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Dougal (PL12) - NPC Tier 2

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Dryhten Dougal

*Lord/King Dougal
Power Level: Built as PL12 (250/250PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0
Trade-Offs: +4 Defense / -4 Toughness, -2 Attack / +4 Save DC


In Brief: Ancient sorcerer from the Dark Ages, seeks to conquer everything, and seeks revenge on the person who thwarted him last time.

Alternate Identity: Conrí Doyle (Secret)
Birthplace:  Eireland

Residence: Countryside Manor near Freedom City
Base of Operations: Near Freedom City

Occupation: Businessman 
Affiliations: King Bank, Wolf Technologies *The primary businesses owned and run by him
Family: None


Age:  1434 (DoB: 18th February 586CE)
Apparent Age: 41
Gender:  Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Half-Fomorian
Height:  7'2"
Weight:  323lbs
Eyes:  Heterochromatic (Magic), One green, one red
Hair:  Greying Black

Dougal is tall and powerfully built, and despite a large scar, his inhuman right eye and his greying hair he is still very attractive. He is well muscled with broad shoulders and often wears clothes that allow him to display his physique. His face is almost something from a teen romance novel, but for a large scar running across his lower face, and his right eye, which while his left one is a deep emerald green his right one is all red except for a white slit pupil.

As a civilian he wears varying degrees of formal clothing, enjoying silk, velvet, fur and other luxuries. To keep others from seeing his right eye, he wears an eye patch, claiming to be blind in it.

When he goes out as a self-styled sorcerer supreme he wears a red and black tailcoat with a rose pinned on the front, a black silk shirt beneath it, along with black leather pants and black combat boots. A pouch is attached to his left arm, containing the ingredients for his spells. Floating behind his back is a glowing red ring of light.

Example images: https://imgur.com/a/bKB7yWo


Dougal was born with magic a child of a Fomorian and a human, his right eye was blood red and his mystical power manifested even without training. He was offered to a sorceress to be his apprentice, where he learned how to harness his burgeoning arcane talent. He soon left to hone his art on his own, learning to manipulate the minds of those around him, while he worked to extend his lifespan. Eventually he made a breakthrough, enchanting a bloodstone he had carved into a rose upon a summer solstice, as he felt power entering the world from another dimension. This crystal rose freed the wearer from the tyranny of time and age, as well as granting some additional protection.

Gradually as his mastery of the Arcane grew, so too did his ego and self-importance, as he reached for ever greater power and began to see those without it as inferior. And why should he not rule them? He was greater than the mightiest king, and the strong ruled the weak. He began making moves to conquer England starting with Kent, but was thwarted before he could really begin. A demon made of shadows drove his men from his castle, and destroyed his ambitions, before coming to attempt to kill him. During this fight, he attempted to nullify it's abilities and found instead that it was a girl channelling powers from another dimension. In the end he turned her to stone, trapping her for all eternity, and quit his castle. He was angry, he'd finally found an equal. Someone to match him and had been forced to imprison her. He bitterly wished that he'd had the chance to draw her to his side.

He started working to increase his influence more subtly, having learned from his brush with assassination that it was not wise to be as overt as he had, and worked to hone his magical powers and stockpile resources, although he has created many companies, his current ones are King Bank and Wolf Technologies. Eventually the era of superheroes began, and Dougal backed off, trying to get more accustomed to an incredibly changed world. He was now in a world filled with super heroes and super villains. He was still able to manipulate them, but he would need to be careful.

And then it happened, the Girl he had sealed away had been freed, and had been taken in by the heroes. He was a mixture of furious and elated, on one hand someone had the gall to break his spell, but on the other he had a chance to make her join him, and if he could control some of the heroes who she was surrounded with, all the better.


Personality & Motivation:

Motivation: Power

Dougal is forever seeking more power, from any source. Be it magical artefacts, tomes of lore, or even just political influence and money.

Dougal is arrogant, self assured and powerful, a viewpoint reinforced by a long time as the most powerful being he knew of. Since his fight with Muirne he has occasionally contended with Sorcerers, Undead, Demons and since the rise of Supers, he has fought a few villains and heroes. All these successful combats have reinforced his idea of his own superiority, with the only one he currently acknowledges as an equal being Muirne.


