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Plastic Fantastic(PL 10) - Poodle


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Plastic Fantastic

Power level: 10 (150pp)

Trade-offs: -2 Defence +2 Toughness

In Brief: Naive elastic alien trys to make Earth a better place.

Theme: Barbie Girl by Aqua. 

Alternative identity: Although he can be anyone he wants he doesn't have a permanently established alternative persona. 

Birthplace:  Biodome 7, Klovanis Orbital, Horsehead Nebula. 

Residence: 1480 King Boulevard (Crossroads)

Base of Operations:? 

Occupation: stunt double. 

Affiliations: none yet

Family: The gestacracy of Klovia, just not in this galaxy. 



His/it's appearance is malleable at whim. He prefers an attractive male build and plays around with skin, hair and eye colour. 

He will either be in his Plastic Fantastic build in a very colourful spandex outfit or in something that looks like it came from the latest fashion houses (for better or worse). 



Plastic Fantastic (A.K.A Raphael Winfrey), came to Earth as a tourist. He chose his earth normative package that came with languages, a neural overlay to provide some basic skills and his booster shots. He chose Earth because he was on a budget and because it is in a relatively unfashionable part of the universe there wouldn't be too many crowds and package tours. 

Although it smelled bad, had barbaric technology and practices, and it's people had never heard of cerebronanobiotic personality reformation or even a decent Alderbaaran zvlorsht, there was a vibrancy that got under his skin. He decided to stay for a while. He discovered that humans were carbon based and used calcium for their internal structure. They weren't long chain polymer based at all! If they wanted to change their appearance they had to use paints or actual surgery. They were these strange rigid bags of water and mineral deposits. Despite that they were full of life, and variety, trying to overcome their obvious physical deficiencies.


Personality and motivation

Raphael is still pretty naive about Earth and Earthlings but wants to help it. He is a pretty simple soul. He hates seeing sentients hurting other sentients and will do anything to prevent it. His code of behavior comes from visual information units on the local infoserver known as 'cable' such as 'bad boys', 'ace venturer', 'hot fuzz' and 'lord of the rings' and many more. In his old life he spent many a solan doing the same thing in his job over and over, just one more clone in the protocarbon restabilisation unit, never making a difference, with no-one even seeming to notice him but here he can really make people's lives better. Here he can be special. 


Powers and tactics

Raphael soon discovered that most humans are not very stretchy. Even gymnasts and yoga masters are as stiff as boards compared to a Klovian like himself. He soon found out that they are quite easy to tie up and don't like a spring powered punch or two. Because they are so limited in ways they can change their appearance they don't seem to realise that other people might be better at changing their appearance. 

This has helped get Raphael into lots of places. 


Abilities 0+4+20+4+2+8=38pp

Strength 10 (+0)

Dexterity 14 (+2)

Consitution 30 (+10)

Int 14(+2)

Wis 12 (+1)

Charisma 18 (+4)


Combat: 16pp Attack +16pp


Initiative: +10

Attack: +10 melee +6 ranged

Defence:+8, +4 flatfooted

Grapple:+10 base +2 dex (grappling finesse) +10 (elongation} =+22


Saving throws: 11pp

Toughness +10 (con) +2(defensive roll) =+12

Fortitude +10 (con) 

Reflex +2 (dex) +6=+8

Will +1 (wis) +5=+6


Skills: 52ranks =13pp

Diplomacy8 (+12)


Knowledge: popular culture8 (+14)

Knowledge: technology12 (+14)

Notice4 (+5)

Search8 (+10)


Feats: 19pp

Attack focus4 (melee) (4pp)

Chokehold (1pp)

Defensive roll2 (2pp)

Fast overun [make multiple overun attempts] (1pp)

Grappling finess [use dex for grappling and retain dodge while grappling] (1pp)

Improved grab [start a grapple attempt as a free action after a successful attack] (1pp)

Improved grapple [make grapple checks with only one hand] (1pp)

Improved initiative 2 [+8] (2pp)

Improved overun [+4 to  trip checks on overuns, opponent cannot avoid] (1pp)

Improved pin [-4 penalty o  grappling checks against you to escape] (1pp)

Interpose [You can change places with an adjacent ally subject to attack] (1pp)

Move by action (1pp)

Quick change 2 (2pp)


Powers  6pp + 23pp +2pp +  +1pp +10pp =42pp

"alien physiology" 

Bouncing 3 (falling or knockback less than +6 and greater damage reduces by +6) 6pp


Elongation 10 (Extra:action [move to free,] +10 to escape artist, +10 to grapple, +10 to move) (20pp) (biological) 

-AP Morph 10 (any humanoid) 

-----AP of Morph= Concealment 4 (all visual senses, Power feat: close range) 

-AP Strike 10 ("Spring powered punch", Power feat: indirect3, Power feat: ricochet, linked Elongation 8 (range increment 80ft) 

-AP Snare 10 (Extra:area [shapeable 10xrft cubes], Extra: engulf +0, Flaw: range [ranged to touch])(23pp}


Immunity to critical hits (2pp)

Immunity to impact damage (10pp)

Immunity to poison (1pp}



"Someone just sold me a bridge". Raphael is gullible. His society has lost the art of dishonesty. Raphael has a vulnerability to interaction skills. [very common, moderate difficulty. Increase the DC of will saves against interaction skills by 50%] - 4pp

"Oprah says so" Addiction to day-time tv. If Raphael doesn't get his daily fix of day time tv he gets distracted and can't concentrate [moderate weakness daily] . - 1pp



"stranger in a strange land" Raphael is trying to fit in but humans, their behaviour and the english language are really confusing. 

"how do I turn it on?" Earth technology is  so far behind what he is used to that simple things like toasters and computers can cause him difficulties. 


Total costs: 38pp(Abilities} + 32pp(Combat) + 11pp(Saves) + 13pp (skills) + 19pp(Feats) + 42pp(Powers) - 5pp(Drawbacks) =150

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