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I want to do a Race


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So I'am looking for characters that want to compete in a Race against a group of Super Speed Villains to find out which is truly faster Good or Evil.


Don Calione is one of the worlds richest men. He's the only man to have literally bought his own country with a population consisting of him and his servant's he often uses his immaculate wealth to stage various challenges to the heroes and villains of Freedom city as it excites his otherwise boring lifestyle.

He wants to see what's faster the intent to do harm or the intent to save lives. He will send out a challenge to all the speedsters who might possibly accept. as well as a number of speed themed super villains. As he will tell them that he has set up a number of bombs in various parts of the world via his agents. First team to find a bomb

has the option to set it off or Disarm it. Good Luck


I just had an idea of a super race heroes vs Villains

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