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Making absorption work


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I had a villain called "the gimp" who could convert kinetic energy into superspeed. It worked with generous amounts of handwavium. How would I do it as a pc. I wondered about the flaw on absorption 'does not increase toughness' because the issue with absorption is disparate toughnesses, unless you take a flaw on toughness 'does not apply to x' which seems a little clunky. If there is another more stylish way of doing it I would love to hear it. 


I think absorption potentially is a very cool power but tricky to implement. 

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First of all, "The Gimp" is a name based on an ableist slur, so please don't use that here.


I would just buy super-speed associated powers, like Speed, with the descriptor that he absorbs and converts kinetic energy.

If you wanted, you could take a Complication or a Power Loss drawback, stating that he can't use the speed, or can't use it at full rank, unless he absorbs some kind of impact first.


Separately from that, you could buy Force Field or Protection, and possibly Impervious Toughness that's Limited to physical damage (or even bludgeoning damage). You could also buy half or full Immunity to "Impact damage" (falling, knockback, slams). That's listed in the House Rules, under "Descriptor Frequencies".


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The gimp was a character in pulp fiction, who wore a bondage outfit or "gimp suit". I am not in America so I guess gimp means something different there. Apologies if I caused offence. 


Thanks for those othrr suggestions. 

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