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High Note: Many Candles, One Cake (Birthday Vingette)

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July 7th. 1993. That was the day that the future savior of Broadway was born. His name was to be Gordy St. James, first child of Gina Favro-St. James and Robert St. James. Though most significant-


Lilly stuck her head into Gordy’s room as he was typing away on his new desktop PC he had just gotten for his birthday. “Are you writing your autobiography again? You’ve been in one touring production, how are you famous?â€Â


Gordy steadfastly refuses to look toward the door as he continues typing. “Hey, everyone has to start small. Besides, I am famous. Everyone at the Beaudrie knows my name.â€Â


“Big deal, they know my name too, ‘cause mom still drags me their instead of just letting me sit at home after school. How come you get to go to boarding school?â€Â


Gordy smiles in a way he knows will infuriate his younger sister. “Because I’m special.â€Â


Lilly grunted in annoyance. This was the answer she got whenever she asked about Gordy getting to go away for school, while she was stuck going to Eisner. Still, mom and dad weren’t making her go to summer camp as a way of forcing her into more normal social interaction. So she had that to be happy about. “Mom says it’s time for dinner. You’ll just have to lie about how awesome your life is later.â€Â


Birthday dinners where always a nice affair for the Favro-St. James family. Thomas, and it was always Thomas, never Tom or Tommy, had come by this year. Lilly was fairly certain he was only there for the free meal, but it was nice to see her half brother from time to time.


“So short stuff, how’s it feel to be 15?†Thomas liked rubbing it in that he took after his father, and at 17 he stood 6’2, towering almost a foot over his half-brother.


Gordy stuck his tongue out at Thomas. Still calling him short all the time. Five dollars says that with a year of school at Claremont under his belt he could take him in a fight. Not that mom would approve. Plus he was supposed to keep his powers secret from his siblings, Thomas especially. Godry had heard horror stories about Thomas father and his knack for exploiting people. There was a good chance he would try to get back into his mothers life if he found out about Gordy. “Well Tom, I have to say I feel ever so much more mature. In fact Tom, I’m not even going to rise to your bait about my height. Especially not when I have a show tomorrow. You’ll have to come by Tom, see me with all the flowers and accolades we actors earn.â€Â


Across the table Gina smiled, though she was obviously a little tired. Even with Robert making more money now then when the family lived in the Fens, Gina still had to work long hours at Beaudrie to afford the new place, and to pay Claremont tuition. She still couldn’t believe that Robert had bought Gordy a computer for his birthday. Oh, sure he rationalized that it was something the whole family could use, and it would help him with his case files, but Gina knew he just liked spoiling the kids. The upcoming bills for summer camp for Gordy and dance camp for Lilly spoke to that. But as long as they kept making rent and utilities Gina couldn’t really complain.


Godry was halfway through his second helping of baked ziti when there was a knock on the door. They where early. Probably looking for free food. Lilly gets up and answers the door, letting in Frank and Bill, though Gordy more often referred to them as Marius and Enjorlas, the characters they would be playing. “Hi guys. You’re early. We haven’t even gotten to the cake yet.†Gordy saw the smiles they tried to hide. Part of him was amused at his cast mates transparent gesture. And part of him was annoyed that as actors they didn’t hide their smiles better. “I suppose we should do that part now.â€Â


After a round of happy birthday, a rather vocally full round thanks to the participants, and a slice of cake for everyone, Gordy grabbed his overnight bag and hugged his mother, his sister and his father. Thomas he punched in the shoulder after receiving the same. Off to an acting gig in Autumn Arbor, the first of a few weekend away performances he was going to be in this summer. Some kids might want an X-Box or a Wii for their birthdays. Gordy just wanted to be famous. This was step one.

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