Powers & Tactics:
Dougal has an array of magical powers which he uses as he pleases to defeat his opponents, but he prefers to work from the shadows, spying with his magic and using mentally manipulated agents to carry out his will. He uses his emotion control to manipulate people who have skills he can use. If he doesn't need to use their skills he just uses his mind control instead, controlling them more accurately. If he needs the permanent allegiance of someone he instead will use his mental transform spell to make a version of them that is loyal to him, or failing that, whose goals align with his.

In direct combat his three primary spells are Flames of the Sorcerer Lord, Warlock's Lightning and Howl of the Night Pack. These spells each allow him to fight a variety of foes including many foes simultaneously. Finally is his Utility Spells, which allow him to store important items, create minor items for convenience, communicate through mirrors and teleport, allowing him easy travel and escape.


Power Descriptions:
The most initially striking aspect of his powers are his imposing height and his magical eye, both of which are derived from his Fomorian heritage, while his mental spells are all much more subtle. His combat spells however are anything but.

Flames of the Sorcerer Lord creates a great mass of writhing flame that he can manipulate, while never substantial enough to be mistaken for a summoned creature or a construct he prefers to give it shape, such as a great serpent or sea beast. Warlock's Lightning is a straightforward yet dangerous spell, capable of projecting damage precisely and across a not insignificant distance. Howl of the Night Pack releases a chilling howl as if released by a mystical wolf that saps the will and vitality of those who hear it, incurably.


Enemy: Muirne

While currently Muirne is unaware of Dougal being alive still, she is capable of recognising him in his civilian guise.


Temper: Superiority

Dougal believes himself superior to almost everyone on the planet. If someone he does not recognise as an equal acts as if they are his equal he will use whatever means he deems necessary to eliminate that notion, and depending on the circumstances, the person too. If someone proves themselves a match for him he will start to see them as his equal.


Obsession: Power

Dougal is obsessed with power in any form, possessed by both himself and others.  He will go out of his way to acquire more of it through any means necessary. This obsession with power extends to those who he views as his equals and he will attempt to collect them, subtly at first but with increasing aggression.



Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

I screwed up on the crunch so badly that I just kinda put it aside. The Powers section (Arguably the most important to a Sorcerer is so horrifically bad that some of the powers numbers were out by more than their entire value. I left the original numbers viewable so people can see what hole I pulled those numbers out of, the bold numbers are the actual values (Unless I screwed that up too, which is a possibility).


Abilities: 6 + 8 + 6 + 14 + 8 + 6 = 48PP
Strength: 20/16 (+5/+3)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 18/16 (+4/+3)
Intelligence: 44/28 (+17/+9)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 28/16 (+9/+3)

Combat: 8 + 24 = 32PP
Initiative: +4 (Dex)
Attack: +4 Melee (+4 Base), +10 Ranged (+4 Base, +6 Attack Focus)
Defense: +16 (+12 Base, +4 Shield), +6 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +5/+3
Knockback: -4

Saving Throws: 8 + 8 + 8 = 24PP
Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +4 Protection)
Fortitude: +12 (+4 Con, +8 Base)
Reflex: +12 (+4 Dex, +8 Base)
Will: +12 (+4 Wis, +8 Base)

Skills: 120R = 30PP (1PP = 4 Skill ranks)

Concentration 6 (+10)

Craft (Artistic) 10 (+37/+19)

Diplomacy 9 (+18/+12)

Intimidation 9 (+18/+12)

Knowledge (Arcane) 21 (+48/+30)

Knowledge (Cosmology) 10 (+27/+19)

Knowledge (History) 10 (+27/+19)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 8 (+25/+17)

Knowledge (Business) 9 (+26/+18)

Languages 6 (Atlantean, English, Fomorian, Latin, Lemurian, Old English, Old Irish [Native])

Medicine 4 (+8)

Notice 4 (+8)

Search 3 (+20/+12)

Sense Motive 11 (+15)


Feats: 15PP

Attack Focus (Ranged) 6
Benefit (Status) 2
Benefit (Wealth) 3
Eidetic Memory

Jack of All Trades

Powers: [3 + 19 + 8 + 24 + 47 = 101PP]


Growth 2 (Fomorian Descent; Flaws: Permanent) [3PP/2PP] (Innate, Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)


Super Senses 17 (Fomorian Eye; Counters Concealment [Visual senses]; Counters Illusion [Visual senses]; Counters Obscure [All]; Rapid 1; Danger Sense; Magic Awareness; Infravision; Darkvision; Ultravision, Feats: Dimensional, Innate, Innate, Drawbacks: Noticeable) [19PP] (Innate, Permanent, Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)


Device 2 (Bloodstone Rose; 10PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [8PP]

