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The Dream Dimension

Saint Agnes Day (21st January 2019)


One benefit of training in the mystic arts was an awareness of when you were dreaming, so it made it difficult to be surprised to enter the dreamscape. So it was a double surprise to Rosa that not only did she go from her meditations, but she was also in a house that looked straight out of the ‘50’s. But her sharp mind wouldn’t allow her to be totally stunned, so she got up from her meditation and began to explore the house.


She was of course in the kitchen, full of the wholesome smells of baking cookies, looking to all the world like a wholesome housewife. Rosa, however, knew better, her mystical senses told her she wasn’t who she seemed. The trefoil flames on their gingham dress were a nice touch as well!


“I assume I’m here for a good reason?” she took a bite of one of the cookies, luckily here she could eat without problems.


“I assume you know about my daughter?”


“I believe you have several, all lovely despots I’m sure!”


There was a flash of anger in the “mom’s” eye’s, but she bit the anger down with a fake smile. Even without Liam’s social skills, she could read the mood.


“One was taken from me before she could complete her training, I need someone to show her the mystical realm. Show her the realm, ending with my own and I’ll give you what you want, freedom from your bounds to Bedlam...”

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Abigail yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she quietly walked down the hallway toward the bathroom.  It was the middle of the night and the young mage was having trouble falling asleep, having tossed and turned since she and Elizabeth turned in.


She paused a moment, listening to the silence of a dormitory at rest and spared a small, quiet smile at the thought of her roommate.  Despite herself, Abigail found herself warming to the other young woman and she was finding it a bit difficult to remain aloof.


She sighed when she reached the communal bathroom.  Cupping her hand under the sink she splashed some cold water in her face.  Might as well stay up, she thought to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror.  Most of the night had passed and it wasn't like she was feeling any more tired.

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Doctor Rosa Thorne

As Abigail was returning from the bathroom she came across someone coming the other way that looked like just another student in an oversized Buck’s t-shirt. Only the wrist full of onyx bangles seemed odds, but this was a school that excelled with such things. As she got closer it was obvious that she was too old to be a student here.


“I take it you’re Abigail?” it was her name, but the secret one know in the Netherworld “I’m Doctor Thorne, Rosa, and I’ve been tasked with taking you on a journey through the magical realms”


Looking down at what she was wearing she gave a little frown.


“As you might tell I didn’t get much choice in the matter, I’m telling you from now on I’m taking afternoon naps in substantially more clothing!”

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Abigail cocked her head to the side, folding her hands behind her back.


"As far as pickup lines go, that one is pretty good," she said, her tone a bit dry but the edges of her mouth were curled up into a small grin.  "I'll have to save that one for later."


She was still looking curiously at the older woman, and then shrugged, letting the spell she was crafting to dissipate.   "Who put you up to this?"

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Doctor Rosa Thorne

Rosa looked a little distant for a few seconds as if listening to another voice (which in fact she was).


“Ah yes I guess you could consider such words in that manner, and I apologise if it offends, I had very little time to prepare as you can probably tell.” she gestured down at her general lack of clothing


“And the person in question has made sure I can’t reveal there identity I’m afraid, even though this a voluntary I might add! I like to think I’m an excellent educator, with a wealth of knowledge on the subject!”

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Abigail gave Rosa a single nod.


"OK, Doctor Thorne," she said deferentially.  "Let's be about it?"


With a quiet word, and a murmured gesture, her bedclothes transmuted into the regalia of Arcana, the young mage's alter ego.  She pushed her hood back, revealing her face and with another word and gesture she restored some dignity to Rosa's attire.  The jersey was also a proper Leaf's jersey.

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Doctor Rosa Throne

Rosa felt the tingling as magic went off around her, she could almost taste the power going on around her, it wasn’t often she got to experience that much magic around.



“Not bad, and I can live with the team choice, but it needs a little something.”


With a little tug she was wearing a trench coat, it wasn’t real both could feel the subtle transportation into another realm.



“And I think a change of scenery as well.”


With another gesture they were on the roof of the dorm building.

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GM Post

The view was much like the last time Abigail was up here, but also subtly different. It was night but the sky was lite up with a multitude of star glowing in the sky, the building were also full of colour and life, flickering with many memories of things past. The oak that was on the drive seemed much bigger than it was, as if it was more important to some than it’s physical size suggested.


Rosa herself was something even more impressive, there was a shadowy figure around her a man it seemed and the two seemed to ebb and flow between the two figures. It was as hypnotic as it was disturbing.

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Abigail tilted her head to the side, first regarding Rosa and the weird apparition that surrounded her, and then the rest of her environment.


"OK," she started to say slowly, but then the rest of her words followed in a rush, "That was really cool.  Are we still on Prime, or somewhere else?  Is this an illusion, am I dreaming?"


She stopped, held up a hand to catch her breath and then waved it like she was throwing away something.


"Nevermind," she said in a more measured tone.  "I am ready to learn."

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Doctor Rosa Thorne

Rosa couldn’t help but smile, she wasn’t the best teacher but she could tell that Abigail was quick on the uptake it would make things much easier.


“We’re in the Dreamscape, the collective unconsciousness of everyone on Earth!”


She sat on the edge of the building and stared at the stars for a minute, with all the smog in Bedlam it was rare to see the stars let along this bright.


“Magic is everywhere, but it’s collected and shaped by humanity. You know those moments when an old busted car starts when it shouldn’t, or an old friend you were thinking about suddenly calls. People shape magic not the other way round, it’s important to remember that!”

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Arcana gave Rosa a curious look, but nodded.


"I haven't experienced the first two examples, but I understand what you're saying."


She drifted over to where Doctor Throne was seated and settled on the edge as well, looking down at the city as dreamed about by it's residents, and then shifting her gaze up to the stars above.  The stars looking down on the young mage made her a little uncomfortable, though she couldn't fathom why, and hoped that her discomfort wasn't noticeable. 


"It was my mother that put you up to this," she said after a long period of silence.  "This isn't Daniel's style, my father is dead, and Phantom is cryptic but not this cryptic."

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Doctor Rosa Thorne


Deductive reasoning, very good nice to see that you’ve already developed some useful skills. This school might have something going for it after all! Would explain why it seems to have such strong memories.”


If she felt any guilt over what Abby had figured out she didn’t show it carrying on her explanations.


If such a thing would happen then obviously a geas would stop me from mentioning there name or mention that I was to lead you to a final dimension.”


She help up the bracelet she’d been wearing the whole time.


I have to make the journey now anyway, though I never planned on taking you to the final destination.”

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