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Invictus (PL10) - Jander-Prime

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Player Name: Jander-Prime

Character Name:  Invictus

Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)
Trade-Offs: -2/+2 Attack/Damage; -4/+4 Defense/Toughness
Unspent Power Points: 0
In Brief: Soul of an Atlantean King inhabiting the body of an Olympic hopeful, vowed to stop the machinations of Malador the Mystic.

Residence: St Stephen's Church; Lantern Hill
Base of Operations: Freedom City, 
Quote:  "Eons ago when your ancestors were defending their caves against the tiger and the mammoth, with crude spears of flint, the gold spires of my people split the stars! They are gone and forgotten, and the world a waste of greed and corruption that pits men against their brothers. I will not, too, pass as a dream that is forgotten in the mists of the ages..."

Alternate Identity:  Demosthenes Alexious Pax, High King of Atlantis, Protector of Sky & Sea
Identity:  Demosthenes Alexious Pax, Liege Lord of Atlantis, Protector of Sky & Sea [Pre-cataclysm]; Tyler MacIntyre [Host Body]; Damon Pax [Assumed Name]
Birthplace:  Atlantis, Capital City of the Atlantean Empire
Occupation:  High King of Atlantis [formerly]; Olympic Athlete, Mens Hockey [formerly]; Assistant Groundskeeper, St Stephen's Church [Current]
Affiliations: None.

High Queen Kallistrate Eulalia Pax [Demosthenes' Wife; b. ~ 9490 BC; d.~9460BC]

Prince Alkaios Kleisthenes Pax [Demosthenes' Son [b. ~ 94700 BC; d. ~ 9460 BC]

Princess Sostrate Euthymia Pax [Demonsthenes' Daughter; b ~ 9470 BC; d. ~ 9460 BC]

Jacob MacIntyre [Host's Father; deceased; b.1971; d.2007]

Elizabeth MacIntyre [Host's Mother; 45 yrs; b. 1973]

Ethan MacIntyre [Host's Brother; 12 yrs; b. 2005]

Julia Valenzuela [Host's Fiance; 22 yrs; b. 1997] 



Demosthenes Alexious Pax [b. pre-cataclysm Atlantis ~9500 BC; d. ~ 9460 BC]

Tyler MacIntyre [22 yrs, b.1995; d. 2017]

Apparent Age:  23 yrs.
Gender:  Male
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Height:  1.83m; 6'0"
Weight:  97 kg's; 214 lbs
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Black

Tyler MacIntyre was an Olympic athlete prior to his accident, tall, broad shouldered with a muscular physique, toned, and shaped, by regular intensive work outs, either at a gym or on the ice.  A strong jaw, long nose, and intense eyes made him all the more imposing, however he was a good natured and friendly young man, with a deep laugh and wide grin.  He was involved in a car accident in December of 2017, a result of a collision with an impaired driver.  The accident left him with severe head trauma, despite heroic efforts on the trauma team he did not recover, instead slipping into a persistent vegetative state.  In mid-February the Astral form of Demosthenes Pax, having escaped milennium of imprisonment within an astral prison, irrevocably bound itself to MacIntyre's physical form, awakening from his PVS state almost instantly.


Tyler's spirit had departed his body, his physical form sustained by continuously running life support equipment.  As such the consciousness, the spirit, the soul of Demosthenes Pax subsumed the vacant consciousness of MacIntyre.  The man who now calls himself Damon Pax carries himself with an air of confidence and authority, born of his experience as both warrior and King.  Affectations that are familiar to those who knew MacIntyre are now gone, replaced by the ancient spirit of the High King of Atlantis.  He keeps his face clean shaven, disregarding Tyler's former playoff beard, he has lost his easy going athletic swagger, replaced by a disciplined, almost militaristic posture and countenance constantly scanning an area for threats to either himself or those around him.  Unfamiliar with modern fashion, or culture, he prefers clothes that are both durable and functional, jeans, hiking boots, tees, and thick flannel, overshirts.


Power Descriptions:

Demosthenes Pax was the High King of Atlantis, and prior to the cataclysm which resulted in that ancient civilizations disappearance from the history of men.  While High King, Pax was empowered by the strength of his people's prayers and the authority of the gods themselves.  The prayers of the Atlantean people, a conduit to the limitless energies of Astral space, provided Pax with preternatural strength and stamina, rendering him nigh invulnerable to the weapons of his age.  Blessed by the gods of Ancient Atlantis, by the Sea, and the Sky, he was able to soar above the clouds, and like the strength of the tides, smash boulders to pebbles.


