middle of a battle, Holger might end up distracted, which can make him miss a crucial strike or take the wrong action. If this happens, the GM can award Holger a Hero Point.


Unforgiving Blade: Holger is not quite used to these softer times, where you try to employ non-lethal force unless absolutely necessary. While he does his best to conform to the modern standards, he is quicker to suggest or try to kill particularly dangerous foes that cannot otherwise be contained than others, which can lead to conflicts with other heroes and law enforcement. If such a conflict arises, the GM can award Holger a Hero Point.


Stronger Than All: Holger has sworn to protect those weaker than him. Threatening the weak or innocent will provoke Holger into taking action or rush to the aid, even if it allows the villain to escape. If a villain threatens someone weaker than Holger to complicate a situation, the GM can award him a Hero Point.


Hearts on Fire: Holger is a passionate man. He will rarely back down from an argument or fight once it has begun, even if it could make the situation better. The GM can award Holger a Hero Point if his headstrong refusal to back down complicates a situation.


Steel Meets Steel: Holger will usually engage the biggest, most powerful foe in combat, taking attention away from others and on to himself, even if it would be smarter to take out weaker foes one by one first. The GM can award Holger a Hero Point if his attempts to engage the most powerful foe on the battlefield complicates a situation.


Annoying Rodent: Ratatoskr's antics can some times be annoying, distracting or outright dangerous. He might be a divine creature, but he is still a squirrel. He might block the view, antagonize enemies, annoy friends, reach for the shiny thing or push the big red button, just to see what it does. The GM can award Holger a Hero Point if Ratatoskr's antics complications a situation.




10 + 10 + 10 + 4 + 8 + 4 = 46PP


Strength: 20 (+5) 
Dexterity: 20 (+5) 
Constitution: 20 (+5) 
Intelligence: 14 (+2) 
Wisdom: 18 (+4) 
Charisma: 14 (+2) 




8 + 10  = 18PP

Initiative: +5 (+5 Dex,)
Attack: +4 Base, +10 Melee, +4 Ranged
Defense: +5 Base, +10 (w. Defensive Stance Array set to Balance), +5 (w. Defensive Stance Array set to Block), +15 (w. Defensive Stance Array set to Deflect), +3 Flat-Footed
Grapple: +15  (+4 Base Attack, +6 Attack Focus [Melee], +5 Strength)
Knockback: -7 (w. Defensive Stance Array set to Balance) / -9 (w. Defensive Stance Array set to Block) / -4 (w. Defensive Stance Array set to Deflect) / -2 (w/o Bouclier de Danemarche)




3 + 3 + 4 = 10PP


Toughness: +5 (+5 Con), +10 (w. Defensive Stance Array set to Balance), +15 (w. Defensive Stance Array set to Block), +5 (w. Defensive Stance Array set to Deflect)

Fortitude: +8 (+5 Con, +3)

Reflex: +8 (+5 Dex, +3)

Will: +8 (+4 Wis, +4)




60R = 15PP


Diplomacy 8 (+10)

Intimidate 8 (+10)

Knowledge [History] 8 (+10)

Knowledge [Theology/Philosophy] 3 (+5)

Languages 4 [Native: Danish; Learned: English, French, German, Old English]

Medicine 6 (+10)

Notice 6 (+10)

Search 5 (+3)

Sense Motive 6 (+10)

Survival 6 (+10)






Accurate Attack

All-Out Attack

Attack Focus [Melee] 6

Benefit 1 [Wealth]



Luck 3

Power Attack

Sidekick 30 [Ratatoskr]

Takedown Attack 2

Ultimate Effort [Toughness]


Enhanced Feats





4 + 26 + 12 = 43


Agile Warrior Array 1.5 (3PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 1) [4PP] (Descriptors: Magic, Training)

BPSpeed 3 (50 MPH, 500 ft./rnd.) {3/3}

APLeaping 3 (Distance x10; Running jump distance: 150 ft.) {3/3}


Device 6 (30DP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose; Feats: Indestructible) [26PP] (Descriptors: Curtana, the Sword of Mercy, Sword, Magic)

Sword Strike Array 13 (26DP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 4) [30DP] (Descriptors: Training)

BPDamage 5 (Extras: Autofire 1 [10 ranks], Penetrating 5; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Critical 2, Incurable, Mighty) {26/26} (Descriptors: Slash, Slashing Damage Type)

APDrain Toughness 10 (Extras: Affects Objects; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Critical 2, Incurable, Slow Fade [1pt/min]) {26/26} (Descriptors: Wound, Slashing Damage Type)

AP: {4 + 22 = 26/26} (Descriptors: Sword of Mercy)

Emotion Control 10 (Extras: Area [General Visual Perception], Linked [Healing], Selective; Flaws: Duration 2 [Instant], Limited [Hope], Range 2 [Touch]) [4PP]
Healing 4 (Extras: Action [Standard], Area [General Visual Perception], Linked [Emotion Control], Selective, Total; Flaws: Limited [Others]; Feats: Persistent, Stabilize) [22PP]

