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JETTE (PL 7) - EternalPhoenix

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Power Level: 7 (105/105PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0
Trade-Offs: -1 Attack /+1 Damage, +1 Defense / -1 Toughness


In Brief: Silver Age techie sidekick turned bitter and cynical PI


Theme: (Optional) A theme song for the character.


Alternate Identity: Caroline Cruz (Secret)
Birthplace: New York City

Residence: Hardwick Park, Bedlam, Wisconsin
Base of Operations: Bedlam, Wisconsin
Occupation: Private Investigator
Affiliations: AEGIS (though not by choice at all)
Family: Terry Cruz (disgraced billionaire businessman, not really dead), the Cruz family (very estranged)


Age: 58 (Born in 1960)
Apparent Age: Late 30s
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight:130 lbs.
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Brown streaked with gray


Appearance: Caroline pretty much just wears loose fitting clothing, most commonly jeans and dark colored shirts. Her shoes are battered sneakers, and she has an oversized leather jacket covering her Quantum Gauntlets. She doesn’t look nearly as old as she is, and is still in great shape. As JETTE, she wears a mask and a blonde wig to hide her identity.


It started in 1963, with Caroline’s cousin Terry Cruz. He was a filthy rich industrialist in Freedom City. A witty, charming genius, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t like him. At least, that’s how Caroline remembers it. He invented a flight belt made out of inexpensive components. He then built a battlesuit around the technology, and became a superhero (The Human Rocket). He was never as famous as The Raven or the Centurion, and he never quite made it to the level of the Freedom League, but he did his part. In 1975, however, Terry made a fateful decision to follow a dream. Humans didn’t need to be stuck on the ground. He’d make it so everyone could fly. He needed a helper, so he recruited the then 15 year old Caroline (already a tech genius in her own right) and set to work. A year later, Caroline debuted as JETTE, and the flight belt schematics were published nationally.


At first, everything was okay. Then a supervillain built a flight belt, redesigned for violence. Terry and Caroline defeated him, but he would not be the last one to try. Then a teenager figured out how to boost the speed and killed himself hitting above Mach 4. He too, would not be the last. It wasn’t that Terry didn’t care, though it may have seemed that way. Caroline saw him, late at night. Questioning if he had done the right thing. Raging against human selfishness and stupidity. Grieving for young potential lost. But Terry never asked for his design back. He did not recall his books. Never stopped encouraging humanity to take to the skies. In fact, he was rolling out plans to publish globally. He truly believed the world would be a better place if everyone could fly. Caroline, for her part, believed in her cousin. She freely gave her full support, speaking at events when he was unavailable and generally operating as his second in command. After all, he spoke with such passion about it, and he was as smart as she was. How could he be wrong?


This was a problem. The world was at enough of a tipping point without revolutionary tech entering the equation. Terry was warned that if he continued there would be charges filed. For what? Helping humanity to fly? Ridiculous. Eventually, enough was enough. In 1978, Congress outlawed the flight belt, Terry was arrested. The prosecution’s case was simple enough. He had willfully disregarded that his flight tech was a danger to the public and in need of recall. Caroline was also arrested. It was an open and shut case. They both got over a decade of hard time. Between that, recalling all the published books (by court order), and the fines levied against Terry’s company, he was ruined. Both of them were barred from using their technological skill sets on a kind of permanent probation. After his release, a broken Terry dropped off the face of the earth. Caroline scraped by doing odd jobs and moving around a lot, until she moved to Bedlam in 2003. Here, nobody looked too closely at your record, and even her AEGIS minder (to make sure she isn’t tech’ing) that pops in now and again is virtually incompetent and probably corrupt as the rest of the law. She started doing unlicensed PI work to pay the bills. Soon afterward, she took her Quantum Gauntlets out of storage. They didn’t work, obviously. They needed refurbishing. But she needed the firepower. Bedlam was a tough place. And somewhere, deep inside, a hero’s heart still beat.


Personality & Motivation:
Caroline is bitter, cynical, and jaded. She’s seen what happens to visionaries who try to change the world for the better, and the worst that humanity has to offer. She has deep and intimate knowledge of how much people suck. So she drinks. Who wouldn’t? However, even 40 years gone, the altruistic core of who she is remains. Some things are just wrong. There’s lines she won’t cross and things she won’t allow to happen in her presence.


