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Found 3 results

  1. The Rope Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: Trade-Offs: +5 Defense/-5 Toughness In Brief: Cowl wielding the powers of shadow through a magical rope Alternate Identity: Devon Dancer (current legal name), One Who Watches and Judges (Shadow Title), Kurush/Kuruš (birth name) Birthplace: Somewhere in the Western USA Residence: Freedom City Base of Operations: The Throne of Shadow Occupation: Professional Dancer Affiliations: Wu, the Seeker of Knowledge, Master of the Throne of Shadow Family: Arash, biological father, deceased; Wilhelm Kantor, father'
  2. Plastic Fantastic Power level: 10 (150pp) Trade-offs: -2 Defence +2 Toughness In Brief: Naive elastic alien trys to make Earth a better place. Theme: Barbie Girl by Aqua. Alternative identity: Although he can be anyone he wants he doesn't have a permanently established alternative persona. Birthplace: Biodome 7, Klovanis Orbital, Horsehead Nebula. Residence: 1480 King Boulevard (Crossroads) Base of Operations:? Occupation: stunt double. Affiliations: none yet Family: The gestacracy of Klovia, just not in this galaxy. Des
  3. Greetings! Now, one thing that I’ve always found pretty interesting, in all systems but M&M specifically, is how people go about building their characters. Everybody seems to have their own quirks when it comes to how to put together a character. This can mean that if you give two people the same concept, each of them could come up with something else entirely. Which is what I’m going for! This is supposed to be a friendly “competiton” , without any real rules or prices or anything else, where different people build a character based off of the same concept. That can be
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