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Collection of links and information on SFX



Character Sheet


"An interview with WNTW's Mary Fox" [20Q Interview]


Short Stories:

November Vignette - Decades



11/27/2017 - Do Students Ever Show Up Early? - Zhu shows up at Claremont for introductions on her first day

11/27/2017 - Beauty is more than Skin Deep [Complete] - Zhu meets her roommate Rev and they work to conceal Rev's metallic appendages.  Break in's to the science labs!

11/28/2017 - Rush Hour

12/02/2017 - Bonfire with Vanity - A party is thrown, and Zhu crashes it.

12/09/2017 - Spiraling Shape - While visiting the museum, strange things are going on.  A heist of Deep One material and a mystery as Devil Ray confronts the heroine.

12/16/2017 - Soup of Human Kindness [Complete] - Even heroes can find ways to give their time and talent.

01/03/2018 - Freedom City's Got Talent - Zhu looks up an actress to help her with her latest YouTube project.  They meet for coffee.

01/07/2018 - Kicking the Tires

01/14/2018 - Pitching In - Zhu meet's Jack and shows him around campus.  Later, the pair meet up with Rev then head out to do some bowling.  Things go downhill from there.

01/17/2018 - Observing the Mind [Complete] - SFX gets to meet Giang who becomes her mentor.  She is shown how to focus her efforts and to not be as tense.

01/20/2018 - Winter Wonderland - Snow on the campus leads to some hi-jinks and super powered snow fights!

02/01/2018 - Do you carry Asparagus Racmosus? -Jessica comes to the Ying and Yang while Zhu is working there looking for some mystical herbs.  Things get very strange.

02/07/2018 - Mistaken Controls - Zhu meets Replica while doing Yoga exercises in the park.

02/14/2018 - Superpowered Babysitting [Complete] - The inseparable duo of SFX and Rev sign on to babysit Lawrence, son of Paradigm.  How can you lose a child in space and time?

02/14/2018 - Far From Home

02/16/2018 - Circumference of Hi

02/17/2018 - Weird Science

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[20Q Interview]


*tap tap tap* "Sound check one, two thee..." the pretty young woman said while looking into the video camera pointed at her.  "Are live?  Good."  The young woman turned her smile on as she held up her mike to her face and began to speak in earnest.  "This is Mary Fox reporting for WNTW news and I'm on the scene at the last active Videotech store in the city.  We were on the scene to do a report on the fortunes of this once mighty chain when we were able to catch a new face in the hero scene.  So for the first time, exclusively on WNTW, I would like to present to you..."


She looks over to the girl in a very distopian costume, "what was your name again?"


With a smile behind high tech goggles, the other girl standing next to Mary replied, "SFX Miss."


"Yes, I present to you SFX in an exclusive first interview.  So, let's start with some easy stuff.  Where are you from?"
The younger girl shifted nervously from foot to foot, "thank you for asking, I am from Shanghai.  But, I have felt very welcome by this city."

"Shanghai?  That's not exactly a short commute!"

"No, I do not live in Shanghai anymore and have relocated to this city."


"Can you describe yourself for our affiliate radio stations that don't have the benefit of watching this interview?"
SFX nodded politely, "I am shorter than most of the people I meet here, and I think smaller overall.  Everyone seems tall in this country.  You can see my very pink hair and I am wearing a styled long coat and a skirt that has a long split up the front.  Grey and red are my colors."
"I see," Mary replied.  "I think you're cute as a button, but what you do think?  Are you?"
"I'm not sure I should comment on something like this..."
"Because you have a disfiguring scar under the goggles?"
"No... because it's embarrassing, cute is what is said of a young daughter, not a powerful heroine.  I suppose I'm kind of cute, but I don't think I'm anything special."


"So you say you're from Shanghai, but your English is very good, I'm only hearing a little accent."
"Yes, well American shows are very popular in Shanghai.  I spent a lot of time watching them as well as learning English in school."

"That was something taught?  Or did you actually learn from watching TV, which is a skill I think my kids could pick up."

"Both.  The schools are very strict in Shanghai, but it is very hard to learn to speak without being able to talk to people who it natively."


"Well I'm impressed.  So let's really get into it.  You stopped three men who all had knives and rap sheets longer than a country mile.  Why do you do it?"
"Because, there was a time that I watched bad things happen and did nothing.  One cannot complain about a problem yet do nothing to help solve it.  This is my part and I want to continue to do it."


"That's some sound wisdom from an up and coming voice.  How about what are your strengths and weaknesses.  Don't tell us specifics.  I don't want to put you in danger of course."
SFX nodded in agreement, "well... I am very smart.  I think my greatest strength is being able to think quickly and my worst weakness is Kryptonite."
Putting a gloved hand over her mouth SFX giggled in a very un-herolike manner, "No, I am kidding.  I do not think it would be a good idea to discuss this in a broadcast.  I am sorry Miss Fox."


"Well you can't blame a girl for trying.  How about things you love or hate?  Can you give the people out there a taste of what it's like under the mask?"
"I love the movies," SFX replied.  "Definitely my favorite pass time.  Other than that... let's see, I hate Country Music.  I really have tried to like it, but no matter what I do, it just doesn't resonate with me.  Oh!  I love to run as well, and problem solving is really something that is dear to me."


"So I was inside when you disabled those men.  Can you tell me about how you feel?  What is it like for you to be a hero?"
"It was a little frightening..."
"Really?  I wouldn't expect heroes to be frightened," Mary said looking back to the camera with one of her patented smiles.
"I can not speak for anyone else, but I am not immune to harm.  Seeing people who wish to kill you is still something that makes your scared.  But, determined.  These are men that need to be dealt with before they cause more harm.  It is a good feeling knowing that you helped others.  It helps you get past the fear.  Fear for yourself, and fear of failure."


