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PL7 Spinner - Exaccus (Gold)

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Power Level: 7 (105/105PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0
Trade-Offs: +
1 Defense / -1 Toughness


In Brief: Escaped Living Weapon of the eight fold web

Catchphrase: None



Alternate Identity:  Huang Wei-Ting (Secret)
Birthplace: Secret research lab in taiwan

Residence: Emerald city
Base of Operations: U.S.A
Occupation: Vlogger
Affiliations: N/A
Family: 7 Siblings (Estranged)


Age: 30 (DoB:8th of August 1988)
Gender: Genderfluid (they/them)
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 5'8" (6")
Weight: 188 lbs (8 ounces)
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: black




The culmination of a meta-human eugenic experiment the 8 siblings of the Avatar program were hailed as a great success in furthering the cult of Raknis's unknowable ends; Of the 8 vat grown humans, Wei-ting was the most psionically gifted, able to influence the minds of others, their early life was a blur of training, preparing, constant tests and examinations of the medical and scientific kind to more clearly measure his potential use as a infiltration agent and assassin it appeared to all who knew they existed that they had a future of glorious purpose before therm.


but fate as it often does, intervened, it was during a intensive (and involuntary) fast that whilst meditating Wei Felt their mind expand, not like an arm to seize the will of others but as a web that connected Them to the minds of almost everyone in the facility, now privy to knowledge of the outside world and the true nature of their "caretakers" Wei began to plot there rebellion and escape.


it was a simple matter really, they'd been created and raised for one singular purpose, to infiltrate and integrate himself into whatever organizations and societies were required of them, they simply turned that talent on the staff overseeing them, easily able to deceive them into false notions of how their talents were growing whilst also gleaning a keen understanding of the facilities lay out from various chatter among the staff.


when the time came it was almost too easy for them to slip through their web, right through the holes they'd tricked them into leaving with his hidden ability to shrink to a diminutive stature and vanishing into the night and though manipulation both mental and more subtle made their way across the pacific to america.


in the 13 years since their escape they have built a comfortable and pleasant life for themself and was content to live out the remaining days of their life in peace and quiet, unperturbed by the goings on of the few other meta-humans in emerald city and their comings and goings; it is only now that he has again caught wind of the cult of raknis stirring in their adopted home-town that Wei finds himself beset by signs of their awareness of him that they once more begrudingly don the experimental armour they escaped in and prepares to return to the role of the spinner; racing to rehone their dulled prowess before sufficient force or resources can be allocated to "reacquiring" them 



Personality & Motivation:
Spinner believes deeply in personal freedom and fiercely defends the right of the everyman from the tyranny of systems and organizations that would make cattle or slaves of people


Normally quite relaxed, amiable and social they have made a career of their social media accounts due to their ability to intuitively understand and interact with people and most anyone would find him to be likeable.


Powers & Tactics:
Far from the combative powerhouse their siblings Huntmaster, wolf and tarantula are, spinner relies on subtlety and precision shrinking to his smallest size and attacking hopefully unaware does or tricking them into fighting each other and for the psider armours ambulatory legs to make up for their lack of supernal grace and speed Hopper and walker possess.


Power Descriptions:
Spinner relies almost exclusively on their telepathic abilities and skills in social interactions to subdue foes with fear, pain and confusion, his pupils dilate to fill his entire eyes when he is using their less subtle abilities.


Eight fold woe: spinner is still actively hunted by some factions of the Byzantine cult of Raknis, some attempting to win them over with promises of wealth. Power and importance, others preferring to use less subtle and manipulative means. Like bounty hunters and assassins.


Family reunion: though it is for myriad reasons spinner has poor relationships with many of their siblings, some are enraged by their betrayal of the cult, others are jealous of their share of the spiders gifts, one or two are angry that he didn't take them with them when they escaped and has thus far made no attempt to rescue them.


Eight legged friends: spinner has the same level of affection for spiders of all kinds as many people have towards cats or dogs and is easily provoked by acts of cruelty or callousness towards them, they can be lured into making poor decisions and outright personal sacrifice to a degree by those who would use it against them, even going so far as to feel his little friends pain.


Arachnophobia: due to their psychic abilities and spider like aura spinner sets people with arachnophobia Ill at ease in their presence, even if they are otherwise unaware that they are present; this can make social interaction difficult or make his stealthy approaches more difficult and even make some foes more aggressive towards them favouring them for attacks in subtle but always use unhelpful ways.


Abillities: 0 + 4 + 4 + 0 + 0 + 6  = 14pp
STR: -5/+0 (1/10)

DEX: +2 (14)

CON: +2 (14)

INT: +0 (10)

WIS: +0 (10)

CHA: +3 (16)

Combat 0 + 0 = 0pp

Attack: +0/+8 (+8 Size catagory)

Defense: +0/+8(+8 Size category)

-Flatfooted: +0/+4

Grapple: +0/-21

Initiative: +2


Saves 0+3+7 = 10pp
Tough: +2/+6 (+2 CON, +4 Protection (Psider Armour))

Fort: +2 (+2 CON)

Ref: +5 (+2 DEX +3)

Will: +7 (+0 Wis +7)

Skills: 22pp (88 ranks)

Bluff 9 (+12)SM

Diplomacy 9 (+12)SM

Disable Device 12 (+12)SM

Gather Information 8 (+11)SM

Knowledge (current events) 8 (+8)

Notice 12 (+12)SM

Sense Motive 12 (+12)SM

Sleight of Hand 8 (+10)SM

Stealth 8 (+10/26)SM
Language 2 (Base:Taiwanese, Chinese (mandarin), English)

Feats: 6pp

Elusive Target


Hide in Plain Sight

Move-by Action 

Skill Mastery 2 (Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Info, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth, slight of hand, Disable Device)

Powers: 8 + 31 + 10 + 4 = 53pp

Psider Armour (Device 2) (Hard to lose; 10pp device; Technology)[8pp]
   Protection 4 ("Titanium Weave" +4 Toughness) 4DP
   Speed 2 ("Ambulatory Spider legs" Speed: 25 mph, 250 ft./rnd) 2DP
   Super-Movement 2 ("van der waal pads" wall-crawling 2 (full speed)) 4DP


Spider mind (Array 15) (default power: mental blast;  MutationTelepathy; PF: alternate power 1) [31pp]
   BE:Synaptic Spider-strike (Mental Blast 7) (Default; DC 22; PF:Triggered 2 (any trigger) (30/30pp)
   AE:Spin Doctor (Mind Control 7) (Array; DC 17; Extras: Conscious, Effortless; PF: Mental Link, Subtle (subtle)) (30/30pp)



Spider Size (Shrinking 16) (Mutation; -16 STR, -4 size categories; Flaws: Action (move); PF: Normal Movement, Normal Toughness) [10pp]

Telepathic Web (LinkedMutation, telepathy) [4pp]
   Communication 3 (Linked; 1000ft range sense type: mental) (3pp)
   Mind Reading 1 (Linked; DC 11; Sensory Link; Limited to Surface Thoughts) (1pp)



DC Block

Unarmed melee damage DC10/15 toughness +0/+8


Synaptic spider-strike Perception Damage DC22 will save 


Spin doctor Perception mind control DC17 will save

Totals: Abilities 14 + Skills 22 (88 ranks) + Feats 6 + Powers 53 + Combat 0 + Saves 10 + Drawbacks 0 = 105

Edited by Exaccus
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