APStun 10 (Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Critical 2) {24/26} (Descriptors: Bash, Bludgeoning Damage Type)

APTrip 10 (Extras: Knockback, Secondary Effect; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Improved Critical 2, Improved Trip) {21/26} (Descriptors: Sweep, Slashing Damage Type)


Device 3 (15DP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [12PP] (Descriptors: Bouclier de DanemarcheShield, Magic)

Defensive Stance Array 5 (10DP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [12DP] (Descriptors: Training)

BP: {5 + 5 = 10/10} (DescriptorsBalance)

Enhanced Feat 5 (Dodge Focus 5; Total Defense +10) {5DP} 

Protection 5 (Total Toughness +10) {5DP} 

AP: Protection 10 (Total Toughness +15) {10/10} (DescriptorsBlock)

AP: Enhanced Feat 10 (Dodge Focus 10; Total Defense +15) {10/10} (DescriptorsDeflect)


Enhanced Feat 1 (Interpose) [1DP] (Descriptors: Protect Others)


Immovable 2 (+8 vs. Push, Rush, Trip, Throw; +2 vs. Knockback) [2DP] (Descriptors: Stand Fast)


Immunity 2 (Aging, Disease) [2PP] (Descriptors: Eternal Vigil, Magic)











Attack bonus, Extras, Feats



DC20 TOU (staged)





DC25 TOU (staged)


+10, Autofire 1, Affects Insubstantial 2, Crit [18-20], Incurable, Penetrating 5



DC20 FORT (staged)

Drain Toughness

+10,  Affects Insubstantial 2, Crit [18-20], Incurable, Slow Fade [1pt/min]



DC20 FORT (staged)

Fail: Dazed 1 rnd.
>5: Stunned 1 rnd.
>10: Unconscious

+10,  Affects Insubstantial 2, Crit [18-20]



Trip Resist (Worse) vs. Rank 10 Power Check

Tripped, Knocback, Secondary Effect

+10, Affects Insubstantial 2, Crit [18-20], Improved Trip



Totals: Abilities (46) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (15) + Feats (48) + Powers (43) - Drawbacks (0) = 180/180 Power Points

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Power Level: 10

Effective Power Level: 10

Power Points: 150/150PP
Unspent Power Points: 0
Trade-Offs: TOU-4/DEF+4


In Brief: Yggdrasil's messenger squirrel, sent to aid Holger Danske in his quest.

Catchphrase: "Here I am!"

Birthplace: Yggdrasil

Residence: Yggdrasil

Base of Operations: Yggdrasil
Occupation: Messenger

Affiliations: Asgard, Holger Danske

Family: Numerous siblings.



Age: As old as Yggdrasil
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Squirrel

Height: 0’7’’
Weight: 0.6 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red


Ratatoskr is a red squirrel with a bushy tail.






Ratatoskr is a squirrel that runs up and down the world tree Yggdrasil, delivering messages between the serpent Nidhogg that eats the roots of the world tree, and the eagle perced at the top of the tree. They are not quite friendly with each other, and some times the divine messenger squirrel takes on other assignments, like helping out the Aesir, where Odin's ravens are busy or would be too obvious.


Few myths mention Ratatoskr. Fewer still have him as an important figure. He is, at best, a minor figure in the Nordic myths, if not a mere footnote. In recent years, the gods have realized that this makes him a perfect spy on the Earth. He is divine, intelligent and able to communicate, and yet, he is such a minor figure, not even really a god, so he is either not bound or simply unnoticed by the pact. Through the years, he has guided a number of heroes on Odin's orders, most recently being sent to guide and help the reawakened Holger Danske.




Ratatoskr might be divine and intelligent, but he is still a squirrel. He is hyper-active, infinitely curious and some times very annoying. He will talk and chatter on and on, but then go silent at the drop of a hat and simply disappear.He is loyal to his charges and his mission, standing up for and helping his charges as well as he can. If he has been given a mission, he will carry it out to the best of his ability. Ratatoskr is brave, but not fearless, and he is well aware that there are thing that a squirrel just can't do, but on the other hand, there are many things that he can do that others just can't.




Ratatoskr might be a divine squirrel, but he is still a squirrel, and his abilities in combat are rather limited. Rather than directly fighting enemies, he will attempt to distract and slow them down, making combat easier for his allies, rather than attempt to attack them directly. 




All of Ratatoskr's powers are either due to him being a divine messenger, or a squirrel. He is diminutive sized, fitting easily on Holger Danske's shoulder, and he is able to rapidly climb up trees and other structures, and his hearing is incredible accurate.


His physiology is enhanced by his divine origins, allowing him to move far faster and leap farther than he should be able to. He can move fast enough to appear instantly in another location, even being able to bypass obstacles along the way. He can even transfer this ability to others, as long as he touches them.


