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Another Day At The Office


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Ah the office, he thought to himself, Cant beat sitting in Millennium Mall. No one notices you in the throng of people. With his laptop sitting on the table before him Alexander scans the websites of local news stations looking for anything that's happening around the area. One of the stations has an article on modern technology that catches his attention. Skimming the article he realizes that it's only on new computer software he doesn't need and goes back to searching. DING the noise resounds in his head as the email alert comes through his datalink. Opening the message the text comes to him like he had thought it himself Possible hacker attack on client 27. Please advise. Focusing he brings up his remote client on his laptop and connects into client 27's mainframe. Looking up the alert code he mentally notes the ports and code that attempted to access their mainframe. Tracing it back from its end point to its origin the trail goes dead at a local cyber cafe. Dang kids he pops the email back up and sends a response False alarm. Nothing to worry about. Back to news surfing then...

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