During his imprisonment in the deepest reaches of the Astral realms, with the iron will born of the last High King of Atlantis, Pax created a reflection of his Kingdom using the mutable nature of the untamed Astral.  There he resided, for millennia, his memory of his beloved Atlantis providing refuge against the mind shattering nature of his eons long imprisonment.  In so doing, he forged a connection, a bond, with the untamed regions of the Astral realms, this connection, however tenuous allows him to perceive the very nature of the Astral energies that are tapped and woven into spells and incantations which form the basis of every magical tradition.


The soul of Demosthenes Pax, which now resides in the body of MacIntyre has been empowered by both his divine nature and the magic that is natural to the son's and daughter's of Atlantis.  Despite that fact that Demosthenes is now inhabiting a body that is not connected to Atlantis by either blood or birth, this power infuses his soul which inhabits MacIntyre's host body.  The strength and stamina of Atlantis suffuses his body, empowering it and allowing Demosthenes to call upon his birthright to defend those in need of his protection.


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Personality & Motivation:
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Powers & Tactics:
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  • Love of a Mother:  Elizabeth MacIntyre, Tyler's mother, has been struggling with her emotions since early December when her son was first involved in the accident that left him in his permanent vegetative state.  She held up hope for several weeks, as the trauma team attempted surgery to repair his neurological functions, however, as those procedures failed she began to grieve for her son, accepting the fact that he was slipping away.  Demosthenes' appearance has confused and amplified those emotions.  At first she thought that her son had returned, confused, disoriented, a result of the brain trauma he had suffered, it soon became apparent that was not the case.  She has begun to see Demosthenes presence in her son's body as an aberration, starting a campaign against Invictus' so called heroics, defaming his actions to any who will listen.  Demosthenes understands her concerns, in fact her anger has caused him to question his own motivations, but he is unwilling to confront her for fear of further harming her current emotional state.  Elizabeth herself takes this as a victory, feeling his refusal to answer her questions is a sign of his own guilt in the loss of her son.
  • Man out of Time:  Demosthenes possesses the soul of a King, 11 millenium beyond the time of his birth, and while Atlantis was a realm of both sorcery and technology, the wonders of modern science are beyond his comprehension.  He lives a simple life, bereft of modern conveniences, no computer, no phone, no television, the only lingering piece of technology in his small living quarters is a simple radio provided to him by his employer, the Head Groundskeeper of St Stephen's Church, Samuel Monroe.  He suffers circumstance penalties in any attempt to use Technology in any way beyond it's most basic function, he is also unable to act on certain threats that would be instantly recognizable to those familiar with modern technology, such as bombs or explosives.
  • Noblisse Oblige:  Once a king, always a king, even bereft a crown, Demosthenes displays the authority, responsibility and nobility of his status even now, millennia after his reign.  As such, he is one to offer his aid and succor to those of less power or status than himself, should their circumstances seem unfair or unjust, he is unable to turn a deaf ear to the pleas of those worthy of his protection.  Those familiar with Demosthenes, such as Malador and his Acolytes, are aware of the High King's personal honor and integrity, a fact which they can manipulate to their own advantage.
  •  Path to something Greater:  Demosthenes draws his power from Gods long since withdrawn from the world, so ancient no living mortal remembers their names; so too, from the reflections of Ancient Atlantis, created from his memory of his eon's old kingdom in the furthest shores of the Astral realm.  It is conceivable that if severed from this conduit, through a ritual or binding, his blessings would falter and he would be rendered entirely mortal, though still animated by the soul of an ancient King.
  • Reflections of the Past:  While Demosthenes has no true bond with the MacIntyre family, he is keenly aware of how his actions, bonding with Tyler's body, has disrupted the family's grieving process.  He has largely kept his distance from the family, so as not to aggravate wounds his very presence has caused, however Ethan MacIntyre, his host's body younger brother reminds him of his own son, Alkaios, a loss which even now, eons later, still causes him pain.  Ethan is a resilient young man, and has accepted the loss of his brother, and Demosthenes' need to safeguard the present era from the machinations of his nemesis, Malador.  Demosthenes, for his part, treats Ethan with the honesty and respect one would typically afford an adult, an equal, something the young man appreciates.
  • Warrior's Code:  Prior to his coronation as High King of Atlantis, Demosthenes was a warrior blessed by the Gods themselves.  As befitting his role as warrior-king, in combat he is a fierce and implacable foe, however, he conducts himself with honor and integrity on the field of battle; offering his opponents a chance to yield, refusing to take advantage of foes caught unawares, and reserving his great strength for those who have proven themselves capable of withstanding such blows.