Immunity 1 (Aging) [1PP] (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)
Impervious Protection 4 [5PP/8PP] (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)
Shield 4 [4PP] (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)


Device 6 (Robe of the Sorcerer Lord; 30PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [24PP]

Super-Movement 2 (Permeate, Trackless) [4PP] (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)

Flight 3 [6PP] (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)

Teleport 2 (Extra: Accurate, Flaw: Medium (Shadows), Short-Range, Feat: Easy) [4PP/3PP] (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)

Enhanced Intelligence 16 [16PP] (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)


Lord of Magic Array 21 (42PP Array; Feats: Alternate Powers 7; Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [When unable to speak and gesture; Frequency: Common]) [47PP]

Base Power: [25 + 13 + 4 = 42PP]

[35 21 + 4 = 60PP]

Emotion Control 11 (Extras: Area [Visual Perception], Selective; Feats: Subtle) {25PP/35PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)

Audio Communication 9 (Whispers on the Wind; Extras: Area; Feats: Selective, Subtle 2) {13PP/21PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)

Comprehend 2 (Speak and Understand Languages) {4PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)


Alternate Power: [21 + 16 + 4 = 41PP]

ESP 9 (Farseeing [Visual, Audio]; Extras: Simultaneous; Feats: Dimensional, Subtle 2) {21PP/39PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic, Scrying)

Mind Reading 12 (Extras: Area, Selective; Feats: Subtle 2) {16PP/38PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)

Comprehend 2 (Speak and Understand Languages) {4PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)


Alternate Power: [30 + 12 = 42PP]

Mind Control 13 (Extras: Duration [Sustained], Effortless, Instant Command; Flaws: Sense-Dependant [Right Eye]; Feats: Mental Link, Subtle 1) {30PP/54PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)

Enhanced Charisma 12 {12PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)*


Alternate Power: [42PP]

Complete Mental Transform 10 (Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Feats: Affects Insubstantial, Subtle) {42PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)


Alternate Power: [36 + 6 = 42PP]

Damage 12 (Flames of the Sorcerer Lord; Extras: Area [Shapeable], Penetrating 6, Range 6 [60ft Increments, 600ft Max]; Flaws: Action 1 [Full Action]; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2; Drawbacks: Lethal, Full Power) {36PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic, Fire)

Environmental Control 3 (Flames of the Sorcerer Lord [Extreme Heat]; Extras: Selective Attack; Flaws: Action 1 [Full Action]) {6PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic, Fire) 

Alternate Power: [42PP]

Damage 10 (Warlock's Lightning; Extras: Range: 10 [100ft Increments, 1000ft Max], Penetrating 9; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Precise, Split Attack; Drawbacks: Minimum Range) {42PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic, Electricity)


Alternate Power: [16 + 16 + 10 = 42PP]

[3737 + 13 = 87PP]

Drain Wisdom 12 (Howl of the Night Pack; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Area [Audible Perception], Linked [Drain Toughness, Nauseate], Selective Attack; Feats: Incurable) {16PP/37PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic, Necromantic)

Drain Toughness 12 (Howl of the Night Pack; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Area [Audible Perception], Linked [Drain Wisdom, Nauseate], Selective Attack; Feats: Incurable) {16PP/37PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic, Necromantic)

Nauseate 3 (Howl of the Night Pack; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Area [Audible Perception], Linked [Drain Wisdom, Drain Toughness], Selective Attack; Feats: Incurable) {10PP/13PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic, Necromantic)


Alternate Power: [24 + 5 + 3 + 10 = 42PP]

Teleport 9 (Extras: Accurate; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Progression 3 [1000lbs]; ) {24PP/32PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)

Dimensional Pocket 1 (Extras: Duration 3 [Continuous, Lasting]; Flaws: Requires Grapple; Feats: Progression [Cargo] 1 [250 lbs.]) {5PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic, Dimensional Magic)

Create Object 1 (Flaws: Permanent; Feats: Precise, Subtle;) {3PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)

Audio/Visual Communication 9 (Talking through Mirrors; Extras: Area; Flaws: Distracting, Limited [Reflections]; Feats: Dimensional, Selective) {10PP/2PP} (Fomorian, Psuedonatural, Magic)


DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch      DC 15 Toughness                Damage



Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (32) + Saving Throws (24) + Skills (30) + Feats (15) + Powers (101) - Drawbacks (0) = 250/250

Edited by Kaede Kimura
Oh god where do you start?
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