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Robbing Hood


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"I know she don't love me

Thats why she won't hug me

I know she don't love me no mooorrrreee"

"Stanley would you turn this crap off." Ted asked putting his hand into his face and staring out the window, at the decrepit slums going by. His companion at the wheel only turned that stupid grin on him and smiled.

"Now come on Ted, you know when you was blasting all that screaming guitar music yesterday I didn't say nothing." Ted groaned. "See Ted this here music got a message.." Ted shook his head and and continued staring out of the window.

He had to admit at least the music was too irritating to fall asleep to. The last couple weeks of doubles had been killer. His quick smile at his paycheck curled into a resigned smirk when he realized that he wouldn't get to touch a penny of it. When you worked security for an Armored Car, people thought you had a lot of money. Like the guys just handed it out to you.

The truck took a slow left unto Stanwick. Ted kept a casual eye out. He had been driving security for these trucks a couple of months now and he had never had any problems, but this was Freedom City after all. Not that there was a lot to worry about. The scum in this city only needed to the the Majestic Industries logo on the Armored car's side to think twice about taking a shot at them. No one in this city really wanted to tangle with King. Ted turned back to the driver.

"Hey Stan look...I uh..." He tried. Stan cut him off.

"Again Ted. Come in now that the third time this month." He said. Stan felt his face heating up.

"Yeah I know man look, its just..."

"Its just that you don't know when to get up from a losing black jack table, let me tell you something I- hey what the hell is this guy's problem." Ted had just been about keep pressing when he looked up into the street. Right in front of them was a man in a mask. He was heavily armed and he wasn't moving.

"Crazy Bastard." Stanly shouted reaching for the radio. Then the man began to move as a he swiftly snatched a small slender metal rod from his hip. The rod extended to the length of a bo staff.

"Lookout!" Ted Shouted as the man pointed the staff directly at the oncoming Armored car. The end pointed at them lit up with a bright red light before a lance of energy shot forward directly in their path. Ted felt the floor lurch under him as the street seemed to spin around and come up at him. He slammed against something hard and heard a loud snapping noise then everything went black...

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Ronin stared at the wreckage that was his handy work. Alright easy enough. The massive armored truck lay on its side, smoke streamed form its underside. One of the drivers was still slowly moving around. Ronin strolled liesurely up to the van. He had about five good minutes before some hero type butted in. He would be long gone by then. He moved aroudn to the back end of the truck towards the armored doors. Three vans suddenly hurtled towards him turning as more Majestic security hopped out guns pointed towards the mercenary. Thought this was too easy.

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The four security guards bring their guns up, and open fire filling the air with bullets. Ronin Weaves and dodge's their fire bring his energy staff to bear ripping into the guards with successive bursts of fire. The air crackled with energy as the four security guards were thrown back onto their vans, not having even scratched the mercenary.

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