Name: Invictus

Abilities: 14 + 4 + 14 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 40PP
Strength: 24/34 (+7/+12)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 24/32 (+7/+11)
Intelligence: 10 (+0)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 8 + 6 = 14PP
Initiative: +2
Attack: +8 Melee, +4 Ranged
Grapple: +0
Defense: +6 (+3 Base, +3 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -12

Saving Throws: 0 + 3 + 5 = 8PP
Toughness: +14 (+11 Con, +3 Protection)
Fortitude: +11 (+11 Con)
Reflex: +5 (+2 Dex, +3)
Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5)

Skills: 68R = 17PP

Climb [3] (+15)

Diplomacy [13] (+15)

Handle Animal [3] (+5)

Knowledge (arcane lore) [10] (+10)

Knowledge (history) [5] (+5)

Knowledge (tactics) [10] (+10)

Languages [4] (Atlantean, Ancient [Native], Akkadian, Aramaic, Phoenician, Sumerian)

Notice [3] (+5)

Ride [3] (+5)

Sense Motive [8] (+10)

Survival [3] (+5)

Swim [3] (+15)

Feats: 17PP

Attack Focus (melee) 4

Dodge Focus 3

Fascinate (Diplomacy)


Inspire 2



Luck 2

Power Attack

Ultimate Effort (Will save)

Powers: 11 + 9 + 8 + 10 + 6 + 7 + 5 + 3 = 54PP

All powers have the Divine, Magic descriptors.

Array 4 (Blessed by Sea & Sky; PF's: Dynamic, Dynamic Alternate Power) [11PP]

  • Base Power: Flight 1-4 ((10-100 MPH, 10-1000 ft per move) {8/8})
  • Alternate Power: Super-Strength 1-4 ((Effective STR 39/54, Heavy Load 3-22 tons) {8/8})

Comprehend 3 (Wisdom of the Ancient Kings; Languages - Read, Speak & Understand All; Feats: Eidetic Memory, Master Plan 2) [9PP]

Enhanced Constitution 8 (Preternatural Stamina & Endurance) [8PP]

Enhanced Strength 10 (Preternatural Strength & Power) [10PP]

Immunity 7 (Divine Resilience; Disease, Environmental Conditions[All], Poison; Feats: Endurance; Flaw: Limited Half Effect) [7PP]

Impervious Toughness 10 (Divine Invulnerability; Flaw: Limited: Physical Damage) [5PP]

Protection 3 (Divine Protection) [3PP]

Super-Sense 3 (Eldritch Attunement (Magic Awareness [Mental], Very Common Descriptor, Ranged) [3PP]

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
             Touch      DC 27 Toughness                Damage (Physical)

Totals: Abilities (40) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (17) + Feats (17) + Powers (54) = 150/150 Power Points


Work in progress!  Thank you for your patience.

Edited by Jander-Prime
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Jander, overall thing look pretty clean with the mechanics.  I just see a couple of small things.

For his Strength, you should list the Enhanced Strength as well (like this:  Strength: 24/34 (+7/+14)


I also am not sure about that flaw on your Comprehend.  How do you see that working?  You mention "new languages," does that mean if he gets exposed to a language he always remembers it and does not need the one scene exposure again?  The thing to remember for limitations is they should apply at least 50% of the time, I am not sure this limitation does that.

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For Wisdom of the Kings, I was initially visualizing the scene from 13th Warrior where Ahmed learns the Norsemen's language during his travels with them, and thought my build represented that.  However, your point about a flaw affecting the use of the power at least 50% holds true, so I will likely drop Beginner's Luck & Jack of All Trades, changing it from a -1/r Flaw, to a -1 Quirk.  I envision it working quickly (ie. 1 Scene) with Eurocentric languages, requiring longer for languages with a different structure, Asian, Indiginous, etc ... and significantly longer for extra terrerstrial languages.


And while I don't have my books with me, is Awareness really more expensive than a basic Detect Magic?  Perhaps I was getting the two confused.  Shouldn't awareness be 1 point, linked to a sense group, in this case Mental, and then add both Ranged & Extended?  However, if I need to juggle points, I can certainly do so, but thank you for the feedback, I will work the build as required to make it fit the rules.

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For Wisdom of Kings, that would a -1 Drawback (not Quirk) and that probably is fine in that respect.


For the Magic Awareness, it is part of our house rules.  We have combined Awareness/Detect super-senses with the base cost being based on the frequency of the descriptor they sense, with Magic being Very Common for 3 PP base cost.  We provide an awareness/detect super-sense with the range extra for free (assuming it is not for a sense that already is ranged). 

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