"I guess that it's nice knowing there are people under the masks!"  Mary looked at her notepad, which SFX was amused to note was completely blank, a prop at best.  "Well then, you have fears and doubts like the rest of us.  Can you tell me about them?"
SFX paused but nodded in agreement, "I worry for people that I am close too.  I worry about hurting people.  I worry about my... work outside of being a hero.  I guess the most bothering is keeping the people close to me safe."


"I can understand that," Mary replied then continued, "well then, you're new on the scene.  You must have some ambitions?  Where is SFX going to be in a few years?"
SFX considered the question for a short bit of time, "I think that I will have made parts of Freedom City safer for people to be out and about.  I also would like to work with some of the major studios in their effects departments.  It's a passion of mine."
"Ahh, well who doesn't want to get on the silver screen!  I might have some contacts to share if you can help with more interviews..."
"No, I don't want to be in a movie, just to help make one.  I like the challenge of making something come to life.  Besides, it is good to entertain and make people happy."


"So you have a very unique perspective coming here from another country, can you tell me your perspective on how you see this place and how you think you'll fit into it?" Mary said taking a step closer to the much shorter heroine.
"I am very glad to be here, but I do wish that most Americans would realize that Chinese are not all alike, just as Americans are not all alike.  I am sorry to say that your country does not have a very good reputation right now.  But, I know that much of that is perception about your leaders.  I just hope to make a small part of the world a better place and perhaps set an example of our two countries working together."


"That's a nice thought.  So you're from China, I'm guessing that you have a very different view on who you like and don't like.  I know this is a little edgy for an interview, but are there people you don't like?"
"Well, not really, but I suppose I am mistrustful of people from Japan.  Our history is not very kind when it comes to their country.  I do try very hard to judge people I meet on their own merits."


"I'm glad to hear that, Justice has to be blind!  So... if you're Chinese, where do your loyalties lie?  Do the people of Freedom City have anything to worry about?"
"I do not think so, but I will certainly remain faithful to my own country.  That does not mean that I will cause problems with this one.  Mostly though, I would like very much to listen to the advice of friends and family.  It is very important to honor those around you who have sacrificed to give you what you have.  I also feel some ties to the people who are helping me train to be a better hero."
Mary got a glint in her eye, "any wish to tell us who that is?"
"I apologize, but I do not think that would be wise of me," SFX replied with a shake of her head.


With a little sigh, Mary leaned close, conspiratorial, "you're a pretty young girl, tell me, there's someone special in your life, right?"
SFX couldn't help but blush and fidget.  She had heard of the American media, but being exposed to it was something else, "no... not at the moment."
"I know you have to protect those around you," Mary cajoled.
"No really, I have more important things to concentrate on right now."
"Well you'd like one right?"
"That would be nice, yes."


"Okay, good.  I'd hate to think you're lonely.  Well then how about your family?  Are they still around, do you get along with them," Mary asked, mollified by the prior comments.
"Yes, they are.  I can't speak too much, but I respect them and their wishes and I think we are very friendly still."


"Okay, so then give me the inside track, what would your best friend say to describe you?"
"Oh, she would say that I am impulsive, energetic, smart, and protective.  She would probably also say that I'm a little sad to leave all my friends and family back in Shanghai."


Mary nodded in response, "I'm sorry, moves can be rough, but I like how she would think of you.  Do you think of yourself as a role model?"
SFX shook her head, "no, I am not sure that there are many people who look up to me.  I do not think many people even know me."
"Okay, fair enough, but could you be a role model?"
SFX rubbed at her temple as she gave the question some thought, "yes, but likely not as my hero identity."
"What does that mean?"
"That I think I can do more good as a private citizen as a role model for girls."


"Okay, I can live with that answer.  So you're Chinese, do you follow Christianity?"
"I do try to follow the practices of Buddhism, but I am not as devout as I should be.  I do respect Christians for their faith and their strength."


Mary smiled, seeming satisfied with that answer, and more important how it would play on the airwaves, "I know you're new, but have you given any consideration for being on a team.  It seems like all the heroes are grouping up!"
"Yes, I would like that very much.  Working with others is a goal that I aspire too and it is important for bettering ones self."


"Teamwork for the win! So what do you think about the explosion of Metahumans and even Aliens who seem to be around every corner in the city?"
"I think that just like people classify all people from China as simply Chinese, as if we are all the same, that humanity is not so easy to categorize.  There is a long tradition of people who were not 'quite human' and they deserve our respect as well as people who are not different.  I believe in diversity and that's one of the reasons I wished to study in this country.  Celebration of diversity is to be cherished."


"Well said SFX.  So let's wrap this up on a positive note.  Ma'am?  Ma'am" Mary said waving the mike at a middle aged woman.
The woman looked around confused then smiled and stepped up to the reporter, "yes?"
"This is SFX and I have information that says you were at the scene when she broke up the robbery.  She's a new hero and if you could give her one piece of advice what is it?"
The woman, thrown on the spot, did not immediately answer, then finally said, "don't get caught up in the expectations of others and do what your instincts tell you is right."

Mary stepped in front of the woman who was now talking with SFX although the mic was not picking up their conversation, "there you have it.  An exclusive first interview with Freedom Cities newest protector, SFX.  I'm Mary Fox reporting in from WNTW.  I hope you have a blessedly safe day."

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