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La maison de Leclerc

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"Où se trouve le Cœur, là est la maison"

The house had been in 'use' for quite some time. But mostly for storage and as a some times used safe house, no one had actually used it as a place of residence for maybe thirty years. But it was sturdy if not a bit cold.

And Sophie has spent a note worthy amount of time and effort getting it into a better condition then it was when she got there a few weeks before. One couldn't after all hire contractors to do work on a base of operations that was intended to be secret.

And so far not that many people had been by, a few of her mothers friends. One old friend of her father.



Townhouse:  La maison de Leclerc

40EP. (Toughness +10) (Size: Medium)

Roof: Power System. (Solar Panels & Battery)

Third Floor: Living Space. Library. Bathroom.

Second Floor: Living Space. Computer. Communications. Bathroom.

First Floor: Garage.
Basement: Power System: Generator. Workshop.

-Fire Prevention System. Concealed. Security System.

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