As a divine messenger, Ratatoskr is able to understand any language, even other animals, allowing him to communicate with most living beings. His name means Drill-Tooth, which applies to his teeth as well. Given enough time, he is able to chew through just about anything, an ability he some times finds use for in combat. He tends to scream and yell at people to distract and slow them down, while he can move with enough speed to trip and knock back foes in a collision. For his part, Ratatoskr survives the collision due to his own divine protection: He is protected by the blessings of the gods, and a certain degree of hurt will simply not reach him.




See Holger Danske's Annoying Squirrel complication.




0 + 10 + 12 + 0 + 4 + 6 = 32PP


Strength: 1 (-5) / 10 (+0) 
Dexterity: 20 (+5) 
Constitution: 22 (+6) 
Intelligence: 10 (+0) 
Wisdom: 14 (+2) 
Charisma: 16 (+3) 




8 + 8 = 16PP

Initiative: +9 (+5 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Attack: +4 Base, +8 Melee (+4 Base, +4 Diminutive Size), +7 Ranged (+3 Base, +4 Diminutive Size), see Power attack bonuses in DC Block
Defense: +14 (+5 Base, +4 Diminutive Size, +5 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed
Grapple: -13  (+4 Base Attack, -5 Strength, -12 Diminutive Size)
Knockback: -6 (Impervious Toughness 6)




0 + 5 + 4 = 9PP


Toughness: +6 (+6 Con)Impervious Toughness 6

Fortitude: +6 (+6 Con, +0)

Reflex: +10 (+5 Dex, +5)

Will: +6 (+2 Wis, +4)




40R = 10PP


Bluff 12 (+15)Skill Mastery

Diplomacy 7 (+10)Skill Mastery

Gather Information 7 (+10)Skill Mastery

Intimidation 0 (-3)Diminutive Size

Notice 8 (+10)

Sense Motive 3 (+5)

Stealth 3 (+20)Diminutive Size, Skill Mastery






Dodge Focus 5

Evasion 2

Hide In Plain Sight

Improved Initiative 1


Skill Mastery (Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Stealth)

Teamwork 3

Uncanny Dodge [Auditory]





14 + 12 + 11 + 6 + 15 + 6 + 3 = 67


All have the Divine descriptor, unless otherwise noted


Annoying Squirrel Array 6 (12PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [14PP]

BPDrain Toughness 10 (Extras: Affects Objects; Flaws: Limited [Objects Only]; Feats: Accurate, Precise) {12/12} (Descriptors: Drill-Tooth, Teeth, Biting, Piercing Damage Type)

APParalyze 10 (Extras: Range 2 [Perception]; Flaws: Saving Throw [Reflex], Sense-Dependent [Auditory], Slow) {10/12} (Descriptors: Screaming Squirrel, Sonic) 

APTrip 10 (Extras: Knockback; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Feats: Accurate, Improved Throw) {12/12} (DescriptorsSquirrel Collision


Comprehend 6 (Speak to and Understand Animals, Speak and Understand All Languages at Once) [12PP] (Descriptors: Messenger Squirrel)


Divine Messenger Array 5 (10PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 1) [11PP] 

BP{4 + 2 + 4 = 10/10} (Descriptors: Fast and Nimble, Enhanced Physiology)

Leaping 4 (Leap distance x25; Running leap X ft.) [4PP]

Quickness 2 (Routine Tasks at x10 Speed) [2PP]

Speed 4 (100 MPH / 1000 ft./rnd) [4PP]

APTeleport 3 (Extras: Affects Others; Feats: Change Direction) (100 ft. / 1000 ft.) {10/10} (Descriptors: Instant Messenger, Speed)


Impervious Toughness 6 [6PP] (Descriptors: Divine Protection)


Shrinking 12 (Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Permanent; Feats: Innate, Normal Movement, Normal Toughness) (Size modifiers: Size [Diminutive], ATK/DEF +4, Strength -12, Grapple -12, Stealth +12, Intimidation -6)  [15PP] (Descriptors: Fun Size, Physiology, No Divine) 


Super-Movement 3 (Trackless, Wall-Crawling 2) [6PP] (Descriptors: Squirrel Climb, Physiology)


Super-Senses 3 (Danger Sense [Sense Types: Auditory], Audiotory [Sense Type: Normal Hearing; Default Extras: Acute, Radius, Ranged; Extras: Accurate]) [3PP] (Descriptors: Squirrel Senses, Physiology)











Attack bonus



DC10 TOU (staged)





DC20 FORT (staged)

TOU Drain

+10, Objects Only, Precise

Screaming Squirrel


DC20 Reflex

Avoid Slowed effect

Sense-Dependent [Auditory]



DC20 Will



Squirrel Collision


Opposed Trip

Trip + Knockback

Improved Throw



Totals: Abilities (32) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (9) + Skills (10) + Feats (16) + Powers (67) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points

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