Powers & Tactics:
Caroline, wielding the Quantum Gauntlets, is essentially a blaster. Blast, blast, and blast some more. Maybe mix in a thrown item if she’s feeling fancy. She can fly, but this doesn’t often play a role in combat tactics. Really handy for getting the hell out of a bad situation, though. The energy flowing through her body makes her more resistant to damage, as well.


Power Descriptions:
40 years ago, the Quantum Gauntlets were bulky whole hand, arm and shoulder blade covering monstrosities. The refurbish cut them down quite a bit. Without her big leather jacket they’re metal bands around her forearms with a thin strip of flexible metal running up her arms and meeting on her back. They do have a fingerless glove element, which is the control mechanism. But that can pass as regular fingerless gloves. What they do is allow her to channel quantum energy to manipulate the four fundamental forces. They’re not as powerful as they used to be, but they get the job done well enough for Bedlam.


Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Caroline drinks. A lot. She admits she’s probably a functional alcoholic. The key, she says, is to celebrate the functional part of that term. She does keep it to outside of business hours, most of the time. But sometimes it can get in the way. Especially when humanity’s worst qualities smack her in the face. A GM may award a Hero Point when booze (or the unholy craving for booze) gets in her way.


Using My Mind Is Illegal: Caroline isn’t supposed to be using her technological knowledge and skills under penalty of re-imprisonment. Her Quantum Gauntlets are a shining example of exactly what she isn’t supposed to be doing. She has an AEGIS agent (who may or may not be as incompetent as she thinks he/she is) assigned to her to make sure she isn’t tech’ing around who can drop by unannounced at any time. A GM may award a Hero Point if this becomes an issue.


Broke As All Hell: Caroline doesn’t have money. She never has money. Her apartment is tiny, and doubles as her office. She doesn’t own a vehicle. Her diet sucks. A GM may award a Hero Point if she needs cold hard cash, as she has practically none.


Quantum Failure: The Quantum Gauntlets are over 40 years old. They were built when she had virtually unlimited funds. They then sat in a box for over a quarter century. Lastly, they were refurbished using very, very limited funds. So they don’t always work properly. The active powers can be weaker than expected, or outright refuse to work. A GM may award a Hero Point for this happening.

Abilities: 0 + 2 + 4 + 14 + 4 + 2 = 26PP
Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 24 (+7)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 12 (+1)

Combat: 8 + 8 = 16PP
Initiative: +1 (+1 Dex)
Attack: +4 Base, +6 Ranged
Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +4
Knockback: -3 (-1 without Quantum Gauntlets)

Saving Throws: 3 + 4 + 3= 10PP
Toughness: +6 (+2 Con, +4 Protection)
Fortitude: +5 (+2 Con, +3)
Reflex: +5 (+1 Dex, +4)
Will: +5 (+2 Wis, +3)

Skills: 72R = 18PP
Concentration 3 (+5)

Craft (Electronics) 8 (+15) SM

Craft (Mechanical) 8 (+15)

Gather Information 9 (+10)

Intimidate 7 (+8)

Investigate 1 (+8)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 8(+15)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 3 (+10)

Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+15)

Notice 6 (+8)

Search 1 (+8)

Sense Motive 6 (+8)

Stealth 4 (+5)


Feats:14 PP
Accurate Attack

Attack Focus (ranged) 2

Dodge Focus 4

Improvised Tools


Move By Action

Power Attack

Precise Shot

Skill Mastery (Craft [elec & mech], KN [phys sci & tech])

Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)


(All technological)

Device 5 (Quantum Gauntlets; 25 PP Container; FlawHard-To-Lose[/i]; Power Feat: Subtle (hide-able under a coat or some such) [21PP]

            Blast 8 (Power Feat: Alternate Power 1) (Quantum Blast) [17PP]

                        AP: Move Object 8 (Heavy Load 3.2 tons) (Magneto-Gravitics) [1PP]

            Flight 2 (25 mph, 220 ft/rnd) [4PP]

            Protection 4 [4PP]


DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch      DC 15 Toughness                Damage

Quantum Blast       Ranged     DC 23 Toughness                Damage


Totals: Abilities (26) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (10) + Skills (18) + Feats (14) + Powers (21) - Drawbacks (0) = 105/105 Power Points

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